Rampage Killing In NorCal, At least 5 Dead

UPDATE According to NorCal media outlets, this tragedy began as a domestic dispute this morning. The shooter went to the school, and while there shot two children and one woman. There was one other victim, at an unstated location, and the Tehama Count SO killed the shooter,

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KTLA reports a rampage killing has taken the lives of at least five people in northern California.

Briefly quoting the KTLA report linked above:

At least five people are dead, including the gunman, after a shooting Tuesday in Northern California’s Tehama County, Assistant Sheriff Phil Johnston said.

Tehama County is in the middle of Cali, north east of San Francisco, and approximately east of Humboldt County as I recall. .

One of the shootings took place near a school, more grist for Bloomberg’s mill, and in a state with some of the restrictive gun and ammunition laws around. Despite that, the gun control drums are already beating.


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