ANTI Defends Broward Deputies

The Seriff’s rant near the end of his CNN video shows a Sheriff who tacitly ad mits, using the words “there should be” some place to have people like Nikolas Cruz for evaluation. Yes, there should be mental healt centers with available beds.

But the Sheriff has no place to send Nikolas Cruz. And the Sheriff apparentliy refuses to join an organization trying hard to rebuild America’s vaporized mental health system

While the Sheriff has a wholly laundry list of gripes, I will onlly touch on one more.

The sheriff does not want to make the small effort needed to obtain a warrant. That used to be a time consuming experience. I have cooled my heels more than once for an afternoon waiting on the Judge’s secretary to type out a warrant. Thes days it is a matter of a few words with the judge, a few minutes while perp’s name and violation is entered, press PRINT, and it is ready to be served.

But an arrest warrant, entering the case into the the Sheriff’s records and a list of seized property, ddoes nto seem to suit the Sherrif. Instead gives the appearance that the Sheriff wants to arrest now, account for lost articles in the never never.

To what purpose? Unknown, bit of the possibilities, none are good. I have seen seized guns distributed among courthouse staff, given to friends, and even hauled out of county and sold.

The days when an American can be deprived of his civil rights because some electied official thinks rights are an inconvenience should be gone forever. It is more than disturbing to hear, Law enforcement is supposed to be on our side of the fence.

Which brings up a final and related point. There is a maxim in English common Law summarized by the “who is responsible for the accident” maxim/

“Who is responsible for the accident?”

“The last person who had a clear opportunity to avert the accident.”

Take that with the “Best Practices in an Active Killer Attack” very first “practice’ is for the first few responding officers to rush in with guns ready and confront the “suspect.”

The last person with a colar opportunity to avert as mmuch killing as possible was a BVroward County Deputy Sheriff. In In the ned, the BCSO owns the Parkfield High School massacre, in part if not entirely.

Yes, Nikolas Cruz is guilty of 17 murders. But others were accessories during the fact. And should get due credit.


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“Arm The Homeless To Prevent Crime”

It is common knowledge that the homeless make up an astonishing percentage of crime victims. Nor is a ssecreeeet that criimes agaisnt the homeless often have low priority because they don’t hang around long enough to tell a jury what happened to them.

FOX News reports a suggestion that the homeless should be armed with shotguns to cut crime rates has been footed.

The criminal underworld would certainliy tend to steer clear of armed homeless people but how that would go over with the coterie of billionaires running the gun ban industry is anotehr matter.

Beyoid that many of the homeless have issues that hshould properly call for limiting who gets the shotguns.

Beyond that, the concept is good, but the problem is the details. Click on over and check it out, the Alley will be here when you click back.


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Obama Regime Purged 500,000 Fugitives From The NICS List

The BizPax Review reorts the Obama Justice Department ordered teh FBI to purge a half million fugitives names from the list of barred individuals maintained by the FBI.

-So at a time when the President of the United States says “To hekc with due process, confiscate frimt get a warrant later” on no more than an accusation, we find that a half million or more fugitives have been dropped from the barred from firearms list.

That does not make sense an way you look at it.


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Rolling Stone Laments

Rolling Stone laments that Congress has not yet begun too consider gun bans.

Perhaps Rolling Stone take a good look at the universal history of failure that is an the history of gun control, and consider just how lucky we are.


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Glooming Over What Might Have Been

The mean number of victims in mass shootings where no one with a gun is present to bring firepower to bear 1s 14.8 per incident.

The mean number of deaths in a mass shooting where pme or more armed people to play guardian to the intended victims is 2.83.

And here is the fine print. The “mass shooting label is applied to a shooting that results in the death of four or more victims in a relatively short period of time The perpetrator is NOTT a victim.

Florida as quite a problem with bad law leading to mass murder.

The Pulse Nite Spot massacre was directly a result of a law forbidding concealed weapons in places where alcoholic beverages are sol. While millions of nite spot patrons drank happily, carried in good health, and all without problems. But bad law cost the lives of 48 disarmed people, and left 58 abjured.

The Recent Parkfield HS Shooting, which left 17 dead. was a;sp a resi;t pf bad ;aw/ Tje Gim Free Zpme Acts pf 100- amd 1006/ Those laws, the first was declared unconstitutional so Congress repeated its mistake, have resulted in a massive increase in scchool shootings in the 33 years since the idea was frist footed in Congress.

