“Rock Island 4 Bore Rifle?”

Someone stopped by searching for “rock island 4 bore rifle.”

The “4 bore” with its massive quarter pound slug and 1.050 inch bore was at one time used by “white hunters” such as Fredrick Selous for elephant, hippo, rhino, and cape buffalo.

Several high dollar European gun makers made 4 Bores in both single and double barrel configurations. Given the limited number of American sportsman who made the voyage to Africa to hunt such game, I would be frankly amazed to find a Rock Island marked 4 bore rifle, or anything else that might indicate a New World origin for such a monster.

And a monster it was. There are several reports of broken shoulders from firing a 4 bore, and Selous himself said touching his single shot 4 bore off knocked him out and gave him a nosebleed.

Thanks just the same, I just had any, I would not care for some.


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