Homeowners Son 3: Home Invaders, 3 New Toe Tags, All In A Row

FOX News reports an Oklahoma homeowners son opened fire on three would0be home invaders, giving all three a quick trip down below.

Briefly quoting the FOX report linked above:

Wagoner County sheriff’s deputies were called to the home in Broken Arrow, southeast of Tulsa at around 12:30 p.m. local time. When they arrived, they found the three dead suspects and two uninjured residents.

Sheriff’s spokesman Deputy Nick Mahoney said the suspects enetered the home through a glass back door with the intent to burglarize it. It was not immediately clear why they picked that home.

Judging by the home in the photo, I would be inclined to say the house smelled like loot to them, but that is a guess.

What is important is that the intended victims are unhurt, and the perp’s buddies have an object lesson in the wages of a life of crime. Broken Arrow should be a much safer place for some time to come.

Congratulations are due the young man who acted appropriately and effectivelyi in a time of crisis.



N.B. as a separate consideration, it should be noted here that the deaths of three perps by a man armed with an AR16 will raise the number of people killed with a rifle by about one percent, and the number of people killed with an AR pattern sport Utility Rifle by almost seven percent.


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“Religious Left?” That Is An Oxymoron – Or Worse

The far left Reuters News reports a ‘religious left’ is emerging in the United States.

That is a mind boggling concept, in that a religion looks to the divine authority of God, God with some other name, or a pantheon of Gods and usually Goddesses.

But on the other hand, leftists believe in the supremacy of the State and its divine leaders and a leftist regime will do everything possible to suppress religion.

Since the terms “religious” and “Political left” are contradictory, the term religious left is either an oxymoron, or an indication a “divine leader” such as Pol Pot, Adolph Hitler, or Kim Jong-Un is enforced by the State.

Considering history, I would not care for some, we just had any.


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Report: Despite Strict Gun Controls, A Child or Youth Is Shot Every Day

That bit of “news” from Breitbart will not be news to regular Alley readers, but it may come as a surprise to residents of Ontario, Canada.

The restrictive gun laws called “gun control” first appeared 521 years ago, when Duke Eberhard I became angry that a young rake showing off a handgun shot and seriously wounded a favorite Cartesian. In the 521 years since, more than 57,569 gun control laws h been put in place, but not even one such law can be shown to have reduced crime, made anyone safer, or reduced the incidence of political assassination.

Go ahead and click on over, the Alley will be here when you click back. And for our part, Ontario’s bloody failure is merely typical of the results of restrictive gun laws.


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Officer Down: Tecumseh Officer Killed During Traffic Stop

UPDATE The still unidentified Officer was checking the identity of a passenger in the stopped vehicle when he was apparently told of a want or warrant on the man. Perp takes off running, Officer tasers perp w. no effect, officer and perp then trade gunfire. Officer passed away in surgery, perp shot at least four times, per a report in the Daily Oklahoman. [end updae, more if of interest comes in later.]

No details yea, but FOX News reports a 22 year old Officer was killed after making a routine traffic stop.

Tecumseh is southeast of Oklahoma City, in, as I recall, Pottawatomie County, maybe an hour from the City if you are not lead-footed.

The loss of anyone diminishes us all, and the loss of a Police Officer is a greater loss than most. Our sympathy goes out to the murdered Officer’s family and Department, who have lost more than can easily be told.


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“Public Health Org Says “Gun Violence” Is A Leading Cause Of Death.

Despite the fact gun related murder, manslaughter, and accidental deaths barely crack 10,000 a year, I see the American Public Health Association says “gun violence as the leading cause of death in America.

Fortunately, the Center for Disease Control has a more realistic view. pegging the total number of deaths at 3,850,000 and the number of “gun violence” cases at 10,500, meaning gun related murders, manslaughters, and fatal gun accidents amount to just one death in more than 36,000 is related to so-called gun violence.

But that does not stop the APHA from claiming:

In the wake of the horrific mass shooting in Orlando that took the lives of at least 49 and left 53 people injured, APHA continues to urge Congress to pass comprehensive legislation to reduce gun violence. It is critical that public health advocates keep up the pressure on both the Senate and the House to act to address this public health epidemic without further delay.

And the APHA conveniently ignores the fact that guns were banned in the Pulse nightspot in Orlando, so terrorist Omar Mateen had well over 200 helpless potential victims, and managed to kill or woiund almost half before he was stopped by police who were not required to obey these posters plastered all over the front of the nightclub:

Nor has the APHA bothered to look at the dramatic decline in criminal misuse of firearms, since the shooting community started running for legislative positions and relaxing gun laws. This chart of less the less than lethal firearms use that comprises 06% of reported criminal mususe of firearms is from the Bureau of Justice Statistics, Department of Justice, survey titled “Criminal Victimization 2015.

