Plenty Of Anti-Gun Activity In The News

Soros. Bloomberg, and Co seems to have decided if ten million a month won’t do, they will go for twenty five. My guess is the usual suspects have decided it is worth it to buy a ban and forget it.

Of course, Virginia does have moderately rational gun laws, unlike one of its neighbors in p particular,and it has much lower violent crime rates to show for it. For 2015, 3rd in population and 48th in violent cirme.

That spread you about the effectiveness of the very restrictive laws the District has imposed, wich ranks 50th for population and NUMBER Q on crime. Right across the river from Virginia, and much of the District of Columbia.

And from Maryland, which ranks Maryland, which ranks 19th for population and 12tgh for for population and 12th for violent cirme.

But even with a wave of criminal humanity crossing bridges into Mary and the District,Virginia ranks near the bottom for crime.

Of couirse,Virginia’ overly restrictive gun laws were not much help to Congressman Scalese. But the Austro-Hungarian Empire’s extremely rigid gun laws did nto help Archduke Ferdinand, either. If someone is determined to so something, there are plenty of underworld guns available.


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