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A link at Instapunded passed me on to Clayton Cramer’s PJ Media column. This time the good professor offers up a book review of Charles Cobb, Jr’s ‘This Non-Violent Stuff Will Get You Killed.”

The subtitle is “how guns made the civil rights movement possible.” Which is nothing less than the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. At one time it was pretty much a case of a civil rights supporter caught without a gun was likely to be found wrapped in chains and dropped in the Alligator hole.

But let one of the bedsheets encounter someone with a gun and the situation changed. The number of burning crosses increased dramatically, while the number of beatings and murders dwindled – almost – away.

Which makes current “civil rights activists” demands for gun control almost comical. The fact is that violence and repression is the natural state of a disarmed man. Aristotle called those who refused to arm themselves “natural slaves.” Plato called them something that only the unexpurgated translations mention. In the footnotes.

Armed me defending their civil rights – as so many of those in the 1960’s; and to date; carried a gun and continue to carry a gun. A gun is the enforcer of rights. Rights as basic as the right to continue to breathe.

So yes, guns did make the civil rights movement possible. The book looks like a good one, so I will have to figure out obtaining a copy without putting money in the ultra leftist Washington Post’s pocket.


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