Report: Las Vegas Killer Planned To Escape

Laas Vegas police say it appears Stephen Paddock, the Las Vegas Killer planed to survive his mass murder, and make a getaway, according to a FOX news report.

Which would make Paddock’s well planned and executed mission of murder. The only thing it seems Paddock seemingly misssed were the smoke alarms that told police his location on the 42st floor of the Mandalay Bay Casino’s hotel.

That, and the failure of his gunfire to set off some massive fuel tanks serving Las Vegas airport, creating a distraction that would allow him to slip away.

So here we have a former accountant who evidently retired with quite a pile, but who was bit by the gambling bug. He had a woman he cared enough for to send her out of harms way and trusted enough to send his remaining wealth to.

And, without showing any signs of rage, insanity, or of any form of abnormal behavior, bought thirty guns, converted two to full auto, and set up an abattoir for the members of a concert crowd.

So what would impel such a man to do such a deed? Revenge, Well concealed rage?

While I doo not know, my first thought is money. The kind of money that would support Paddock in the style to whcih he had become accustomed.


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