Political Systems And Gun Control

Someone came by searching for “political systems and gun control.”

I do not want to write a post that would rival Tolstoy’s “War and Peace” before breakfast this morning, so let me take an engineering approach to that.

Essentially, there are two political system. That is correct, just two. Considering each type, we could call one “Permissive” with only those laws and regulations needed to prevent abuse, such as buying up all the hogs and charging an exorbitant price for pork chops and bacon.

If one is Permissive, the other is “Regulated,” with every detail of a daily life micromanaged by the central government. As in “You will rise aat 5:00 AM, and you will board the tram for your assigned workplace at 6:17. Should you successfully maintain your norm, you will maintain that schedule until further notice. If you fail to make your norm you will be reassigned.” And in the most restrictive regimes, subjects own nothing, everything they use is assigned to them by the State.

In the Permissive State, citizens are allowed to choose employment that takes advantage of their talents, or not, and otherwise conduct themselves in their own best interests.

In a Restrictive Sate, there is indeed great equality. The subjects are as equal as the tiles on the floor, locked in place by a system that assumes they are physically equal and able to perform any job. Resulting in an office worker at menopause being reassigned to a work crew and a logging camp., for one example. The result is a very high level of alcoholism, and almost universal resentment of the regime.

As a result, andd in accordance with Machiavelli’s precepts in The Prince, a permissive State has as much use for gun control as a driver has for an opaque can’t-see-through windshield.

And a Restrictive State must have rigid gun control and a very large army to hold the people in their assigned place.

Either form of governance is likely to be run by an “Oligarchy,” meaning rule by the few, because an absolute monarchy for a population of more than a few thousand is beyond the abilities of a single person.

Beyond that, either can be a anything from a monarchy to a semblance of a Democracy. Semblance, because only the public faces of the purported ruler changes. For the restrictive State, it is a case of Igor in for Oleg out for the central planners, the military, and the regulators who do the government’s day to day business.

On the other hand, a Permissive government may be a pure and term limited Democracy, n which everyone votes and a new government is formed on first full moon after Yule, or a system where the King’s word is law. So long as government does nto get in the way of enterprise and citizens rights are observed, it is a free and permissive society.


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