Report: Czech Parliament Opposes EU Gun Bans

dobré ráno, Praha!

A CATO Institute report relays the actions the Czech Republic’s Parliament is taking to put an end to the EU’s gun ban efforts.

The report is interesting, and is at the link. Click on over, particularly if you are a resident of an EU country, the Alley will be here when you click back.

For my part, the EU gun ban would seriously impact agriculture, since guns are tools, and a necessity for many swine and some cattle operations. Maw Hog does not care that you are bringing food when you get too close to her piglets, and large animals are always a hazard.

The EU decree would also adversely affect wildlife, since in Europe as here, hunting supports much of the conservation effort. No hunting, no Conservation officers, and traps are just as deadly as guns.

And of course, the EU mandate will also cause an explosion in crime rates that already far higher than most EU sub-governments will admit.

The bottom line is that the EU decision to treat law abiding gun owners, most of whom had to undergo an absurd trial to obtain permission to obtain a gun, as the same governments treat Roma and other despised minorities is fully implemented.


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