Obviously, the APHA has not the first clue about so-called “gun violence.” So how about discussing something the AHQA should have a handle on, an actual leading cause of death for Americans. We could discuss the deliberate drug overdoses currently estimated to take the lives of five times as many suicides as firearms, but that should be a subject for another day.

Today, let’s talk about the comparative accidental death rates of guns and doctors using official Official U.S. Government data from the CDC and Bureau of Labor:


(1) The Bureau of Labor Statistics pegs the number of physicians in the U.S. at 691,000.

(2) the number of physician caused deaths per year is estimated* at 250,000.

(C) Therefore iatrogenic deaths “induced in a patient by a physician’s activity, manner, or therapy,” amount to 0.362 accidental deaths per physician per year, or one accidental death for every 2.77 doctor years of practice.

(d) Obviously, doctors malpractice or mispractice care responsible for 240,000 deaths a year, or on one death out of every 16 deaths.


(a) There are some 7400,000,000, seven hundred forty million, servicable guns “in the wild” in the United States. 210 million of those have been purchased since 1992.

(b) The number of American households with guns is at least 83,500,000; seventy seven and a half million.

(c) The number of Americans who have at least one gun in their residence is greater than 235,000,000; therefore Americans have at least two hundred fifteen million man years of exposure to guns each year.

(d) The Center For Disease Control reports there were 489 accidental firearms deaths out of a total of 119,733 accidental deaths in the United States during 2015.

(e) Therefore the percentage of accidental deaths per gun owner was 0.0000078 per year in 2015.

(f) The percentage of accidental deaths per person with guns in their homes was 0.00000282 per year.

(g) The percentage of guns involved in a fatal gun accident is 0.000000866.

Statistically, a given doctor is approximately 1,154,734 times as likely to accidentally kill a patient as a given gun is. Statistically, a given doctor is approximately 78,000 times more likely to kill a patient than any given gun owners guns are. Therefore, doctors are far more dangerous than either guns or gun owners.

So take the Old Cop’s Advice to “Get a gun, learn to use it, and use it when you have to.” And do keep in mind Galen’s Aphorism, “If you would enjoy good health, stay out of the hands of physicians.

And the American Public Health Association’s know nothing propagandists.


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“The Second Amendment Says What, Exactly?”

Someone stopped by searching for “Gun amendment says what exactly.”

The “gun amendment” is the Second Amendment, which reads:

The “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed..

Up until the 1950’s laws were generally written with a preface: or introduction setting out the purpose of the law for guidance of Officers, Judges, and lawyers charged with enforcing the laws. The Second Amendment is no exception.,

Remember, the United States is almost unique in that our nation is an actual Republic, intended to have a relatively weak army, and a powerful militia. Accordingly, the Second Amendment’s PREFACE reads:

A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State,

The body of the law itself is the clause after the single comma, which reads:

the right of the People to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.

And there you have the essentials of the “gun amendment,” in correct form and language for the late 1700’s.

Two words have fallen out of the “most commonly used category” and and an extra comma inserted by the Official Calligrapher sometimes causes prob problems, but those are easily dealt with.

The English language is remarkably extensive and flexible. The Second Amendment has, and needs, but one comma. The “two comma” version touted by the Socialist Left is not the law of the land. The single comma, and correct, version was enrolled by Secretary of State Thomas Jefferson, and IS the law of the land.

In English, a “Right” is a legal entitlement. “The right to keep and bear” means everyone not excluded has a legal entitlement to keep and bear arms. So the Amendment grants Citizens of the United States of America an absolute legal entitlement to keep and bear.

The word “infringed” which means, and meant, to “change the interpretation of a law so as to limit the scope of the law or to undermine the intent of the law,” to quote Noah Webster.

So there you have it. The United States is an actual Republic, needs a strong militia, so the Citizens have a right to purchase, possess, and to carry “arms,? including firearms, knives, swords, and the appurtenances common to such arms and usage.


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Joe Manchin Claims He Talked Gun B ans With Trump, Is Not Trying To Take Anyone Guns

Here is Joe Manchin on the closet leftist’s Joe Scarborough’s show, claiming he never tried to ban guns, that Trump is a closet banner, and all sorts of things:

Now, that said, to the full text of a bill Joe Manchin gun ban bill sponsored by Senator Joe Manchin and his partner Senator Pat Toomey. You will notice ti begins with “Assault Weapons Ban” and goes on to become the most comprehensive gun ban ever brought to a vote in the Senate.

