Report Two Possibly Habitable Planets Found

The Independent reports two large but otherwise earth-like planets have been founding orbiting Tau Ceti.

AT almost 12 light years distance, it would almost certainly take either effective immortality, suspended animation,or some means of Faster Than Light travel to make the trip,which I estimate to take 20 or more years with currently achievable technology.

So don’t get your hopes up of for a out of system refuge for our race. Besides,the Earth is estimated to be 4,500,000,000 years of age,while our Universe’ age is estimated at three times that.

If there is intelligent life in our galaxy,you can bet your last slug some race has claimed it. And claimed it several billion years ago.


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2 Responses to Report Two Possibly Habitable Planets Found

  1. Nutty old Geezer says:

    I think it was Freeman Dyson that figured out space travel. External combustion engine. Take a small tactical nuke. Spit it out with 200lbs of nitrogen ice mined from Saturn out the back of a specially designed space ship and let it explode. The mass strikes the ship and propels it forward. Repeat again and again. He figured out it would reach close to the speed of light so that time would “slow down”. Spending ten years on board would equal hundreds of earth years. The book was called “The Starship and the Canoe”. He was the starship and his crazy son (living in a treehouse in the northwest somewhere) built the canoe. Personally with the mess humans create I don’t think we should get off this rock. Grouchy old geezer today am I. NOG

  2. Stranger says:

    Thanks for the comment, NOG.

    I think Dyson made that suggestion in jest. I definitely would not willing to ride a rocket powered by a nuclear bomb, and Dyson does not either. I think Hermann Oberth devised a practical soluteion while he was working on Schicklegrubers V2 project.

    The thrust of a rocket depends on the mass of the ejecta and the speed of the efflux. The M X V equation comes into plya, and if you double the speed of the ejecta you square the thrust of your rocket. Or the recoil of your thunder stick.

    Construct a small, and lightweight electric generator, preferably something like a thorium reactor. Use the output to charge the rocket tubes and tubes and the fuel. Like repels like, and enough energy will double, triple, or even quadruple the thrust, or recoil.

    Or, once you attain escape V, sharply reduce the fuel flow, reducing the mass of the ejecta, with a corresponding reduction in thrust. Set a 1g rate of velocity increase, and a relatively small fuel tank will give you a lot of projectile speed.

    Of course speeds clse to, and beyond, the spped of light are unattainable by that method, since it takes as much energy as that equivalent to the mass of our universe to get to c.


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