“Columnist Says Trump To Be Impeached”

I did not catch the source, the page refreshed before I could get that far, but the headline sa said “Columnist says Trump Will Be Impeached.”

Wo Mike Pence becomes President? The Fascisto-Socialists who think they should ru(i)n America will have an experienced political warrior to deal wit who shares many of Trump’s opinions and values.

And when Pence has ended his run, we will elect another Trump, one with a different name, and less skill and knowledge, to be President for a while.

Making this Presidency a case of “be glad of what you have, the alternative is worse” for the “progressives” who would take the world back to barbarism.


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Graphs Are Silent, Yet Speak Loudest Of All

A chart, often called a graph, has no tongue. It must remain silent – yet to those who look, charts often speak far more loudly than a man with a public address system.

Consider the cart immediately below, a fuzzy copy of, I am told, a chart from a peer reviewed study of violence in Chicago:

Starting on the left, we can see that Chicago’s homicide rate was quite low in the 1870’s, when anyone with the price could buy and carry a gun. There was a brief spike in 1886, marking the Haymarket riots, and a long slow rise marking the mob’s increasing presence in Chicago.

The next real incident of note is the onset of WWI, marked by a sharp decrease in crime between 1816 and 1919, as the young, and most violent, demographic group vistied Europe to fight a war.

1919 marks the imposition of Prohibition, violence between Capone’s gang and other mob related bootlegging and vice groups. Murder rates actually peaked in 1929, but stayed elevated until the end of prohibition in 1933. That event resulted in lessened enforcement of Illinois gun laws, and a decline in the homicide rate.

That decline lasted, with the usually ups and downs marking year to year variations until 1949,when the advent of television, a crackdown on married welfare recipients, and the end of the “hore anyone but get the job done” ended. As you can see, the year to year variations continued but there was a slow rise in homicide rates until 1964.

The gun control drive that began the next phase of Chicago’s homicide began in December, 1964, too late to significantly influence Chicago’s murder rate for that year, but greatly influencing homicide rates through the end of 1968.

The next significant marker came in December, 1968, with the imposition of the Lyndon Johnson and a rogues gallery of Congressmen’s Gun Control Act of 1968, which sent Chicago’s homicide and violent ci rates into a near vertical climb.

The next significant marker came in 1982, when Alderman and “made man” Fred Roti used his “considerable influence” to pass a bill banning guns in Chicago.And sending the “police reported” homicide rate to record highs. Court challenges delayed enforcement of the gun ban finally had its full effect between 1986 and 1993.

A combination of a truce between some of the most violent gangs, arrests of some gang leaders, and an influx of defensive weapons put Chicago’s homicide rate into free fall until a new equilibrium between fear of getting shot and desire for easy money brought a new settling point.

Now, this same pattern of gun control followed by soaring violent crime rates is almost invariably seen when crime rates are charted. The exceptions are those laws imosed with so little warning the criminal underworld does not have time to react. Since most murders are criminal on criminal affairs, that can have a profound effect on crime charts.

Here is a chart of the United States homicide rate from 1880 to 2015, showing the effects of gun controls and gun control campaigns, starting with the labor violence triggered restrictive laws of 1905-1906:

Before 1905, virtually any American with the price could buy, possess, and carry a gun, and homicide and violent crime rates were generally around one sixth that of 2015, the last year official data is available.

You can easily see the results of the restric first restrictive gun laws in the 1905-1906 period. Less visible, but there if you look, are the 1909 decline as three State laws were relaxed, and the sharp rise with that marks the imposition of New York’s very restrictive “Sullivan law.

From there, it is easy to see the abrupt resulting from WWI,the rise in homicide as Prohibition took hold, the decline after the repeal of Prohibition, the “black market bump” during WWII, the slow decline after WWII, the sharp rise as the entertainment industry’s gun control campaign took lives, and the even steeper rise as the Gun Control Act of 1968 took hold.

And finally, in red, are the effects of the current gun control campaign, nominally funded by New York City’s former mayor, Michael Bloomberg.

And it is equally easy to see wehre, in 1993, the combination of a change in pub lic taste in firearms and spreading Concealed Carry law put American homicide and violent cirme rates in free fall. And,in 1998, the imposition of the National Instant background Check or NICS system stopped the decline in homicide and violent crime, putting those rates on “slow decline.”

Now we have another gun control campaign> Will the charts tell us what is going on Yes, but not who is responsible, or where evil is being done. Let’s look at another chart, this time from a State”

The damage gun control had already done before Bloomberg’s bunch moved in is easy to see. But look over on the right where, sure enough, the effects of Bloomberg’s gun control campaign are easy to see.

What is less easy to see is that violent crime, including homicide, in Oregon was in decline until the entertainment industry begain its campaign to “ban mail order guns” in late 1963. There can be no doubt that decline would have continued had there been no gun control campaign.

