Parkland Survivor Honors UK Gun Ban Legacy

The Huffington Post solemnly reports a survivor of the Parkland High School mass murder wants gun control and honors the U.K. for it’s gun ban heritage.

Well, at least he is honest. Results of gun laws do not matter, only getting rid of guns matters.

A century ago, London had 5.66 gun related crimes per year in a city of eight million. A city where one man in five carried a gun. 2019 will mark the 100th anniversary of British gun bans, which culminated with a near total gun ban in 1998, after the Dunblane school massacre.

In graphic form, here is the result of that gun ban, showing the gun ownership rate fell to a very low level, while both crime and violent crime rates began rising aat much the same rate American crime rtes rose after the imposition of the Gun control Act of 1968:

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The official UK violent crime rates are at the Office of National Statistics site, and reproduced below. Let me point out two things before you proceed, the first being that the United States 2015 overall crime rate, including all crimes reported to the police, is 2,800 per 100,000 population. The UK’s VIOLENT CRIME RATEEE is give as 27 per 1,000 population, almost exactly the same as the US overall crime rate: (click on the image for a clearer view)

So the HuffPo reports on a person so traumatized they want laws that have multiplied crime from -.-8 gun related crimes per 100,000 to 2700 per 100,000 population. Or, put another way, multiplied the violent crime rates by more than 600 percent in 20 years.

And who HONORS England for making itself the most violent industrialized country on Earth.

If you want to live in what amounts to one of the middling violent thrid world countries, support gun control. But if you want to live in what we had, in a country with the 122nd lowest homicide and 131st lowest violent crime rates on our planet, fight restrictive gun laws as if your lives depend on it.

Because they do.


NB: The tables on the ONS site appear legitimate. The charts generally are not, except for this one detailing the year on year increase in criminal violence:

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