Noted: Vote Fraud Prosecutor Found Dead

CBS reports Hollywood, Florida police are investigating the death of a Federal prosecutor investigating vote fraud as a crime.

While all unexplained deaths are, or should be, investigated as a crime, the death of of a 37 year old Federal prosecutor investigating one of the most sensitive crimes on American lawbooks almost certainly was a crime.

Except in Chicago, where the Medical Examiner decleares the defunct shot himself in the back of his head and then dumpt the body under a bridge. While he is riding with the body on the way to the nearest crematorium.


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On This Memorial Day Weekend, It Is Appropriate To Remember

All those who fought in America’s wars.

The ones who went, and left a piece of themselves on some foreign field; those who did not come back, those who fought to defend a way of life, and those who fought because some chief told them to.

Remember them all, for no greater love has a man for his country than he lay down his life for her.


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Mr. Bloomberg Says He Opposes People Walking Around With Guns

former New York City Mayor, and billionaire moneybags for the gun control industry says he is not opposed to gun ownership or the Second Amendment, but he thinks people should not be walking around with guns, and is willing to spend what he can afford to stop it.

With an estimated worth upwards of twenty billion, Bloom can certainly afford ten million a month to fund the gun control industry.

Somewhat similarly to Bloomberg, I do not care to be a crime victim. But, like Bloomberg, I will spend what I can to minimize crime, particularly vioent crime.

While the height of the shaded area and the slope of the change depends on several issues, demographics, economics, severity of gun controls and the rigor of enforcemnt, without excpetion every gun control law for which sufficient data exists to crate a chart looks much like this composite:

And the same factors influence the rate of decline and amount of fall when restrictive gun laws are softened or repealed, as in this composite:

While Bloomberg’s millions go into laws that have, each and every time, drivine violent crime rates higher as they stopped people from walking around carrying an effective weapon of self defense, my dollars and the dollars of millions of America’s most law abiding demographic, gun owners, goes to reduce crime, reduce violence, and make carrying a gun a desirable but unnecessary action.

I think we have the better part of the argument, as well as the votes and the money to prevail. I hope so, because would be nice to once again live in a society where no one carries keys – because no one will bother their stuff.


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“The Statistics Of Gun Control”

Someone with a Hayward, California URL asks if I can explain the statistical basis for declaring gun control a never to be changed failure.

Ordinariliy, I would hand that off to a teacher, but she is taking a week in the Tatras, so it is up to me.

Let’s start with the current count of gun control laws, which stands at 57,604. Picking a law at random, let’s say from Aix,, and starting with a clean sheet of paper, we can assume the probabiliy of success is the same as the probability of failure, making the probaility 2 of 2, or @:1 (one to one)

Since there are no successful gun laws, that law fails, making the new probability – 1:1. After five repetitions, “Iterations,” we start easing into “what happened before will happen again” territory, and the the probability the sixth iteration will fail are 1:2^6, or 2 raised to the sixth power or 634:1

The probability the next iteration will fail will double each time a restrictive gun law fails. By the 20th iteration, the prbability is well over 1:1,000,000 that the next iteration will fail. Add 20 more failed iterations, and the probability becomes far grater than 1:1,000,000,000.

20 more for a total of 60 iterations rasis the probabilikty to more than 1:1,000,000,000,000, or one trillion to one odds against.

That progression is literally endless. Add 20 iterations, and multiply the last result by one million will take you as far as you want to go. And there are 57,604 failed gun laws in the 521 year history of gun control.

It is no longer a case of wait for an outcome before calculating probabilities, the failure of the next restrictive gun law is as certian as the failure of the first one is.

Of courswe, that is the simplest possible case, with every iteration having a 1 in probability of success. That extremely long series of failures is Nature’s (la Machina to progressivs) way of reminding us we do not understand our own nature.

Gun control has not worked 57,604 times, and it will not succeed in making anyone safer, reducing crime rates, or reducing politically motivated murders. Not even if we it another 57,604 times – squared.


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“Death From Gun Control Compared To Other Kilelrs”

Someone stopped by searching for “gun control compared to other big killers in the us.”

IN round numbers, approximately 4,500,000 Americans, close to 100,000 a day, die in the United States in each of the recent years.

Deaths resulting from excessively restrictive gun laws total only a tiny fraction of that, approximately 11,000 a year, is tiny compared to almost any cause of death, including this sampling:

Heart disease: 614,348

• Cancer: 591,699

• Chronic lower respiratory diseases: 147,101

• Accidents (unintentional injuries): 136,053

• Stroke (cerebrovascular diseases): 133,103

• Alzheimer’s disease: 93,541

• Diabetes: 76,488

• Influenza and pneumonia: 55,227

• Nephritis, nephrotic syndrome, and nephrosis: 48,146

Of course, the number of excess deaths was approximately double the current rate in the early 1970’s, when almost any municipality and several states north of a line between Newport News and Sand Diego “fiddled” with their crime numbers to make it appear things were much better than they appeared.

In 1973, the fifth year of Federal gun controls, Chicago “edited out” one murder in six, Detroit, one in eitht, Philadelphia 9 in 10, DC one in four, and depending on the borough, New York City dropped as many as one murder in three. The sum of excess homicides that year was 24,000 – but that huge number of unnecessary murders was a drop in the bucket compared to the real killers of men.

Make no mistake, billions have not been spent promoting restrictive gun laws to make most poor minority men safer. Those billions have been spent because the moneybags are afraid of the common people – with justification.


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The Associated Press Beclowns Itself

The AP provides the guffaw of the day, with a headline reading “World Leader Shoved Aside by Trump Brands Incident ‘Harmless’ .”