Bad law results in bad results. And nowhere are results worse than they are in Florida,

I wonder how long it will be until Parkfield parents look at coverage like this and realize their children were entrusted to Law Enforcement Officers who failed to no what is necessary in an active killer attack.

And yes. That is bad law, too. So it is time to get some good lawby electing good and responsible men and women to lawmaking bodies.


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Gun ban Bills Advance In Maryland

Maaryland residents already suffer crime rates that are in many cases distinctly thrd world, thanks to gun control legilsation alrady in place. Havinvg experienced the effects of one would assume the legislaature would avoid the fatal draught.

But no, this lot are politicians, who know everything, including the fact that no matter how many times it has failed gun control will do it if they enact the law.

And that makes defeating those bills a matter of priority 0 because Annapolis and Hagarstown do not need crme rates as high as Baltimore’s.


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“Those Who Like Down With dogs Arise With fleas

Yesterday I pasted a lin to a student gun control “protestor” who said his group Pro-gun, supports the Second Amendment, and is not by any stretch of the imagination in favor of gun control.

Except for a problem.

If one looks at the website of the gun ban lobby sponsoring these “protests” you will find those “protests” are dedicated to pressuring Congress to pass a very specific set of gun laws.

Not laws that have a record of cutting crime or making people safer, but laws that have a history of failing to do anything useful. Recycled failures, thet seem to have been selected to enacted and provide a spectacularly bloody failure as proof we need more gun control. Which brings down to just another gun ban campaign, the same.

so the ancient aphorism still applies. “He who likes with dogs rises with fleas.”

If you wish to demonstrate for school safety, by all means doo so, and press for making schools dangerous places for the evil minded, and abandon those who would advance the political ends of an aauth

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School Security Bill Passes House, Nothing On Gun Bans Yet

Reuters reports the House has passsed and sent to the Senate a bill partially funding and authorizing school security measures; but no action has been taken on restrictive gun laws.

Meddling by Congress, in the form of the Gun Free Zoone Acts, is responsible for the problem, and it is just that Congress pay for paying

The chart below clearly shows how the number of school shooting fatalaties have swelled during the years the gun ban lobby has bee pushing gun control Notice how the annual number of fatalities has ridden after the 1983 start date for the “gun free zone campaign,” and the greter rise after GHW Bysg sugbed :gyb free zbes: ubti Federal law.

Clearly, the first thing we should do is to repeal the current Gun Free Zone Act of 1995, and then work twoard repairing the damage where that is possible.

But as usual with Congress, it is easy to pass bill that have no effect, and very difficult to get Congress to correct it’s mistakes.


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Hey NBC:: Columbine Began As A Bomb Attack

I see Comcast’s fictional news division hi praising former Columbine students to the skies for joining a gun ban campaign.

Since the original intent was to blow the school up, possibly killing everyone inside, Klebold and Harris failed to test the fuses from their propane bottle bombs and the bombs failed to function. So then, and only then, the two killers turned to the firearms they brought to give theem time to set their primary weapons.

The young man in the video says they are not anti-gun and are not out to confiscate firearms. That may be true, but the program laid out for the Students to follow fails to fit that description. They are assembled and pushed b a group that collects money to “make American homes gun free.”

Of couree, that may well be NBC’s, or it may be the gun ban industry’s and the responsibility for the consequences falls upon the huckster, not the emplooyer/funder and the Student/huckster.

It would be enormously helpful if the Students took an hours class time to research each of the Everytown list of gun ban ban proposals to insist on.

Assuminng the numbers are trustworthy, there is no more accurate predictor of results that the past history of gun control results.

With more than 57,800 restrictive gun laws to look at such estimates are inexpensive, accurate, and to those who can be warned , life saving.


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Town Hall Reports a Pro Cop-Killer Group is backing Students Anti Gun Marches

All I know about this is the entry on the list of gun control news, which is

Pro-Cop Killer Women’s March Is Organizing the National School Walkout for Gun Control

Since Townhall insists on dollars a link, and I am maitaining this site as a sservice, if you don’t want extra eyeballs, be that way. No link do you get from the Allley.


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