Climate: St. Petersburg: Snow In August

Summer cloths and snowball fights in St. Petersburg,the former Leningrad,Russia are the climate note of the day., Russia Today has has an interesting report on our cooling planet at this link.

Although the young ladies in summer wear do seem ready for a sudden heat wave.


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Worried About Violence: Chicago Women Joint Gun Club

France 24 reports Chicago area women concerned about violence are are joining a gun club, and our community.

Briefly quoting the France 24 report:

Crowder is perhaps not the typical patron of a gun club.

But she is one of seven women learning to safely handle firearms at a shooting range in a suburb of Chicago, a city wracked by gun violence and a soaring murder rate.

Seven women learning to make themselves and those around them safe is a start on getting the Chicago area’s violent crime down to the current American norm, approximately one quarter of Chicago’s current violence rate.

The longest journey begins with a single step – and Chicago needs 1.4 million gun owners to get back where they were 60 years ago.


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Louisiana, The Tragedy That Is Gun Control

Louisiana is a Sate that was rich in petroleum production, refining, chemicals, manufacturing, with a massive seafood industry, and waterfowl hunting second to none. But Louisiana has lost much of its industry to favored nation job exports, and to the deliberate shift in energy from oil to forced use of less energy.

In 1960 massive refinery and processing plants employed hundreds of thousands, but today i the industry employs only thousands. Agriculture, hampered by h the lack of high quality domestically produced fertilizers, is suffering. Manufacturing plants such as Fruit of the Loom’s massive facilities are closed. As a result, Louisiana has both economic and demographic problems that contribute to very high vioent crime rates.

Problems multiplied by the endless dithering over constructing the Keystone pipeline, which kept almost a million unemployed and underemployed workers in a state of anxious uncertainty for years.

Earlier in this series we established the facts that before Hollywood’s 1963 gun control campaign Louisiana was a comparatively low violence State, and that each twist and turn in the gun control saga resulted in in violent cimre rates. (click on any graphic for a clearer view)

While Louisiana’s murder total is the smallest component of the violent crime rate, it is the one most cited. In 1960 270 murders out o f4,990 violent crimes State Law Enforcement Agencies reported to the FBI.

In 1963,when Hollywood began blaming guns for crime increases serious academic studies found were a result of television violence, the State’s murder total was down to 235.

In 1964,the first full year of Hollywood’s gun ban drive, the murder total was had jumped to 384,and the percentage of gun related murders had increased from 44.7 percent to 53.3 percent.

1968 was the fifth year of a gun ban campaign that had been taken up by the American media,and the murder total was 354,with 66.4 percent firearms related.

Lyndon Johnson signed the Gun Control Act of 1968 into law,to take effect in late December of that year. 1973 marked the fifth full year of Federal gun control in Louisiana, and the murder total was 581, with the number of gun related murders was 404, or 82 percent gun related.

Louisiana’s murder total peaked at a staggering 856 murders in 1994, just after the “Assault Weapons Ban of 1993” took effect. That year 83 percent of murders were gun related.

Without exception, every restrictive gun law, a total of 26 between violent crime and homicide that affect Louisianans gun rights has pushed up both violent crime rates in the Pelican State. Given the way the State has been buffeted by fortune, with the oil boom, the oil bust, Clinton’s job export program, and the total disregard of the pols for the welfare of their subjects, it is a wonder the crime rates are not far higher.

Lest I forget, all crime numbers are from the FBI Uniform Crime Reports, and may b e confirmed there, or with the linked summary spreadsheet maintained by the Disaster Center.

Now, let’s turn to the the two major components of the violent crime rate,robbery and aggravated assault,where we see much the same pattern: The red trace is the number of Aggravated assaults reported to police, while the blue trace represents robberies reported to the police.

As I mentioned earlier in this post, Louisiana has suffered tremendous economic damage from outside factors entirely beyond its control The “oil bust” of th elate 1980’s, the the effort to move jobs to Asia, creating job expectations and then yanking the rug from under those expectations with projects like the Keystone XL pipeline, and other adverse factors have raised hob with the State’s crime rates.

Again, we see the same patter we always see in American crime charts, with a sharp to spectacular rise in crime rates when a gun control campaign begins, an even more rapid rise when a gun control law is imposed, topping out and then falling back somewhat as a new equilibrium is reached, only to rise again with the next ill considered gun control law is proposed.

Louisiana’s robbery and aggravated assault rates are no exception. In 1960 1,484 robberies were reported to Louisiana Law Enforcement Agencies (LEA’s) and that was up to 1,446 in 1963.But when Hollywood’s gun ban campaign kicked in robbery numbers rose to 1.849 in 1964, the first full year of a gun control campaign.

Five years later, Louisiana citizens reported 3,005 robberies to Law Enforcement.

1969 was the first year of Federal gun control, and the “GUn Control Act of 1968 boosted Louisiana’s robbery total to 3,843.

1973 was the fifth year of Federal gun control, and Louisiana LEA’s took 5,218 robbery reports that year.

