Pro-Gun Op-Eds Still Rare

Apparently Bloomberg’s anti-gun, and from results pro-crime – propagandists are having a letter writing campaign.

This typical propaganda disguised as opinion piece, with the first citations being “worst mass murders in American history.”

John Glenn’s “National Council for a Sane Firearms Policy” did much the same thing in the New Jersey to Illinois section, and at one an Ohio newspaper complained that it was getting thirty letters supporting gun rights as they were getting calls for a “sane” gun ban.

If you have not written an LTE, it is easy. Pick one statement, debunk it, dismiss the rest as the same sort of rubbish, and close.

Don’t know what to say? rewrite what someone else has said, adding something to it and rewriting it so it is your words. For a written work, cite the source of the data, such as the FBI Uniform Crime Report, and point out the incontrovertible fact that gun control laws do not work, and gun campaign’s cost lives, as Bloomberg’s Everytown Hate Guns money pit is doing now.

Factually, courteously, and firmly. No to gun control.


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Extranos Alley is a Collaborate effort to provide up to information on the relationship between restrictive gun laws and violent crime; as well as other related topics. While emphasis is on United States gun laws and crime, we also provide data on crime trends world wide.
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