Ratio of Black To Other Murder Victims?

Someone stopped by searching for “ratio black to white murder victims.”

While there is less problem sorting murder victims by the amount of melanin in their skin,there are still enough problems to make any answer imprecise. For one thing, consider this chart from the FBI showing the percentage of crimes “solved by arrest:”

Since much of the underlying data will not be obtained untl the crimeis cleared, from available data is the best I can do is this:

12.5 percent of the United STates population is Black, 87.5 percent “White or Other.”

From FBI data, ti appears that that 7,039, or or 52.3 percent of 13,455 murder victims were black.

Next, remembering that only about 63 percent of murders are cleared by arrest, nd the that some murders involve multiple offenders: I assume the sample provided by the murders cleared by arrest are a representative example:

From FBI data, 4,919 known offenders were “White or Other, while 5,620 or approximately 55 percent of murders the perpetrator was Black.

This would indicate the rate at which Black Americans commit murder is more than eight times higher than the rest of America’s population.

Again, let me caution these numbers are based on official but very incomplete data caused by low arrest percentages.

And the situation will not change until the policies that wiped out a major part of the jobs in the Black community are reversed, and the laws that lead to the very high crime rates among Black Americans are preempted.


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