“People Killed By Guns In The Home”

Someone came by searching for “people killed by guns in the home.” And they were close but did not find what they were looking for where they were sent.

Assuming the search is for accidental firearms deaths inside the decedent’s residence, the Center For Disease Control’s death certificate based count is the best we have – but tabulating death certificates is evidently a time consuming job. The latest CDC report on accidental deaths is for 2009, with 2010 due out very late this year. Here is what the CDC says about 2009:

WISQARS 2009 Accidental Death Totals

The total number of accidental gun deaths, for all races, all ages, and both sexes, by death certificate count, was 553 in 2009.

The long term trend has been down. Dramatically down. And of that 553 accidental deaths, just over 350 were hunting related firearms deaths. Obviously, out of a population of 309 million, and with 224 million of those having guns in the house, 200 accidental firearms deaths is not a vast number.

But how many of those were “in the home?” From media reports, three out of every 10 non-hunting related firearms deaths occur outside the home.

So in 2009, about 140 non hunting related firearms deaths occurred “in the home.”

By all present indications, the total number of accidental firearms deaths for 2011 will be below 500, including hunting related deaths.


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