Robbery rates peaked in 1993, the year the six year battle to pass Handgun Control,Inc’s “Assault Weapons Ban” resulted in Willie and Hillary siging the first Assault Weapons Ban into law.

Aggravated assaul follows the same general pattern of “mention gun control and get much more cirme, but pass a gun control bill and you get very much more crime.” The aggravated assault rate has young people “getting it on,” establishing a pecking order, but still generally follows the same pattern as other violent crimes.

The more restrictive gun laws are perceived to be, the more crime.

At the National homicide victimization rate (counting bodies instead of killers) Louisian should have had approximately 415 nyrders dyrubg 2915, the latest year data is currently available. In reality, Louisiana reported 481 homicides.

But Louisiana’s relatively small excess over the national average is easiliy expalinable in temrs of economics. The State has millions of unemployed and underemployed workers, and people who have been unable to find any sort of job.

If the State’s violent crime rates are somewhat above the U.S.average, the conditions that breed crime are far worse in Louisiana than in other STttes. In 2000, the Pelican State had an average family income of $40,676 and placing 44th, just ahead of Guam.

The State’ economic condition has worsened considerably in the last 17 years, with some estimates put average annual family income below $35,000 a year – and family incomes below $15,000 a year are quite common. and nearby parishes.

The result is almost ideal breeding grounds for crime; particularly in Orleans, Bossier, and adjoining parishes. Here is just one of many:

Louisiana has come a long way toward cleaning up the corruption that is the foundation of crime in Louisiana, in Illinois, and many other places.

Overall, the cost of that corruption begins with up to 415 excess murder victims a year,. Clean up the corruption that permits criminals to do what they wish and you go a long way toward curbing crime.

And allow the 97 percent of law abiding Americans the tools to keep their own doorstep free of criminals and we really can get back to 189’s 0.8 per 100,000 murder and 60 per 100,000 violent crime rates again.

And the best place to start is with the gun control laws corrupt pols impose on the law abiding.


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Heeere’s Chucky, With An Imaginary Chicken For Every Pot

Where’s Chucky Schumer, with the new Democratic platform. Leading off by b banning guns, and then by raising wages, very neatly stripping value from savings and, making the disarmed and helpless commons poorer and dispairing, mroe ready to take whatever the elites hand out without protest. And the rest follows that:

The next step is gun control, which was central to the Democrats 2016 Democratic platform, and after they strip the value out of savings, they are going to “create good paying jobs. And the next step is gun control, of course, followed by “giving the impoverished American people the tools they need” to thrive.After they get through confiscating guns I suppose they will start up the digital training programs to make all the engineers and machinists into data entry clerks again.

And don’t forget the platform will end where it began, by banning guns. I did mention that, didn’t I?


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Yes, “The Book” Calls For Seizing The Electoral Process

Those of us who watched with dismay as an extreme form of Socialism seized Eastern Europe are unlikely to need a translator to recognize the implications of this Washington Examiner report.

First, let me briefly quote the Examiner item that brought back some of the building blocks of nightmares from 70 years ago:

An organization representing top state election officials is complaining it’s being kept in the dark by the federal government after a new report showed the Obama administration was quietly making extensive plans — including the possibility of deploying armed troops — in the case of an election day cyberattack or last-minute propaganda efforts from Russia.

For those who do not remember the tragedies that took place between 1944 and 1949, here is a brief summary…

Starting by taking advantage of the total disarmament of the civilian population of Red Army held areas by the Germans, almost as soon as the Red Army crossed into Poland control of both the territory and the people fell to the Occupying Army, and forcibly placed under the control of Communist cadres tasked with making captured territory into captive states. Native leaders such as Edvard Beneš who resisted the conversion of his nation into a satellite were murdered, and the dark settled in on Eastern Europe.

The first step in “collectivization” was to propaganda for Socialism, with placards proclaiming “Socialism, the radiant future of mankind” prominently displayed, particularly around poling places. Come election day, voters were given a premarked ballot to sign and sent on their way, while the families of those who refused to sign were threatened.

Local political leaders Native leaders such as Edvard Beneš protested or who resisted the conversion of his nation into a satellite were systematically murdered, and the dark settled in on Eastern Europe.

So now we have an American President planning on taking over the election process by sending troops to enforce a pre-ordained vote.

As we have seen as recently as 2016, it does not take a lot of precincts to change the outcome of a Presidential election. In 1948, just one vote in each of Chicago’s voting precincts would have made Tom Dewey President, in 2017 the margin was larger, but the outcome could have been changed with a few thousand late counted absentee ballots.

And now we have a reported memo that Obama “making extensive plans — including the possibility of deploying armed troops — in the case of an election day cyberattack or last-minute propaganda efforts from Russia.”

In 1947 it was “the possibility of a popular uprising or propaganda efforts by the United States.” But the tactics are the same.

And that, along with protestations from the left whenever something endangers their election fraud machinery, raises severe doubts about the Progressive Left’s ability to stay within the law in their attempts to seize and maintain control of the United states.

