By No Means The First Democide, Just The First Made Easy By Gun C control

Today marks the 102nd anniversary of the official beginning of the Armenian Democide, the mass murder of Armenians, Greeks and others by the Ottoman Empire.

Democide has existed for longer than history runs, but the Armenian democide marks something new. A policy of disarm and murder.

For those interested in history, here is the history, which contains an important lesson:

The lesson?

Never, ever, under any circumstances give up your gun rights and your guns. Unless you are like the Armenians and trust your government.


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PA Governor Vetoes Important School Safety Bill; Dr. John Lot Remonstrates

There are few absolutes in this life, but one certainty is that mass murderers select targets where the intended victims have no chance of resisting a killer.

Anders Behring Brevik went to a Socialist youth camp where guns are banned to do ost of his 70 he shot to death: James Egan Holmes picked a placarded gun-free cinema, Jared Loughner chose a supermarket parking lot,Adam Lanza chose Newtown school, and the list runs on, and o Expert opinion hs it that gun free zones are free fire zones to to would be active killers.

Yet Pennsylvania’s Governor Tom Wolf(D) recently vetoed an important school safety bill that would have kept active killers at bay. Wolf is a member of tht ANTI=gun Party, who seems to care more about monuments to departed Democrats than children’s safety. And of course fully supports keeping every school child in Pennsylvania in a free fire zone.

Dr. John Lott has penned an op-ed suggesting Governor Wolf should reconsider his veto. In a sane world, where the history of legislative proposals is considered b efreo how many votes a given measure will cost or buy, Wolf might reconsider.

While I hope Dr.Lott can change some minds, I seriously doubt that any minds in the Pennsylvania political structure or the Philadelphia Enquirer will change. There is too much money for promoting gun control for that to happen.

So click on over and be fully informed, by a leading expert on the results of gun control legislation. The Alley will be here when you click back.


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OT, But Noted: FEMA Has Been Much IN Evidence

To give credit where credit is due, the Federal Emergency Management Agency has been very much in evidence since our January tornado, something particularly noticeable since the they have been for eight years.

I am sure that it will take some time, but I am very glad to see the ladies and gents back in action. Particularly on when they are helping two widows with children who were hard hit. Between the church folks and FEMA they are in a fair way to get back to where they were before the whirlwind.


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Is Gun Ownership A Public Health Issue?

someone stopped by searching for “guns a public health issue.”

If a serous injury is a public health issue, yes.

The incidence (frequency of occurrence) of firearms related injuries rises sharply when private ownership, possession or carry is limited.

And the corollary is also true. The incidence of firearms related injuries falls sharply when laws restricting firearms ownership, possession, and carry are relaxed.

So if one is searching for an effective treatment for the sort of lead poisoning common around Chicago, Baltimore, DC,Trenton, and other venues with restrictive gun laws.


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Lots Of Hot Air On President Trump’s First 100 Days

Running down the headlines I see a lot of chatter about “Trump’s first 100 days.” Which will not be up until May first.

A poll earlier today suggested most of us would vote for Trump again, given the chance today.

And he has been getting things moving at a reasonable rate, considering what he is up against. Which reminds me of the time I was up in the big city of Bowlegs, Oklahoma, and had to stop and ask for directions because the directions I had been give consisted of four consecutive rights, leaving me circling the block like a man trying to pick his wife up at the IGA during a pouring rain.

Anyhow, me and the Marshal had just got as far as me asking “could you tell me where John Zink lives,” when a boy came walking backward down the street pulling a binder chain.

“Hey, son,” hollers the Marshal of Bowlegs, “Why are you backing up the street pullin’ a chain.”

“‘Cause I can’t push it,” was the lad’s prompt response.

It is certainly as hard to get the indeterminably uncooperative Congressional minority, aided and abetted by some with their own fish to fry, along with a generally hostile bureaucracy afraid for their sinecures but not so afraid that they tend to those jobs to fall in line as it would be to push a chain.

So it seems “you’re fired” is doing OK with the tools he has at disposal. We will have to be sure to vote a raft of the opposition out, and give our President more leverage.


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Bloody Chicago, Almost 1,000 Shot, 172 Of Those Killed

But it is a safe bet that almost all of the murder weapons were stolen outside the city and its suburbs. They were stolen and trafficked in places as far away as San Diego, Key West, and Seattle, and trafficked through the same network of drug dealers that cause Chicago’s hellishly high violent crime rates.

Chicago may see a slight decline later in the year, when President Donald Trump’s policy of deporting criminals who crossed open borders to open a new front in the drug wars.

But the fact that Chicago’s citizens cannot effectively defend themselves is primarily responsible for the mess Chicago is in. And we can blame Rahm Emanuel and the Chicago Combine for tath.


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“Gun Control Is A Bait And Switch Scheme”

“Oldfield” dropped a comment making the point that gun control advocates promise less crime, safer streets, and other “benefits” but deliver Chicago.

Yes, as gun control is presently sold, it is as much a bag of empty promises as Russia’s October Revolution. Everyone was promised an equal or near equal equal share of the nation’s productivity, with free rent and free health care, superior education, and other benefits from the “Glorious Revolution.”

That promise was fulfilled, for a tiny minority of Russia’s people, the ruling elite. The rest of the people got to share the leavings. And if they did not like it there was always mass capital punishment the Ukrainians called “Holodomor:”

So the newly minted Soviet Union went from hope to despair in little more than a decade.

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Gun Banners Want To Add “Intimate Partner Violence” As B ar To Gun Ownership

As I have noted several times, the Lautenberg Amendment requires only an accusation of “domestic partner violence,” better known as “spouse abuse” to deprive someone of their gun rightgs for life. Now, the NRA reports, the gun banners want to add “violence against an intimate partner” to to “domestic violence” as a reason to disarm Americans.

Click on over and read the whole thing. The Alley will be here when you click back.


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The Media Still Pushing a “Drop In Gun Sales:

The Syracuse, New York LocalSyr reports from the Syracuse gun show that “gun sales are down compared to last year.”

But that report is based on March numbers, and March weathered out sales over a wide area of the United States. Judging by the March decline in other retail lines the gun industry is likely doing quite well – when the snow is not halfway up the gun dealers door.

We shall see what we shall see. And as usual, the Alley will continue to bring you up to speed on gun sales, and many other things.


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Congress Is Back In Session,Our Lives Or Guns Are Not Safe

Congress is back in session and the Federal government faces a shutdown on May 1, just one week off. The government has been running under a joint resolution because Democrats,sure of victory in the 2016 elections, refused to cooperate in the budget process, so the resolution was passed with the thought that Hillary Rodham would be elected and May 1 would give the Democrats plenty of time to prepare another of their “tax, print, and blow” budgets.

Things did not work out that way, and the Democrats are trying to use Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals to get what they want. They have a laundry list of demands – or they be met, or the Democrats will shut down the Federal government.

“Keep the border open” seems to be a part of the laundry list of demands, but since most ANTI House members have at least one gun control bill, as does every Democrtic Senator, it is a safe bet gun control is on their list.

And once again the old chestnut that entertained War of 1812 combatants, “Nobody’s life or property is safe, Congress is in session,” is proving true.


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