Actually, U.S. President Donald J. Trump was at a NATO meeting, brushed past the President of a historic Eastern European nation, Montenegro. And to the And to the AP’s reporters, who may grow up to be cubs someday, the event was a shocking reminder of the general cloddishness of the American President.

The 625,000 Montenegrfans are justly proud of their historic nation – but even Montenegrans sometimes admit that in modern times the nation’s chief claim to fame is the is the as the native home of the fictional detective Nero Wolfe.

It is stretich things to call the Prime Minister of Montenegro a world leader – and to downgrade the p President of the the third most populous nation on Earth, and the third largest, to less than world leader status.

As Montenegran Prime Minister Markovic said, the incident was noting. But to the far left media it was the basis of anti-Trump agitprop. Something that leaves the Associated Press without a shred of credibility.


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OHIO: Cuyahoga County Council Wants To Impose Gun laws

The reports the Cuyahoga County Council has been told by a gun rights group that it cannot imose restrictions on gun rights.

Briefly quoting the report linked above:

Cuyahoga County Council can’t pass gun control restrictions that exceed state law, gun advocates say. They’re opposing legislation council introduced Tuesday to prohibit guns in childcare agencies that have contracts with Cuyahoga County.

Given that not even one restrictive gun law, ordinance, decree, or fiat has ever in the 521 year history of gun control, it is safe to say the Cuyahoga County Council wants to multiply crime and violent crime rates.

The best cure for this sort of behavior is a recall election, but I am not sure whether or not a County Council comes under the head of “municipal offiicals.” Protests are in order, as are court challenges and forcing current Concil members to face primary election opponents as we;; and facing a well funded Republican who addresses the issues as bluntly as President Trump does in the general election.

Because people who will propose laws in apparent ignorance of the certain results of the laws they propose have no business in public life.


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Yes, Canada Has n Restrictive Gun Laws,And Claims Declining Crime Rates

In response to a query from a Davidson, Michigan URL, Yes, Canada has very restrictive gun laws, and police reported crime is declining.

Essentially, Canada requires Stte permission to purchase possess, or transport of a “restricted firearm,” and most firearms are restricted. Penalties are heavy, the laws are enforced as rigorously as Draco’s Laws, and essentially Canada is a poster country for gun control, as is England, France, Germany, Poland, Russia, South Africa, Argentina, Venezuela, Mexico, and son on ad nausea.

And, like all of the above and the ad nauseum, Canada’s crime and particularly violent crime rates are far higher than its deomgraphics and economics would indicate.

A fully armed society with Canada’s demographics and key economic indicators should have a crime rate of between 800 and 1000, a violent crime rate of between 140 and 170, and a murder rate of0.9 per 100,000 population. All the population.

Instead, Canada has a police reported crime rate of approximately 5200, a violent crime rate of 1300, and a murder rate of 1.5,. In reality, the actual numbers are much higher.

Canada’s neighbor to the south, the United States, had overall police reported crime rates of 2900, violent crime rates of 375 and a murder rate of 2.8, all per 100,000 population, before an evil combination of a major gun control campaign and an estimated three million criminals illegally crossed our open borders.

So yes, Crime is officially reported to be declining in Canada. That decline is not reflected in news reports, or in the opinions of people living in Canada’s major, and some not-so-major cities.

But Canada still has violence rates many times higher than they should be. While thier heavily armed neighbor to the South has violence numbers much more in line with real world expectations.

Since Canada’s laws, like those of England, France, Germany, and so on, were imposed to protect politicians whose heads, like any king’s, were uneasy so long as anyone could buy, possess, and carry a gun, there is no real expectation that Canada will ever demand gun laws that produce safe societies instead of laws that create unsafe societies.

Unless the people rise up and demand it.


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Rigid Gun Controls Fail In Egypt

A former British protectorate, Egypt has had what amounts to a ban on rifled firearms since the mid 1940’s, and permits for smooth-bore firearms are rarely issued to the common folk, in particular minorities who most need the ability to defend themselves. With that prefatory remark…

FOX News an attack on a bus containing Coptic Christians has left killed at least 25, and left many wounded.

Rendering people in peril helpless to resist those who would harm them may make the politicians feel better, but it is a major contributor to the spread of crime, terrorism, and other forms of violence against persons.

Restrictive gun laws have resulted in the murder of more than 262 million humans by their own governments, and the deaths of an additional 46 million in various forms of criminal violence.

It is time to say enough to the carnage, and universally ban gun control legislation, policies, or practices.


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What Is Wrong With State “Lautenberg Laws?”

An Everett, Washington Early Bird asks “what is wroing with states
picking up guns from those accused of domestic violence.”

Well, for starters, we already have such laws at the Federal level,. Those laws were enabled by the “Lautenberg Amendment,” sponsored by a rabidly anti-gun senator, New Jersey’s Frank Lautenberg.

The Lautenberg Law assuems everyone accused of domestic violence is guilty, when in fact a high percentage of complaits are completely unfounded. But since an accusation is tantamount to conviction, they they form the basis for one of the nastiest rackets around, alimony inflation.

That racket begins with a dissatisfied, disgruntled, or sometimes an abused wife is told to turn in a spouse abuse complaint on her husband. The husbands gun rights are instantly terminated, for life, whether or not he has done anything at all culpable.

It gets the wife a hefty hike in support payments and alimony, while getting revenge for whatever resulted in the decision to divorce.

Since Lautenberg became law, there has been a substantial decline in the number of married “domestic partners,” men are less likely to pop the question, and there have been many other adverse reactions.

The “Little Lautenberg” laws I have looked at, such as those introduced in several STates, are worse, much worse, than the original Lautenberg Amendment, which made a law denying accused Americans Due Process of Law.

There can be no doubt that the results of Lautenberg have been evil. And it seems the gun control activist pusing Little Lautenberg’s have gone out of their way to magnify the problems with the original.


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