Report: Trump Intends To Declare Opioid Crisis

One of the reports in the gun control searh I use is that President Donald J. Trump intends to declare an opioid crisis.

Q. So why do we have an opioid crisis?

A. The FDA appears to be trying to ban the most effective painkillers such as morphine, and the others thgat make life bearable for those with chronic pain.

According to a long time surgeon friend, a prescription for the opium based drugs that kill pain without affecting function for many millions of Americans is to invite a Federal investigation. As a result, So people suffer – an d search for alternatives to manage the agony.

And, faced with the uneven strength and relatively high price of “recreational opioids” take a few pills too many to end the agony.

The situation is actually quite similar to the gun control idiocy. We did not have a gun problem until the entertainment industry blamed buns for a rise in juvenile crime resulting from television violence. And just look at what that led to in just ten years, 1963 to 1973:

And now look at the extreme right end of that chart for the results of the post-2012 gun control campaign.

Wo yes, we do have an opioid crisis. We did not have that problem before our Federal bureaucracy started trying to stop drug abuse with a nuclear bomb.

And we did not have a gun problem until an industry with hundreds of millions of dollars worth of product already “in the can,” television programs were on film in those days, and did not want to lose fifty million dollars in profits taking the violence out.

So Hollywood used everything it had, including celebrity endorsements and money under the table blame guns and enac gun control legislation.

And now a political partei wants to wipe out 24 years of hard work relaxing or repealing the laws that brought us to this pass.

It is time for a change in Congress. So get ready to vote this year in STates life Virginia,which holdelecions on odd years, and in the 2018 elections in most States.

Because a change to people who will not strain a gnat and swallow a camel is necessary if civilization itself is to survive.


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