Rebekah asks “Have You Ever Seen An Alien?”

Rebekah is a young lady who asked if I have ever seen an alien.

Well, Rebecah, that depends on what you mean by alien. I have known dozens of people born outsixde the Untied States and have certainly seen many more.

But if you mean an alien alien, someone not native to the e Earth, not that I actually know of. I have seen a substantial number that are what my law enforcement friends often describe as “JDLR,” for Just don’t Look Right,” but if any of those were from off planet I do not know it.

I can say that if one of the side show “geeks” I have known, if they were not human, they were among the nicest folks I have ever met, so I cannot say we have any definte reason for fear, and we certainly have plenty of reason to be cautions around our alien guests.


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