Report: Reciprocity Bill To go To Full Hose Today

the Washington Free Beacon reports the long awaited LTC reciprocity bill will be approved by a Hose committee today and move to the full Hose for a vote.

the concept is for Carry Permits issued in one State be recognized for at least a limited time in the other 49, as drivers licenses are now. The concept is sound, since unlike drivers licenses the requirements for issuance of a License To Carry varies only slightly between States.

I am reasonably sure the measure will pass the House, but the Senate is another matter, since those who should support the measure hold a slim majority, and not all of those who say they support us actually do.

As a result, I have more hope that the next Congress will act responsibly than this one. But atht should not keep us from keeping the Senate’s telephone line’s hot until the vote.


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