Historically, the first step in seizing control is to disarm the rubes, before they find out what is going on.”

It is time to yank thoswe who adhere to such tactics at the first available election.


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Report: “Apps Fighting Rio’s Gun Violence”

One News Page solemmnly reports that ‘apps are fighting Rio’s gun violence.’

Rio certainly hasa problem with lethal violence,since the police regularly send a truck to some barrieos, called favelas in Portuguese speaking Brazil,to puck up the dead and wounded. But all a cell phone application can do is call for assistance that is often several hours until a response occurs.

Instead of bewailing the facts of life in Rio,where guns are banned to all but the rich, it would be more constructive to address the cause of the problem.

Brazil’s draconian gun laws – which over most of the South American nation outside the “Big Thicket,” the Matto Grosso,’ makes firearms prohibitively expensive.

Rio’s 12 million people have approximately as many murders each year as the United States, or 13,000 a year for late years.

Before gun control,Rio had areas that were called unsafe, and touirists were warned about, but it was “Your money or your life,” not the current”your life first and then we go through your pockets.”

And,as usual,the solution is to give the poor and middle class an affordable and easily obtained means of self defense.

Something that is not going to happen until Brazilians get fed up with their Socialist misleaders, and install realists.


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“Little Lautenberg” Law Intro’d In Ohio

In an undated report One News Page reports a ‘Little Lautenberg” law has been introduced in the Ohio legislature.

Of course, this law would duplicate the Federal Lautenberg Amendment’s functions, resulting in – exactly what?

The percentage of legitimate complaints of domestic violence under the Lautenberg Amendment are approximately the same as legitimate hate crime complaints filed under Federal hate crime laws; approximately seven percent.

So under the Everytown’s “sensible gun violence prevention law” more than 90 percent of domestic violence complaints would result in the confiscation – legalized theft- of a victim’s guns, and gun rights.

The proponents at the link make much of what seems a specious claim that “In almost twenty years” almost 50,000 peole with an outstanding domestic violence complaint “tried to buy a gun.” If that is correct, more than 50,000 Ohio residents with outstanding domestic violence complaints were refused, because they failed to pass the NICS background check.

Numerically, that would mean that almost 3,000 Ohio residents a year lost their gun rights under Lautenburg, and that perhaps 200 of those were justified by the facts.

Where there is a problem, the problem is serious, and it is a problem 24/7/365 for every day of the victims life. Particularly if the Lautenburg victim fells the penalty was unjust.

Instead of making domestic violence victims safer, such laws have proven counterproductive. The unjustly accused spouse is reminded of his former spouce’s cruelty almost every day of the rest of his life, and at some point, a day, a month, a year, or in one case 52 years later, metes out what they consider justice.

A true of spousal violence is a truly serious matter. But the most effective measure is to save the cost of a restraining order and take the advice of a Washington, DC desk sergeant to a many times victimized young office worker.

“Get a gun, learn to use it, and use it when you have to.”

The young lady did not have to use the gun, but she solved the assaults.

The updated version of the Old Cop’s Advice is “Get a gun,learn to use it. Carry it everywhere but the shower, and use it when you have to.” That is an almost 100 percent certain solution for proffered violence, and a healthy dose of aversion therapy is generally a cure.


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WH ANTTI Mouthpiece Getting Attention


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Apparently, Americans Are Getting Smarter

For the morning’s chuckle, Steve B artin’s Newsalert has a post that says at least some Americans are wising up – and do not like what they have discov red.

Not that lying is necessarily a bad thing. It is rude and uncouth to tell a dying man he looks like one more clean shirt will last the rest of his life. But the word is “You shall not be a false witness,” and the media is a surrogate witness.

Telling a windy about the carp ye caught outta the pond last winter that was so big you had to rent six freezer lockers at the slaughterhouse just to keep the filets is not proscribed – and well done may be creditable. Just as long as it does not become credible.

The late word from Sheol is they are annexing a couple of planets, “hot Jupiters,” just for the shrivel souled creatures who would tell a microphone a bigger whopper than Carl’s carp, and swear that lie is true.


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A Civics Lesson Frm 1948 That Is More Relevant Today Than Ever

1948 was an interesting year. The conversion of American industry from making th etools of war was in full swing. Studebaker brought out the first post war design, to be followed half a year later with the “bullet nose” 1949 models Sturm-Ruger brought out the Mark 1 .22 pistol, made for mass production. Remington brought the 721 and 722,long and short action centerfire rifles.

And in the theaters, a movie industry not yet fully in Moscow’s pockets warned against the “spread of ism” that had already swallowed up most of eastern Europe with this very low budget cartoon that is one of th emost accurate depictions of any variety of Socialism ever put on safety film:

The first part of giving up your freedom is giving up your guns. Once you have given up your guns and surrendered your freedom in return for whatever “Ism” will give you, you are in a prison. You must do the bosses bidding, buecause they control whether or not you have food,medicines, water, electrical power,the privelege of laving a given area, and all the other things dependencies we associate with living in slavery.



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