What Our World Needs Is Media Control

Checking out gun control news I was surprised by a cigaraette ad. This one offered a brand new Cessna four seater in return for only three million Sir Walter Raleigh packs. Empty, with attached tax stamps.

Back in the 1940’s I read of several huge prized to be gained by turning in cigarette “proof of purchases” in the form of an empty pack. Since it would take a two pack a day smoker more than 4,000 years to accumulate enough packs for the Cessna I did not switch, but I knew several who did.

But that brought this often heard comment on human nature.

which tickled the “memory bank roulette” to spin and the ball to drop in a slot containing a Chicago Tribune explaining where the two cent cover price of a daily newspaper went.

To the carrier, who made forty cents a month delivering dailies and forty five cents if the customer subscrimed to the “ten cent Sunday” edition as well.

That’s right. The Trib essentially gave its newspapers to the people in the distribution system. There is no profit in giveaways, so how did the Trib make money? Advertising.

The Chicago Tribune had a paid circulation, including news stand sales, of over a half million, on nothing but advertising revenue!

While the details are different, the broadcast news industry operates on a similar model, with a “so much per subscriber” charge when the broadcast signal is delivered by a cable network.

Either way, the single most important person at a modern media outlet is not the publisher or station manager, not the editor or the News Director, but the Advertising manager.

A media outlet firing a ad manager generally does not make headlines, but when it happens it signals a real disaster for the outlet.

Which brings up a memory from Robert Heinlein’s “Take Back Our Government.” Yes, the prolific science fiction writer once stood for public office, was run over by the local political machine, and thanks to Ross perot was more than eager to tell Americans how to take back their government and get some respect from the media.

How can our community get some honest reporting from the media? By working on their weak point – the people who pay the bills.

Starting with becoming a tire-kicker. That disparaging term describes “a looker, not a buyer” in almost every retail establishment other than a bar.

and when you are tired of wasting some sales person’s time, tell them you appreciate their effort but you will not buy from him because his company advertises in the Daily Blat and you do not like their gun ban propaganda.

Human nature being what it is, the salesperson will turn in a beef the first time it happens. The Daily Blat’s ad manager will hear about it after the third or fourth customer walks.

and the editor or news director will have an ear full, often from the owner, shortly after that.

And yes, it is dirty pool. Very dirty pool. It sure is.

But not nearly as dirty as offering money to blacken the name of pro-gun candidates.

While two wrongs never make a right, there are occasions in which a second wrong can help neutralize a first wrong.


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When Will The Alabama Anti Have To Re-Up???

Clara asks, Stranger answers:

Assuming Judge Roy Moorre’s hope for an absentee ballot rescue, the anti-gun activist currently leading in the special election will be forced to run or retire in 2020.


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I wonder If the Gun Ban Lobbies Are Paying To Air These Spots

Even given the almost 55 years of constant gun control propaganda, the facts about the results of restrictive gun laws are easy enough to obtain that no ad manager or news director doing their job should be fooled into airing gun lobby agitprop.

But the sort of clumsy and deliberate misstatement of fact seems entirely too common to be mere carelessness in the pursuit of the almighty dollar.

And taking money to promote a cause that has invariably cost lives and money is against the public interest.


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Another Celeb Calls For Gun Ban

Sheryl Crow is pushing Roy Moore out of the headlines this morning, as the Kennett, Missouri native has blasted country stars for ‘failing to take a stand on gun control.’

Kennett, the county seat of Dunklin county, is in southe show Me State’s “bootheel,” across a river from Arkansas. An old friend, Coy Roger, would probably say Kennett is a suburb of Marmaduke, but in real terms Dunklin was a prosperous and well educated count with a high percentage of college graduates who came home to manage the stgore or the far or the occasional cotton gin sitting lonely most of the year in the flat Mississippi River Delta.

As a people, the people of Dunkling County were, and are wildfowlers. Not, in my experience, to the extent those further south, who hunted Arkansas rice fields but still active hunters. Ito this background Sheryl Crow added her outcries to a world in the early 1960’s.

I do not know what sort of education the Dunklin school systems provided at that time. Knowing what those a generation or two older received, I would like to say superior, but I cannot. At any rate, Ms. Crow At any rate, Ms. Crow obviously did not become a criminologist or a political scientist after a stint in the University of Missouri, where she majored in music.

