“Pinocchio Murphy” Wants To Tighten NICS Checks

U see Sebatir ?Cgrus Nyrogtm tge Connecticut Senator who thinks the FBI crime numbers lie when they indicte gun control as a cause of crime, intents to make it much more difficult to clear the Federaal NICS check hurdle.

as it is, a relatively high percentage of FBI negatives turn out to be false negatives, and are overturned on appeal.

At taht, less than one percent of NICS checks are denied. Something that is understandable, and should be expected, given the very high percentage of criminals who obtrain guns from “friends and family” who are pursuing a criminal lifestyle.

Less than one those imprisoned for firearms offenses have haver attempted to buy a gun from a legitimate source, and the majority of those are refused.

Yeeet Murphy insists that background checks save lived. Even in the face of overwhelming evidence they do not.

Murphy must either run or retire in 2017. It is time for Pinocchio Murphy to take retirement and hand the job over to someone not permanently resident in Cloud Cuckoo Land.


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