I could go on at kebgtg, Nanchin says he supports the Second Amendment, but he introduced, sponsored, and has claimed to have written a gun ban bill. His pants should be blazing with stgar like intensitgy – but no such luck.

All in all there are eleven misstatements of fact from Manchin in one short video clip. While Pat Toomey retained his seat, evidently on the basis that any Republican is better than any Democrat, Joe Manchin will evidently try for reelection in 2018.

I cannot see anything on Joe Manchin’s record to indicate he has done anything to benefit the good people of West Virginia. It is, as the oldSeiberling Tire ad used to say, “time to retire” Joe Manchin.


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Add Minnesota To The Gun Control Failure List

Minnesota, controlled by the Democratic Party for many years, is prob ably the most rabidly anti-gun State in the United States, beating out Hawaii by a wide margin.

While the State has anti-crime, pro-gun legislation working in the Legislature, newspapers such as the Minneapolis Star Tribune have editorialized against lower crime rates, and one Legislator even wants to appropriate $200,000 a year to “study gun violence,” a phrase used by gun ban advocates to promote restrictive gun laws.

But no one in Minnesota seems to b e asking the key question. That question is simple enough: “What has gun control already done to Minnesota?”

The answer, taken from FBI Uniform Crime Reports f since 1960 shows what violent crime has done to Minnesota, starting with the pain and suffering caused by an 1,140 percent increase in criminal violence due to gun control: Starting with just 1445 violent crimes reported in 1960, and the last counties in the State beginning to report annually to the FBI, the entertainment industry’s 1964 gun control campaign sent violent crime numbers sharply upward. The rate of increase became even more breathtaking in 1969 after the passage of the Gun Control Act of 1968, and the rest is obvious on the chart:

In general, Minnesota’s experience between 1960 and 1993 parallels the other 49
States. But in Minnesota, the Democrats kept the pressure for gun control on, wi so instead of falling dramatically:

Minnesota’s violent crime totals have remained close to their peak.

So you can put Minnesota on the list of gun control failures, made worse by the Democratic Farmer Lab or Paty’s insistence that despite more than 57,000 failures without a single success, gun control is the answer to Minnesota’s crime problems.


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North Dakota: “No Permit Needed To Carry”

The New York Daily News reports North Dakota Governor Doug Burgum has signed a bill allowing citizens to carry concealed without a permit.

Briefly quoting the Daily News report linked above:

The law, which takes effect on Aug. 1, mandates that gun owners only need a North Dakota driver’s license or state identification card for at least a year before they can carry a concealed firearm in public.

Very good. North Dakota is an open carry State, and I am very glad to seen the State moving to Constitutional Carry. The State already has crime rates far below the national average but the oil boom has caused localized rate increases.

The uncertainty resulting from concealed carry will deter any further increases, and barring the unexpected will drive down crime rates. Which is something to look forward to.


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I See Chucky Still Claims The Brady Bill Cut Crikme

Passing the idiot box display, I see Chucky Schumer, the Se\nate Mnority Leader, still claims the Brady B ill cut crime. Something that is, on the face of it, laughable.

For a memory jogger, Brady is the Bill that made the 1936 suggestion that gun purchasers be subjected to a criminal background check before the transfer could be made. It took 57 years, for technology to catch up to proposal, and even then much development had to be done before the NICVS system was a go.

From our standpoint, Brady traded a cumbersome three day waiting period and approval by the Chief Law Enforcement Officer for an instant background check of retail gun transfers. From our standpoint, that was a good deal all the way around, and Handgun Control’s Pete Shields thought it was a wonderful way to end gun sales.

The year Brady was passed, Americans came to realize that an end to gun rights was quite possible, and started buying defensive weapons instead of sporting firearms. Where that was allowed, the result was a precipitious decline in violent crime and homicide rates:

From 1993 to late 1998, violent crime rates were in free fall. But when the entire United States was under the NICS background check system, the rate of decline slowed dramatically.

If Brady’s background checks resulted in a decline, it would have taken place after the NICS system became operational on 11/30/1998, instead of in October, 1993.

Instead, relaxed State gun laws, particularly the many Concealed Carry WEapons permitting schemes to be initiated during that period are clearly the cause of the sharp decline in violent crime rates over that period, and the inception of the NICs system does nothing good to reduce the crime rate.


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