Reminder: The Shooting Session Is Not Over Until The Range Is Clean

A Letter to the Editor of Utah’s Deseret News is a reminder that,as my Scots grandmother used to say,”You don’t leave until you redd up.”

Redd means to “make neat,” to clean,to pick up your trash, empties, and whatever eles you brough when you came. And any other stuff thoughtless people left for others to pick up.

Quite ofthe,that “trash” turns out to be treasure, as the 60 once fired .270 cases I picked up a few days ago. Sometimes it is trash, like the bread wrappers, bologna caisngs and empty mayonnaise that went in the trash bag.

It took more time to pick up the fired brass than to pick up the rest of the trash – but I would have spent a lot more time earning the money to buy the fired brass brass than the time it took to leave the site in need of a mow job,but otherwise clean.


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