It is also difficult for some to comprehend at gut level that the height of those bars represent human lives. 55 Oregonians were murdered in 1963, before gun control, and that number had up to 64 when the Federal Gun Control Act of 1968 was sighed into law. After five years of Federal gun control, there were 110 murders, and that number climbed to 150 in 1994,just before criminals realized crime was longer a safe occupation.

So at any level, municipal, State or national, an honest chart of crime rates from pilfering to murder will tell us whether or not gun controls been imposed, when, and and how severely thos restrictive laws impact tun owners. All it takes are the numbers. But a Rene Descartes said, “If you cannot describe it in numbers it does not exist.”

Ever yman makes his mark, they say, and gun control advocates have certainly made their mark on America. 800,000 lives worth of mark.


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Gun Bans Vs Gun Rights In Virginia

The Alexandria Patch the gun control ‘debate’ is heating up the Virginiagovernors race where one of America’s most rabidly anti-gun governors wants four more years.

Briefly quoting the Patch report linked above:

t’s a never ending standoff between Republicans and Democrats in Virginia. Responses to shootings in Virginia and across the country have been varied: from pushing for universal background checks to urging for guns in schools and college campuses.

There should be no “gun control debate,” since there have been 57,604 gun control laws on the books, and no one has been able to show that even one of those laws has reduced crime, made anyone safer, or averted a politically motivated assassination.

With history’s longest series of bloody failures there is no way to justify another gun control experiment. But there are those like McAuliffe who say the advantages outweigh the minor inconvenience of being disarmed by an untrustworthy government.

McAuliffe should talk to Venezuelans, where gun control has driven the murder rate to 55 times the United States murder rate, and virtually everyone is violently victimized several times a year. But advocates like McAuliffe have their own program going. The same program that took more than 300,000,000 innocent lives during the 20th Century.

McAuliffe hand his ilk must be defeated, and we hold the high hand, with potentially 190 million votes across America, and 3,250,000 votes in Virginia.

All we have to do to rid ourselves of those who carry the empidemic of violence that is killing our civilization is to vote them out. Neutralize them. Send them to Coventry.

We have the votes, so let’s do it.


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Report: Soros Buys Another DA Candidate

FOX News reports the King of the ANTI’s, George Soros, si funding another DA candidate, this time in Philadelphia.

Soros, who seems to have spent most of a billion dollars pushing gun control in the last 30 years, has been funding – my dad called the practice of funding political candidates “buying” – a Philadelphia District Attorney candidate.

Why would someone who funds violence organizing groups such as Black Lives Matter and reportedly spent $36,000,000 on what was essentially a “Womens march against Trump,” besides million spent every month disarming America buy up DA’s?

Because the District Attorney is the guy who says who does and who does not get prosecuted for crimes. And I should not have to draw pictures to show my readers what will happen when Soros funds a really big “demonstration,” a riot, in a place where he owns the DA.


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PAC Pretending To Be LEO Organization Joins Giffords

Gaby Giffords has picked up some support, not from law enforcement as claimed, but from a branch of a Political Actionj Committee out to advance the aims of the money bags funding it.

The first report came from Outdoor Life,which seems to have taken the press release se seriously. OThe subhead reads:

Law Enforcement Coalition Joins Gun Control Group to Lobby Against Reciprocity, Hearing Protection Bills

The funding for most of these ANTI PAC’s pinned down before a tornado driven flood stirred things up, but here is what the “Law Enforcement Coalition has to say about itself:

The Law Enforcement Coalition is a project of the Americans for Law Enforcement PAC, which is registered with the Federal Election Commission (FEC) in Washington DC, FEC ID C00625830.

So the “Law Enforcement Coalition is a well funded lobbying group, out to further the interest of the evil empire. hey are not a law enforcement interest organization.

Since Bloomberg says he is putting up $25,000,000 to further the stated ends of the PAC, to kill LTC reciprocity, and if possible kill LTC’s, it is likely a Bloomberg operation.

There will be many more of these, representing the police in the same way the “Nevre Trump” PAC’s represented the interests of the Republican Party.


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GOA To Congress, Repeal Chucky’s Rule

eitbart reports the Gun Owners of America is urging Congress to repeal Chucky’s rule barring Federal assistance to those who have lost their gun rights.

That is an amendment by then Congressman Chuck E. Schumer )ANTI-NYC]. Chucky’s Rule almost completely destrys any useful purpose for the bill to wihc it is attachexd, and since the burden falls on people caught up in something they took no part in, is unjust.

It is long past time for that piece of malicious injustice to come to an end.


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Gun Control An Issue In Virginia Governors Race

As most gun owners know, Virginia’s sitting governor, Terry McAuliffe, is a gun banner from Bannersville. And the sort of pol who cannot ook at a spreadsheet of chart and tell up from down. Or care.

