Project Exile, What Did It Do?

“Project Exile” was a Federal program that moved gun traffickers to the top priority slot instead of near dead last in priority.

Exile began with comments in several prison studies of violent career criminals, beginning with an observation in the 1982 “Wright Rossi Report,” commissioned to study violent crime and particularly the use of firearms.

Exile began in 1997, and a typical gun trafficker would hear the judge pass sentence within 60 days, rocket speed compared to the years wait for trial prior to Exile’s inception.

Prisoners convicted under the Exile program were from the Richmond, Virginia, area, and went to Federal prisons located out of th Richmond area, and usually 600 or more miles distant from mom, home cooking, neighborhood gossip, and any ability to maintain status in “his gang.”

Sentences were moderate, seldom more than five years, very low considering the damage gun traffickers do to our society.

Of course, five years may be insufficient to reform a career criminal is illegal, unconstitutional, and fattening as well as grossly excessive to his defense lawyer.

Regardless of the results of the Exile program, it conflicted with the political reality that a Democrat must always be succeeded by a Democrat.

There was plenty of criticism about the unfairness of sending an altar oy with only a couple of murders and a dozen or so armed robberies on his record to prison for five years and faced with trying to elect Al Gore president without the blind support of the Black community spelled doom for one of the most effective anti-crime programs


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