Proof That Gun Control Drives Up Violent Crime?

“Susan,” and I am sure she would like her last name mentioned but she will not get it, challenges me to “prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that gun control campaigns drive violent crime rates up.

Written proof, such as a signed Mea Culpa are going to be hard to find. But we can always turn to the numbers. From the FBI’s Uniform Crime Report for 2016666 comes this short chart of crime trends in the U.S.

The link is to the Uniform Crime report, and shows crime trends since 2011. In that year, crime rates were falling as expected. In 2013, with a gun control drive similar to the one currently in progress was developing, crime rates still fell, but much more slowly. And under the malign influence of the current gun ban campaign, crime has risen sharply – and will rise even more rapidly as more and more activists and paid propagandists increase the pressure on the only proven crime suppressor, privately owned guns.

That chart is one bit of evidence to support my claim. And before it is over, we will have 51 States and the Distroct of Columbia, and 81 nations with the same upward tred after after restrictive gun laws.

And of course, it is by such cumulative evidence that a case against gun control on the basis of its record is built. That is easy enough to do, but terribly time consuming.

This will continue until either they finsih us and all our rights are gone, or we finish them.

Given what is at stake, no quarter for the ANTI’s is appropriate.


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