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The first round of the Cost of Gun Control series rapidly coming to an end, which means it will be add the 2015 crime numbers to existing posts and rewrite a few to fit the current format. Looking at the 2016 crime numbers, I doubt Mr. Bloomberg will be pleased.

The comparisons of U.S. 2015 crime rates and key foreign crime rates will start soon. and we will continue to report new threats from the ANTI-Partei.

Business as usual, fighting ignorance and providing linjs ti official data sources, primarily, so it iwll be business as usual.

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“How The Black Community Can Force Gun control”

In round numbers, 5 Americans in 8 are native born palefaces, while 1 American in in 88 is a native born Black. Given that it might be an error to say that no population group has suffered more from gun control than Black Americans.

But one thing is certain. No individual members of any American demographic group has suffered more for longer from gun control than Black Americans. That makes a gun ban support item in a respected Black periodical particularly disappointing.

Gun control is responsible for driving the murder rate in Chicago’s Black community from 9 [er 100,000 to more than 70 per 100,000. Gun control is responsible for the loos of jobs for Black youth in the cook county area. And, if the day ever comes when when gun control is the law of the land, the crime rates like Chicago’s nd unemployment rates like Chicago’s will become the law of the land.

And the next step after that? As Stalin said of his Holodomore, mass murder by starvation, “Those who do not work shall not eat.”

And as historical precedent tells us, the next step is cattle cars and labor camps.

It is time to stop the “disarming the law abiding and the criminals will take up honest jobs” idiocy and restore full rights to every American, be they White, Black, or Brown.


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Arctic Sea Ice 6,136,000 Km2 Above Forcast

Yesterday’s Arctic sea ice extent caem in at 6,136,000 square kilometers, the same maount over the patron saint of the global warmists, Al Gore’s prediction for 2017.

mean Arctic air temperature are 262 Kelvin, or about 14F, a bit higher than normal for the date, apparently due to strong winds blowing warmer temperate zone air to the Arctic.

It is a bit unusual to have warmer than normal temperatures for 14 October, and and have the daily charts show the current ice is right in there with past years for October 14 extent, but that may be a result of low insolation as the sune goes deeper into its down cycle.

In five months we can see how this winter compares to winters immediately past. I expect it to be a bit closer to the long term mean than we have been, and reaching the mean between 22019 and 2021.

And for those who remember the “1940s” winters, can get the old sled ready of 2025.


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A Faint Hint Of Good News From New Yersey

After eight long years, NJ.com reports Governor Chris Christie’s administration has decided to speed up gun purchase and concealed carry applications:

This after Hew Hersey’s gun controls have cost the State more< than $350,000,000,000.

Yes, this is a small move in the right direction. But it is hardly a step, and it will be wiped out the day a Democrat takes the Governor’s chair.

And people will still be “excess homicides” leading to enormous economic losses, pain and suffering.

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If the NRA Is Not The Gun Lobby…

Oldfield asks “If the NRA is not a gun lobby, what is it?”

Well, originally, the National Rifle Association was a civilian marksmanship organization, keeping the Reserve and National Guard well able to defend our shores. As such, even the Roosevelt administration recognized the NRA as apolitical, and not involved in politics in any way.

That changed when the Democratic Party started talking about revoking the NRA’s charter. While a high percentage of members wanted to remain outside politics, those who saw what happened in Europe after gun control prevailed.

so the NRA put out the welcome mat for civilian gun owners. And, in fighting for gun rights, soon found itself to be a Civil Rights group, fighting legislative battles for freedom to peaceably assemble, to call on Congress to “redress our grievances,” speak our minds on matters of importance, worship as we please so long as we observe secular law, and so on.

So the NRA is probably the United States largest and most effective civil rights group. Because you cannot defend Second Amendment unless you have the protections of the First, Third, Fourth, through the Twenty Seventh.


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The LA Times Says We Do Not need The 2bd Amendment

I see the Los Angeles Times, a mouthpiece for the California Democratic Partei, sats that we need a real debate on gun control.

Back in 1971, a New Jersey resident put up “the price of a g good used car” to anyone would come up with a single gun control law that has ever reduce crime, or made anyone safer. The donor retired to Florida and eventually passed away, but the principal and interest would buy a very good car. If there were any takers.

I challenged all comers, and have jsut one nibble. An individual who gave up when confronted with numbers proving my point.

But yes, we need a real debate on gun control. The real facts, such as the massive increase on violent crime that invariably takes place after restrictive gun laws are imposed.

the fraud and “crime erasing” needed to put up even a dissemblance of success for gun control laws.

Because until we do tear away the tissue paper facade of success, the ignroati, the moder term for yokels, will continue to try to ddo something that has been tried almost 58,000 times in 521 years, without a single demonstrable success.


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Ignorance Talking About Gun Control, Again

The Santa Fe purports to tell its gun owning majoirty of readers how Australia beat the “gun lobby.”

Oh, are you going to tell how Martin Bryant was, as many Aussies believe? They make a very good case, but that is beside the point.

The writer of this expose ignores a packed Australian parliament and a Prime Minister who has sworn to ban all guns other than single sots. All it took was a tragedy.

So, as the Australians have it, Martin Bryant was tapped for the job of patsy, and 35 Tasmanian’s lost their lives.

But the New Mexican’s writer knows nothing of this. He only knows what gun banners, the only gun lobby there is, have told only him. And they have ot told him of the consequences of that gun ban, a supposed “buyback” of property the government never owned.

He knows nothing of the lives lost, the crimes committed and of the once low crime rate that is now according the fourth highest in the world. So high it leas England, and trails only Venezuela and Brazil.

No, he knows nothing of the consequences of the tragedy he glorifies.


N.B. The latest rankings, most from 2014

Venezuela, 84,000 crimes per 100,000 population.*

Brazil, 54,000 crimes per 100,000 population*

Guatemala, 44,000 crimes per 100,000 population*

Australia, 36,000 reported crimes per 100,000 population

England, 32,000 reported crimes per 100,000 population.

And of course the United States, where we must do something about guns,

United States, 206 2.847.8 per 100,000 population.

* Police estimates

U.K. (England) from the Office of National Statistics, and Parliamentary reports.

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14 October Hurricane Watch

There are two Atlantic systems this morning.

Ophelia is forecast to take a northward turn that will take it past the British Isles, between Ireland and Iceland, and on to the chilly Arctic.

Tje ssecpmd os am unnamed system that appears to be on course to bring rain to the Virgin Islands before curving north, and perhaps visiting Bermuda.

In the Pacific, things are generally pacific. A tropical storm has cleared the Philippines, on its way to Viet Nam, but that is all that is on the radar for this day.


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Utah, The Cost Of Gun Control Is UP

And for those anxiously awaiting the numbers, and what the current campaigns have done to Utah, control drvie has done to Utah, please click here.

Utah was posted in order to keep a promise to Virginians, and this week started with an unexpected ted hurricane, and has gone downhill until today.

Vermont is on the table and will also be back posted to the 9th.


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Gun Control People Upset; Weinstein Is Getting “their” headlines

Isee that the Harvey Westminster scandal is getting more than five times the print space latest gun control, meaning pro-crime – campaign is getting.

Of course, gun control campaigns aa are for unsold column inches, so that does not meas as much as it did.

We will have our work cut out for us, the more so in that the gun control people always seem to get a spectacular act of violence just before a vet comes up in Congress.


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