Report: Gun Banners Go From NRA To DOJ

WJLA, ABC Washington reports relates how a group of Bloomberg’s paid propagandists picketed NRA headquarters in Fairfax, Virginia, and then moved to the Department of Justice to pro lobby for gun controls.

And to lobby for the drastically higher rime rates that have invariably come wit tje restrictive gun laws called “gun control.”

The ABC Washington report does confirm the lack of turnout, with the station’s “Everybody together down here for a cord shot” video clip showing a respectable turnout, perhaps as many as 75 propagandists, and a fair number of gawkers.

Of course, these demonstrations point up the fading fortunes of the gun ban mob, with more than 90 million of America’s 125 million homes having at least one gun, and current polls showing a majority of Americans support gun rights.

With the ANTI=gun party looking at election catastrophe as more than half the ANTI senators face a choice of reelection try or retire in 2018.

We must do everything we can to make sure the ANTI’s lose and “Peace with Freedom” candidates run for and win those seats.,


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