Report: 89% Of Colleges Rep;orted NO Rapes In 2015

Thanks to a link at Steve Bartin’s Newsaler, I see that USA Today reports what many of us had already concluded, that the incidence taht a high percentage of campuses have few or no sexual assaults.

That is implied in the Bureau of Justice Statistics study of campus rape, as well as he steady decline between the number of forcible sexual assaults reported to police, and those admitted to a widespread survey. The Chart below tells that story:

Additionally, surveys find the increasing number of young women who carry a gun instead of a dog whistle is having an effect. while almost half of “strong arm” forcible sexual assault succeed, only about two percent of assaults on armed wimen are successfully carried out. In most attempts against armed women the sight of a gun is enough to make the assailant prove how fast he can run.

While the USA Today item is a welcom confirmation that the forcible sexual assault rate is very much lower than the gun control advocates say it is, very low is not low enough. The goal should be zero, on campus and off.

And that is something that will take a 30 percent carry rate among women of all aes.


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