Preemption Bill In Nebraska’s Unicam

The Omaha World rald reports a bill preempting local gun laws is in Nebraska’s Unicameral Legislature.

A resident of Valentine, or McCook should have the same rights and obey the same laws as a resident of Hastings or Or Nebraska City. the result is a mish-mash of restrictive gun laws that embroil residents in potential legal problems as soon as the leave thier own county or city.

The myriad of often conflicting laws are generally unenforced – gut could be, with the result that every nebraskan, every visitor, and everyone who visits Conrhusker Stadium from outside Lancaster county is in peril of running afoul of the law.

Further, Omaha and its long time refusal to obey State law creates a special problem. for 2016, Nebraska Law Enforcement Agencies reported a total of 49 murders among 1,907.000 Cprnhuskers; for a statewide homicide rate of per 100,000 Nebraskans.

Omaha, with less than a quarter of Nebraska’s total population, and very restrictive gun laws, reported 29 of 49 murders, or 59.18 percent of the State’s total. Just as bad, Omaha reported 2,531 or 45.60 percent of the 5,550 violent crimes Nebraska’s LEA’s reported to the FBI.

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Any preemption law must have the same provisions Florida’s preemption law has, an appropriate penalty for city and county officials who refulse to comply with State law. When a mayor or councilman discovers enforcement of a city statue can cost them thousands of dollars, enforcement of preempted laws stops.

Bottom line? Nebraska is one of the rare sates where demographics and economics had kept crime rates to a fraction of the national average – except in douglas County, Primarily in Omaha.

Preemption would be a blessing for every law abiding nebraskan. It cannot happen too soon.


NB: The data source for this brief overview of Nebraska’s and Omaha’s are taken from Tables 1 and 6 of he FBI Uniform Crime Report for 2016.

Other information is from the Lincoln Journal-Star, the Omaha World-Herald and WOWT.


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