Report, Harsh Winter Took A Terrible Toll ON Western Wildlife

The Concord Monitor reports on the damage the winter of 2016-17 did to Western States wildlife.

Briefly quoting the Concord Monitor report linked above:

Wildlife suffered higher-than-normal losses this winter in severe weather across the western United States, where the toll included the deaths of all known fawns in one Wyoming deer herd and dozens of endangered bighorn sheep in California.

The grim report continues at length, so click on over. The Alley will be here when you click back.

Regular Alley readers know I have been concerned about the effects of the onrushing climate minimum The portents say it is time, the astrophysicists and climatologists tell anyone who will listen that we are within a decade of really severe and widespread winters. If a “little ice age” is not here, it is near.

And the utter lack of concern onthe part of those who should be most concerned is a problem in itself.


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