Recommended Reading:

A couple of recommended reading items: the first a brief item from the Daily Caller’s Reverend Kenn Blanchard, ‘Black Hunters in America.’

There are quite a number of black hunters and shooters in this area, and their numbers are growing. They are generally good hunting companions, and good company for the tailgate gab sessions after the game has stopped moving.

Anther more extensive read is David Lance Goines lengthy essay on the Second Amendment, “Who Shall Guard The Guards Themselves.

Briefly quoting Mr. Goines essay, linked above:

I enjoy target shooting, which is the pleasant pursuit of turning money into noise. It’s not quite as much fun as shooting tin cans off a fence post, but we do live in the big city. I’m not as good a shot as my dear mother, nor yet as good as her father, who was a paragon, but with time I may improve. We Goines’ have a long tradition of keeping the means for resistance within easy reach. In 1717 the Crown took away my first American ancestor’s land, with the excuse that he was “a Negro, and consequently not a citizen.” By 1834 the Free Colored citizens of most Southern and many Northern states had lost all their civil rights, including the right to keep and bear arms. My ancestors did not agree that they should become second-class citizens, and went into the hills, guns, dogs, children and all. It then became a simple matter of just how serious the State was in its desire to enslave them. You will not be surprised to hear that representatives of the State found themselves in some doubt on the matter when vigilantes, militia-men and soldiers went into the hills and did not come out again. We used them for fertilizer. If you think it can’t happen here and now, you’ve got another think coming. Look at Waco. My ancestors did not fight and shed their life’s blood for my rights so that I might blandly surrender them to fools and demagogues.

I commend both of these to you, in the expectation that you will enjoy both.


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