PAC Pretending To Be LEO Organization Joins Giffords

Gaby Giffords has picked up some support, not from law enforcement as claimed, but from a branch of a Political Actionj Committee out to advance the aims of the money bags funding it.

The first report came from Outdoor Life,which seems to have taken the press release se seriously. OThe subhead reads:

Law Enforcement Coalition Joins Gun Control Group to Lobby Against Reciprocity, Hearing Protection Bills

The funding for most of these ANTI PAC’s pinned down before a tornado driven flood stirred things up, but here is what the “Law Enforcement Coalition has to say about itself:

The Law Enforcement Coalition is a project of the Americans for Law Enforcement PAC, which is registered with the Federal Election Commission (FEC) in Washington DC, FEC ID C00625830.

So the “Law Enforcement Coalition is a well funded lobbying group, out to further the interest of the evil empire. hey are not a law enforcement interest organization.

Since Bloomberg says he is putting up $25,000,000 to further the stated ends of the PAC, to kill LTC reciprocity, and if possible kill LTC’s, it is likely a Bloomberg operation.

There will be many more of these, representing the police in the same way the “Nevre Trump” PAC’s represented the interests of the Republican Party.


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