Had she become either a criminologist or a political scientist, she would have known what gun control has done to her home State – and clearly she does not know that just over a year after she was born the entertainment industry began a campaign to protect its investment in programs already “in the can” by blaming guns for rising juvenile crime rates.

That story is relatively long, and is posted many times here at the alley, and at any level you care to learn elsewhere. But here is what gun control did to Missouri, starting in early December, 1963:

The year Ms. Crow was born, the Show Me State was a safe place for children, with a violent crime rate of only 185.4 such crimes per 100,000 Missourians a year. Meaning that less than 1 Missouri resident in 500 would be a victim of a violent crime in 1962.

That number had hardly budged when Hollywood began its campaign to ban guns 19 months after Ms. Crows birth.

But after ten years of gun control propaganda and five years of Federal and State gun controls, the 1973 rate was 408.7 per 100,000, meaning a Kennett resident’s chance of becoming the victim of a violent criminal was more than 1 in 250.

And that rate continued to rise. By 1992, Ms. Crow’s 30th year, the violent crime rate was 740 per 100,000, meaning there was one violent crime for every 135 Sho2 Me residents.

And the only time violent crime in Dunklin county had been that high was during the desperate days of “ten cent cotton, fifty cent meat<" of the early 1930s and the "sharecroppers strike." But of course Ms. Crowe became a music teacher, not a political scientist. She is unaware of the terrible cost gun control has exacted from her home State in lives, in pain, suffering abd and yes, in money. A cost that has already topped sixty billion dollars, and costs every Missourian more than $850 a year, every Missouri family of three more than $2,400 a year. But surely Ms. Crow is aware of the fate of her old friends the Dixie Chicks, who displeased their fan base. I say surely, because I recall Ms. Crow sang with the Dixie Chicks. Given that, no one should be more aware of the consequences to an entertainers career of angering those who buy tickets and music. A fact that, in itself, illustrates the absurdity of Ms. Crow's position. Stranger

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Well, we lost anther one.

Update Judge refuses to concede, says the Alabama Senate Races are not over. [end]

Anti-gun activist Doug Jones has reportedly defeated a friend of ours, Roy Moore, In Alabama.

At this rate wwe will not be able to maintain our gains and will lose to the gun banners in 2018 ad louse much of our gun rights shortly thereafter.

And the galling part is that we are doing this to ourselves through believing Socialist propaganda.


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What?? 200G To Lie About Trump?

Steve Bartin’s NewsAlet Reports Alex Jones Infowars reportedly has contacts with a man who has a tape of a woman being offered $200,000 to lie about President Donald J. Trump.

Bot Bartin’s NewsAlert and InfoWars have proven reliable sources, with InfoWars frequently covering very hot potatoes.

Given the combination of the reputations of the sources, and the current events – ask yourself why Harvey Weinstein was allowed to run free for so many years, and then tripped just before a major attemt to tar conservative political figures such as President Trump and Judge Roy Moore with the same brush as Weinstei and the others.

200Gs is more than four years pay for a typical American working family. Gaining that much security for what many are convinced would be no more than telling the truth about a hated enemy of the people would be a major temptation for many.

So I put this one where I put any credible report with inadequate proof. Provisionally accepted as true, but not ready for discussion.


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Pelosi Shows True Colors

Evidently, the Democrats are getting nervous about uncorrupted Senate Version of the national Reccipricocal Carry Act’s passage. House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosie came out with the biggest gun ban lobby whopper in this century, saying that the GOP backed bill would let violent criminals carry concealed.

Briefly quoting the FOX News report linked above:

Nancy Pelosi earned “Three Pinocchios” from The Washington Post’s Fact Checker over a tweet claiming that House Republicans are inviting violent criminals, domestic abusers and convicted stalkers to carry concealed weapons.

Pelosi is already a laughingstock, and her increasingly erratic approach to reality is not helping heeeer maintain a grip.

The very simple fact is that those licensed to carry concealed are the most law abiding American demographics.

If we ignore the most common crime committed by LTC holdres, entering premises where alcohol is sold while armed, as one may do when you are past due for a pit stop, The violent crime rates for American demographics are:

37,659.0 per 100,000 convicted felons, prohibited persons.

