Rhode Island Gov. Signs “Little Lautenberg Bill”

The reports ANTI-gun Partei member and Rhode Island governor Gin Raimundo has signed the State’s “little Lautenberg law” depriving those accused of domestic violence of their right to due process into aw.

The decision to sign the bill into law was expected, since such laws are an important part of the Democrat’s policy of harassing gun owners. As such, it merely adds more reason to vote every Democrat out of office, give control of our governments back to the people, and preempt all State and local gun laws.

That is the only way we will get our governments to abode by our Constitutions and laws, as well as return our crime rates to the very low numbers our nation enjoyed before restrictive gun laws reared their ugly heads.

Speaking of gun laws, here’s here is what the gun controls the Democrats love so much have done to Rhode Island:

Now, that is really something to be proud of – if you are a lunatic.


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