Report: Japan’s Gun Laws Have Mob Using Toys

Asia Times reports reports Japanese gun laws are so restrictive that the Yaliza are turning to toy guns.

the Yakuza are Japan’s most important organized crime group, and Japan’s 317 year old gun laws are truly draconian. Starting with a background check at least as tough as the one given to applicants for a fully automatic permit-to-purchase, and continuing to twice a year household inspections, the laws are literally the toughest in the world.

And what does Japan get for those tough laws? Not much. In a case of “different strokes for different folks,” the various organized crime groups strictly control the activities of their members. The rule is that everyone has a place, everyone stays in that place, and transgressions are harshly dealt with.

Since the overwhelming majority of violence in Japan is rooted in mob warfare, the violent crime rates can be very high, as they were in the 199’s. During that period, when America’s violent crime rates were in free fall, Japan’s murder and violent crime rates exceeded those of the United States.

Today, there seems to be good relations between the organized crime groups, and and Japan’s violent crime rates are much the same as ours would be if major city criminal gangs decided to enforce a peace.

And, since gun laws are that strict, and criminals need guns to help them ;ly their trade, penalties are severe, organized crime crime has followed the example of some European criminals are doing. Turning to metal “replica” airsoft pistols for weapons.

Bored out to accept small caliber cartridges, these single shot pistols are deadly – yet reportedly will pass police inspection.

In broad strokes, that is the story of crime and guns in Japan.

And yes, there are some lawful gun owners in he Land of the Rising Sun, but not many. Tehre are enough to support a magazine, I understand, but if the background check and other paperwork does not discourage would-be shooters, the cost of keeping that paperwork current and the frequent police inspections do.


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  1. 2aguy says:

    An article by David Kopel on Japan stated their justice system has a 99% conviction rate…compared to ours. So, I was wondering, if illegal possession of a gun will get you 10-15 years in prison, and having ammo for that gun increases the jail time…how many of our criminals who are caught with illegal guns would now be off the streets and not shooting people. If you consider that 90% of those who commit murder have long histories of crime and violence, most with at least one felony conviction…..locking up criminals who merely possess a gun for 15 years would go a long way to solving our criminal gun use problem…since the majority of our actual gun crime is not committed by law abiding gun owners, but by career criminals. We don’t have a gun problem…we have a criminal control problem.

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