Rhode Island House OK’s Little Lautenberg Law

Noews out of Provedence is that the Rhode Island House has approved the “Little Lautenberg Law” that Bloomberg’s Banners have had been working on for some time.

As usual, the thrust is to deprive an unwanted domestic partner of their civil and gun rights, often for no better purpose that to get $3,000 a month in child support from a man who only makes $2,000.

Like the original, the bill is evil in its intent, and in depriving an accused person of their Constitutionally protected Due Process Rights.

A few years ago a man I knew ws hit with a Lautenberg accusation. His wife failed to tell her lawyer Joey had been in Saudi Arabia for the time she was supposedly been beaten to a pulp. NO, the judge did not come to Joey’s rescue.

His guns and his rights had been destroyed by the time he was able to return to Georgia.

I suspect it will take another case like Joey’s, a victim with absolutely “clean hands,” to take one of these miscarriages of justice reversed, and the law declared unconstitutional.

Either that – or win every challenged Senate race in 2018.


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