390 per 100,000 members of the general population.

51.5 per 100,000 off duty police officers

22.8 per 100,000 of those licensed to carry concealed

And clearly, Nancy Pelosi needs to spend a few months in the confessional,


NB: Violent crime rates for LTC holders was calculated from Notices of Conviction to State authorities in the States where shich data release is permitted.


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Are The Alley’s Graphs Distorted??

Ethyl suggests some of the alley’s charts are distorted for “dramatic effect.”

Not for dramatic effect but for clarity. At times the data for States like Vermont produce very short columns that are are more bumps than columns. Under those circumstances we may stretch the chart vertically in order to provide a discrete column to the reader, who is usually puzzled by having charts with columns all the same length.

Practically speaking, since graphs and charts are supposed to be read with the help of the scale, that practice should cause no confusion.

For clarity, after we generate a new chart we sharpen the edges to improve readability, de-fuzz” the columns for the same reason, and put a colored border on it so we can tell where the data file is stored and which is the latest file in the series without burning time hunting for file dates in the download. It saves us a great deal of time, the reader considerable effort, and removes a great deal of ambiguity.

But we do not change the source data in transcribing that data to source file for the charts. To do so would defeat the purpose of the chart and of the Alley.


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A General Interest Question?

“GodfreysGirl” asks if I believe in alien life.

I presume the question is not just about extraterrestrial life, living organisms that originated on other planets, but extra-solar, originating outside our Solar System. And that with the caveat that “our” is unjustified.

Well, with 100 billion starts per galaxy and 100 billion galaxies, there are 10,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 stars and recent discoveries indicate they all have some sort of planetary system, from a few pieces of gravel to an awesome collection of super-Jupiter’s.

Even if something we would call “life” did not seem to be so easy for nature to achieve, there is still a mathematical certainty that life outside our solar system exists, and that life in the Sol system other than on Earth may exist.

Beyond that, things get iffy. According to what we might as well call “the rules of life as we understand them” life will multiply until it has filled every available ecological niche. And then, if it is within its capability, life will attempt to spread to any other available niche it can reach, making whatever modifications needed to thrive under the new set of conditions.

Beyond that, we have questions with no good answers. could a paramecium go from a microscopic feeder-upon-bacteria to a sentiment hunter-gatherer running down dog size prey? Under the proper circumstances, yes. And in all probability it look very much like a human to a very nearsighted person standing a little distance away.

In fact, the vast range of life past and present on this single planet is proof enough that almost anything is possible where evolutionary mutations are concerned. But whether some form of extra-solar life is present in the here and now is another matter.

“Alien sightings” appear to have begun to be common after the “Great Airship Mystery” of the 189’s. In that what my dad described as a Zeppelin but much larger slowly drifted across the United States, with brief pauses to inspect some feature more closely, hoist some animal aboard for what speared to be inspection, and so on.

Since that time, 1987 if I recall correctly, unidentified flying objects have been fairly common with an explosion in reports when radar made the detection of invisible “foo fighters” a daily occurrence, UFO’s played hide-and-seek with private pilots, and all sorts of strange things have been reported.

so personally, alien visitors are in the same file as kraken and Wendigo. I hear your story but I am unconvinced, but willing to look at the evidence.

While I have no realistic expectation of meeting a reasoning being of a different species, should I do so I will attempt to be on my best behavior consistent with my position as a member of this planet’s crown predator. “Do as you would be done to, then do as you are done to.”

Or, more briefly, “Carry, trust, verify, respond as appropriate.”


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Is Original Material Posted here Copyright?

Someone with a DC URL asks if original material posted here is copyright. To the extent the law prevents abuse, yes. But virtually all the “original material is taken from governmient data sources and cannot be copyright. Once the data has been put in the public domain we are all free to repeat and collate the data as we desire.

Sometimes I wish I could copyright some of the “original” material here. So far as I know wwwe were the first to post a chart of the U.S. historic homicide rate showing the results of 25 years of no gun controls, followed by 109 years of gun control. We are up to 111 years of gun control:

since only about four years in the 19th century are from non-governmental sources, there is no way to copyright any of that series of charts. I wish I could, I see one of them, usually the original, a dozen times in a typical day.

Attribution would be nice, but it is not necessary.Otherwise, use the data posted here in good health.


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