Pro gun rights protests Proliferating

The Washington Fre Beacon is among many media outlets reporting on the increasing number of demonstrations supporting gun rights.

Brieflly quoting the WFB report on Vermont’s gun rights demonstartion:

To shouts of “traitor” and “BS,” Scott signed S. 55, which institutes sweeping new gun-control measures. The law bans the sale of any firearms to most adults under 21, bans the sale of rifle magazines capable of holding more than 10 rounds and handgun magazines capable of holding more than 15 rounds, bans private sales of used firearms unless facilitated by a federally licensed gun dealer, and bans the sale and possession of bump-fire stocks. Anyone convicted of breaking the provisions of the law could face up to a year in prison or $1,000 in fines.

Tjere are ptjers. and history suggests pro-gun demonstrations will become common by summer. Unfortunately, the Vermont demonstrations comes after the gun ban poison had been passed by the legislature and signed into law by the governor, instead of before the first vote for such legislation.

Since those who vote for legislation taht has historically driven crime rates sky high are generally protected by a batallion of State Police the perpetrators primary fear is being rejected by the votoers. That fear is highest before the first vote on a bill, so the winner in the gun control battles is henerally:

“The one who gets there firstest with the mostest.””

so keep your legislators on speed dial and exerscise your 1st Amendment privelege of speaking up for redress of greivances to protect the right granted in the Second Amendment.


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