Remington Set To Protect Itself Against Lawyers

It is no secret that Remington purchased the Bushmaster name, assets and liabilities from the original Bushmaster maker some time before the Newtown School mass murder in 2012.

The fact the gun was securely stored, that owner Nancy Lanza was murdered to get the keys to the locker the gun was stolen frim, and even less difference that Federal law protects gun makers from damage done by a third party with a product they made. Bloomberg wants to sue so bad he can taste it.

The primary object is to overturn the Federal law protecting gun makers from frivolous lawsuits, the second to drive Reminton out of business with repeated lawsuits.

Bit there is a solution to the conundrum posed by irresponsible billionaires seeking to punish a lawful gun make for damages done by a thief. Bankruptcy.

Get the bankruptcy court’s approval, pay off all debts, modernize and streamline productin as much as possible, and leave nothing worth suing for.

to those who share the general business ethics of my generation, it is dirty pool – but give the game the dirty men play it seems to be the only game in twon.

Bottom line? Do not be surprised if Remington does file for bankruptcy. Many expect a slackening of demand for sporting rifles and shotguns, and iif that occurs, the time for decisive action should be just about now.

But on the other hand, don’t be surprised if Remington never actually files for bankruptcy protection. Just the threat is usually enough to make the contingency ambulance chasers back off.


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