Philadelphia Homicide Rate 2011?

As usual, I have a dozen searches for “Philadelphia homicide rate 2011”

At the moment, according to Nutterville’s PD – there were no murders in 2011. Or in any preceding year since 2007. That may change, since a city of 1,600,000 population could hardly have a five year run with no homicides.

The truth? It appears Philadelphia actually had at least 350 homicide victims; for a homicide rate of 22 per 100,000 population or so. The actual number may be as high as 378.

For comparison, for 2010, Nutterville reported 306 murders, for a rate of 21.25 per 100,000 population.

So Philly will probably continue the practices Frank Rizzo established in the 1970’s. “If you don’t report them, you stay in office.”


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