Retirement Rumors Floating For Justice Kennedy

The Washington Examiner reports rumors of Justice Anthony Kennedy’s retirement are stirring, as are rumors of a possible repolacement.

There have been rumors of Kennedy’s retirement in the past, and nothing has come of them. We shall see what we shall see over the summer, since Supreme Court Justices traditionally finish out a court session before announcing their exit.

Which leaves the record of the one suggested to replace Justice Kennedy open for legitimate examination.

Looking over this voting record, particularly on rights, economics, gun and law and order issues. Here is the proposed candidate’s record on gun bans

Voted NO on banning high-capacity magazines of over 10 bullets. (Apr 2013)

National cross-state standard for concealed carry. (Jan 2009)

Loosen restrictions on interstate gun purchases. (Oct 2011)

Allow veterans to register unlicensed guns acquired abroad. (Mar 2011)

Allow veterans to register unlicensed guns acquired abroad. (Jul 2011)

Oppose the United Nations’ Arms Trade Treaty. (Sep 2013)

Ban gun registration & trigger lock law in Washington DC.
(Mar 2007)

Apply concealed carry permit to all other states where legal. (Feb 2009)

In other verbs, and a few adjectives, the candidate is pretty much mainstream America on the gun issues. More could be wished for, but we are likely to get less so it becmes a case of “the Major and the Butler.

Major gave his Servant a bottle of cheap Brubon for Christmas, and the day after Christmas the Major asked Bulter how he enjoyed the present.

“Well, Sir,” replied Butler, ” It was just about right, I’d say.”

“Just about right?” questioned the surprised major. “Explain yourself, Sir, this instant.”

“Well, Sir,” replied the Butler, it is like this. If it had been any worse I could not have ddrank it, and if it had been any better you would have drunk it.”

Illustrating the old truism that he who waits for perfection is unlikely to find it.


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  1. Joe W. says:

    I think it likely that you find Thomas Lee and William Pryor high on the list of nominees to replace Kennedy.

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