Pediatricians To Lobby Congress For Ban

MSN reports that peddiatricians will lobby Congress for gun bans.

In 1967 the estimated annual number of fatal gun accidents was 6,750, including 1,500 “children under 18.” Our community, the shooting community, began a series of gun safety programs, exemplified by the NRA’s “Eddie Eagle” program.

For 2015, the last year CDC data is available, there were a grand total of 489 fatal “firearms accidents, including a total of 66 who who had not reached the International Standard age for the end of childhood, their 16th birthday.

Our community, the shooting community, has cut fatal firearms accidents amoong children by at least 96 percent in 50 years. We would have done much better, but instead of helping promote gun safety programs pediatricians have often been “expert witnesses” testifying gun safety programps increase the incidence of fatal gun accidents. As a result, inner city children who have the greatest need for gun safety programs, are the least likely to be told that if they see a gun, they are to STOP what they are doing and go get an adult.

I find it ironic that a group that is a major part of the remaining problem whould have any input at all on safety training or on gun laws.

Their conduct has been reprehensible and resulted in hundreds of excess firearms accidents.
Speaking personally, I think the lot of them should be bundled off to Venezuela, so they can live the life they have been lobbying for all thse years.


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