Record Drug Bust In the Rotten Apple

New York City’s WPIX reports the seizure of a record amount of fentanyl in Queens, enough of the drug to kill 32 million people.

There are certain eternal truths in business, as in life. A few weeks ago a major supplier in my industry called to see if “there is anything we can do for you.” Two years ago, before I made ther arrangements, those people would not talk to me.

so I told my son that the “big dog” in the industry is not making thier marks, so watch for a buyout. And last Friday, word of the buyout came in an e-mail.

By the same token, someone was confident enough to store enough fentanyl to kill everyone in New York State, and almost everyone in New England, in a Queens facility.

The same logic that warned me of an major changes in my industry tells me that the Rotten Apple is every bit as bad as I have thought it is.

No businessman would have stored so much of value in hostile territory, so QED new York City is friendly territory for Drug trafficking and distribution.

And that is reason enough for Gotham’s pols to be bitterly anti-gun. And from there, I will let you connect the dots.


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