Report: Czech People Told To Shoot Terrorists Themselves

True of not, an unconfirmed report in the Washington Post gives good advice for any free people. Sjppt terrprists yourself instead of waiting for police.

The advice presupposes the ability to possess and carry defensive weapons but assuming the French retained that ability, the Bataclan terror attack would like have resulted in 3 to 5 innocent deaths, instead of almost 150.

The Pulse nightspot massacre would have cost about the same number of lives, had members of the crowd been allowed to carry.

The truck attack on the Riviera cost 70 lives, but had potential victims been lawfully carrying it would likely have taken no more than eight innocent lives.

The Sand Bernardino terror attack death toll would most likely have been three if it had not occurred in a “Gun Free State” and a “Gun Free Zone.”

And the benefits of carrying are not limited to terror attacks. The same principle supposedly endorsed by the Czechs, near instant self defense, would have applied had not a theater in Aurora Colorado not been a placarded “Gun Free Zone.” As would the Viriginia Tech Massacre had it not been a placarded Free Fire Zone.

I will have to wait for “grey line propagation” to confirm the Washington Post report. But given the sensible attitude of the Czechs,it is likely.

But in any event, shooting killers before they can run up their death toll is good advice.


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