Report: Dimmos Look A Trump Impeachment

Fox News reports the Democrats are fixated on impeaching President Donald J. Trump.

The would be well advised to put that plan in the trash can The House has passed two Articles of Impeachment, one for Andrew Johnson, and oone for Willie Clinton.

Despite the fact that both men were widelly despised both attempts failed by a wide margin.

Today, we have a President who has been doing something that has not been done since Teddy Roosevelt was President, delivering on his promises.

And yes, the Democrats have won a Senate seat in Alabama by means that disgust the majority of Americans, smearing an opposing candidate.

They won a governorship in Virginia by smearing Ed Gillespie.

And in both elections, and New Jersey, by spending many times more money spreading mendacious accusations than is normal for governors and confessional elections.

Americans are getting their jobs back, the jobs Democrats exported. Americans are on the way to getting health costs back to where they were BO, Before Obama. And Americans aare well on their way to recovery from the Democratic Debacle, of 1006 to 2016.

We won’t forget = and wwe will not be spooked by accusations that the best candidate is a rapist or aa a monster.


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