“People Are Fed Up With Gun violence?” So Are We

One News, which seems to feature anti-gun news commentary, reports on “three carloads of people exchanged gunfire in Nashville, wounding a bystander.

The headline, which One News is responsible for, is “Shooting Witness Fed Up With Gun Violence.”

I am sure they are. But the 190 million adults strong shooting community is tired of the gang violence as well.

We are tired of the officials who encourage that violence.

We are tired of “public servants” who pass laws that send violence rates soaring.

We are tired of the media that has blamed law abiding gun owners for violence committed by criminal gangs who seem to have lawmakers in their pockets.

We are tired of law abiding gun owners taking the blame for crimes committed with stolen guns.

We are tired of prosecutors who regard trafficking in stolen guns as the equivalent of spitting on the sidewalk.

Yes, the shooting community, the gun owners who comprise the overwhelming majority of American voters are fed up with the whole sorry situation.

There will be changes made. And if this President does not make those changes, we can chage that as well.


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