Report: Number Of CCW’s Increasing

The Washington Times rep;orts the number of Americans who have a Concealed Carry Weapons permit is increasing.

Briefly quoting the Washington Times report linked above:

More than 16.3 million American residents now hold concealed weapons permits, according to a new report that says even as gun purchases are leveling off, the rate of folks applying for permission to carry their firearms is still rising.

16.3 million Americans licensed to carry is a shade more than one Amerian in 16 with a permit to carry. Of course, that neglects the millions who live in Constitutional Carry states such as Arizona and who need no LTC unless they leave the State.

Hopefully, we an get to a total of 53 million licensed to carry or residents of a Constitutional Carry State. While Marion Hammer’s CCW Permit system has profoundly reduce violent crime in the United States, further progress largely depends on people actually carrying an effective defensive weapon.

A ten percent carry rate would drop violent crime rates 65 percent from the 1990’s high, and a 20 percent carry rate would get us back to the very low rates seen in the 1800’s, when we actually had a 20 to 25 percent carry rate.


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