I have not managed to upload more than a fraction of the Alley’s State files, including Virginias dataset. But the FBI derived chart at this link tells the story.

The last year before the 1963 gun control drive, police reported 7,720 violent crimes, much of those spillover from DC.

In 1968, after five years of gun contrl campaigns, police reported 12,821.

After five years of gun control, Virginia’s police reported 16,483 violent crimes, still with a high spillover from DC.

And at its worst, gun control drove Virginia’s vioelnt crime total to 24,160 polie reported violent crimes in 1993.

Gun control should be an issue in the Virginia Governors race since gun control has put thousands of Virginians in the graveyard. Unfortunately, yoiu will not hear that from the Virginian-Pilot.

Wat you will hear from the virginian Pilot is like this brief quote:

Jeanette Richardson was at a Newport News neighbor’s house for a 2004 New Year’s Eve party when she heard gunshots.

She returned home to find her 18-year-old son, Patrick Wyatt McKinley, had been fatally shot in the street. The gunman had been attending a party elsewhere in the neighborhood, and neither she nor her son knew him

The real story of Virginia’s experience with gun laws is in the numbers of persons killed, wounded, or victimized because someone using a stolen gun was confident the victim could not fight back.

And that is the real story of Virginia’s experience withg cun control. And what can be done?

If no one primaries a Republican candidate, vote for the Democrat you feel will be the weakest candidate, and then vote Republican in the General Election. Because Virginia does not need or deserve more gun control.


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Lawsuit To Restore Gun Right

Barry Michael is a Nevada Congressional Candidate who has brought suit to restore a person convicted of a non-vilent felony to have their restored after five years.

Mr. Michaels story, convicted of white collar crimes in the 1990’s, no further offenses, getting up in years, living alone, in a city rocked by new gun controls and violent crime, wants to protect himself.

The key question is whether or not Franklin Roosevelt’s 83 year old ban on ALL felons instead of the less than four percent who are at risk of committing violent offenses is just. Nor is it whether or not it is Constitutional.

Classifying a hungry hobo convicted of stealing a sandwich with a mass clearly unjust.The one has committed a crime that calls for for mercy – and food – while the other has forfeit his life. The Nervous Nancys and the Semanticists have no moral or ethical grounds to protest.

But the real question is whether or not it wouild be safe to allow a person with a white collar crime on their record should be allowed the God given right of self defense.

The recidivism rate among non-violent felons is low in the first place, and in the second such individual almost invariably commit more white collar crimes. Whether or not the trusted employee who cleans out the larg bill compartment of the cas register when she thinks no one would be watching is no greater risk to society if she had a gun in her bag or not.

I have commented many times that an end to gun rights with a felony conviction was nto what the Founders wanted. As Patrick Henry said, “The great object is that every man should have a gun.” If man als incoudes woman, I fully agree.

Even the most severely deranged of mass murderers seek out places where guns are barred to do their crimes, and the more people who carry the lower crime rates will be.

The risk to the public if a non violent felon’s civil rights, including their gun rights, restored is on the same order as being hit with a block of “yellow ice” from a passing aircraft.

It is time, it is safe, so let’s do it. At the Federal level, rendering all laws that render a citizens right to defend herself or himself less than absolute.


N.B. For those who wish who are in similar circumstances, Mr. Michaels is seeking to make the case a class action lawsuit, and your signature on the website given in the video would give it a push.


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Found: 7 Million Duplicate Voter Registrations

The Washington Free Beacon re[prts more than seven million duplicate voter registrations have been found across State lines.

The practice of registering in multiple States has been a common practice, dating back to the 1930’s at least. Koaks registers in Connecticut and in Florida, and local election officials vote the unused registration for him if the election is close enough to be decided by absentee votes. Or buckets of ballots found under an election officials desk.

There are other ways, including busing warm bodies from precinct to precinct. In Chicago, where precincts are no great distance apart, a 26 passenger bus’ passengers have voted more than 200 times in one day. All for a bottle of wine.

While the Free Beacon report illuminates the tip of the vote farud iceberg, there is a lot of ice left hidden from public view.

It is time for the purge of dead and moved away registrants that the Democrats have fought tooth and nail. Stargitn with a six to eight million vote handicap is a poor way to win an election.


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But It Would Still Be One Of The Most Corrupt States On Erth

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson sasys that if it were not for the United States, Mexico would not have an organized crime and violence problem.

But even without the United States, Mexico would have the colonial culture of corruption and the gun bans that have resulted in one of the most corrupt societies on Earth.

And the same conditions that have lead a country rich in good people and natural resources into perpetual poverty, leading so many of Mexico’s best and brightest to move to safer and richer pastures.


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