” Not My President Day Brings Thousands To The Streets”

I see the radical left USA Today notes the anti0Trump ‘not my president day’ demonstrations brought thousands to the streets.

Color me unimpressed. The Tea Party rally was essentially an “Obama is not our president” rally that put an estimated 1,500,000* people on the Mall in DC. A “not our president rally that got less coverage than a few piddling thousands out of the 322,500,000 people residing in the United States.

Such blatant media bias goes a long way toward explaining circulation numbers.


* based on 9 square feet, a three foot square box, for each attendee, and estimated from aerial photographs of the Tea Party attendees. A more likely number is one attendee for every six square feet of space occupied by the crowd. Who, by the way, left the Mall cleaner than they found it.

Also note that the National Mall and Memorial site covers 278,000.000 square feet, enough to hold 2.7 million people at 10 square feet per person.


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The Difference Between A Reporter And A Journalist?

Someone who would like to be named is upset by my characterization of major newspapers staffs as “cubettes,” hires who have yet to acquire the skills needed to be a cub or beginning reporter.

As a part of the tirade, she demands the difference between a reporter and a journalist. The most concise differentiation was provided by the late Johnny Stringer, lensman extraordinaire.

A “reporter” puts the facts of some story of interest to the public in words, giving the who, what, and where of the story, without ornamentation.

The journalist is an artist with words as well as as a skilled and incorruptibly honest reporter.

Where a reporter may say “The body of Joe Redhawk was found by a path on Willow Flats at noon yesterday,” fulfilling the who, what, when, where and why of a reporters craft.

A journalist, taking the same set of facts mi8ght write something like this: “Looming over Willow Flats, the Bitterroots shimmering in the noonday sun, a small band gathered around the body of a Sioux teen, Joe Redhawk, who had just passed his 19th birthday. Mr. Redhawk lost his life when one of the cattle he was driving charged his horse, causing the mount to shy and throwing Mr. Redhawk into a rock pile.”

Both reporters and journalists inform the public. But cubettes have not yet learned that a reporters job is to truthfully inform the public of the who, what, where, when, and if possible why of any story of interest to the public.”

The presence of cubettes in e editorial positions has brought the news media into well deserved contempt; something that will not change for at least one generation, and probably three or four.


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Hilarious! CBS calls Itself “Real News”

While CBS has not recently been accused of editing audio and video tapes to make a case against someone, they run enough stories made up of “whole cloth” to quialify as a leading source of fake news.

Newsbusters reporbs BS is advertising itself as ‘Real news. And given the many lying reports on subjects such as “climate change,” gun control, the billions of Klan bedsheets roaming our streets, and similar reports, CBS calling itself “real news” is the funniest report this month.


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Kali: Out Of Prison One Day, Killing Cops The Next

SFgate reports the the gang member who murdered a Police Officer over the weekend was a recently released member of a criminal gang.

Briefly quoting the SFgate report linked above:

A gang member who was recently freed from jail killed his cousin and stole his car Monday then shot and killed a California police officer and wounded his partner before being wounded himself, authorities said.

quite a record . Killed a family member, stole the dead cousin’s car, and then murdered an Officer and wounded a second Officer before stopping some lead himself.

Given that the recidivism rate for criminal gang members who are released before their full sentence is up is close to 80 percent, what in heck was this angelic alter boy doing on the street?

In a just world those responsible for his release would face charges of accessory before the fact to the murder of a police officer. Instead, I hear they are going to have a memorial service for this “victim of police brutality.”


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What Is Next For The Alley

Since my insurance company has found me a roost with internet I have several projects on the front burners, including a report on the Washington Post’s role in driving up the United States violent crime rate, shown graphically in the chart below:

We have data on several European gun control regimes that will be showing up at intervals, a bundle of data from Africa arrived that I have not had time to look at, and of course the usual reporting on the gun control propagandists, what Chucky’s mob and the Pelosi gang are up to, reports on State legislatures – and discussions of search queries. Along with a thing or two that strik me as odd.


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The Daily Mail has a report on on th eIslamic State In Syria or ISIS that is worth considering because of the sheer barbarity of the group.

Even granting that the stated purpose of the the group is to commit such barbarities that Allah will be forced to take action and crate the Caliphate, teh brutality of the group far exceeds those of other historically violent groups.

Hopefully, even the memory of that bunch will be expunged very quickly.


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Noted: Decrease In The Number Of Anti-Gun Bills In Congress

Looking over the latest crop of pro-gun and pro0crime bills that have been introduced in the current Congress, I was struck by the much higher percentage of pro-gun bills than in past sessions of Congress.

That does not mean there are no pro0crime, anti0gun bills. Search for “assault weapon” and as of February 20 you will se 52 bills mentioning assault weapons. Most are by ANTI’s like Senate Minority Leader Chucky Schumer’s mob.

Unfortunately, most of the bills introduced by ANTI-Party Congress Critters do not have as much as a summary, leaving bills such as Rep. Kathering Clark’s has in mind with her H.R.909 – Pet and Women Safety Act of 2017,.

Given the Rep’s history, I suspect it is another gun ban bill, but I will have to wait for the text to make the Library of Congress website to be sure.

In the meantime, I have yet to see any bill that would protect citizens, but most with an identifiable purpose definitely protect criminals.


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Florida: ANTI Party Legislators Introduce Gun Control Package

The Daily News dot Com website relays a Florida News Service report that Democratic legislators have introduced a four bill gun control package.

Looking at the provisions of the bills the ANTI-Party legislators have filed it is clear the bills are a coordinated attack on gun rights and gun ownership.

Provisions of the ANTI-[arty bills include the usual:

1.) A total ban on semi-automatic Sport Utility Rifles that are rarely used to commit any crime.

12.) Render performing arts centers and cinemas “Gun free zones,” with the attendant risk of an active killer attack.

3.) Require gun owners with children to store their guns in a locked box, rendering it useless for home defense.

4.)Sharply increase the penalty of inadvertent revealing a lawfully carried concealed weapon, as in when a gust of wind lifts a coat tail.

In short, the legislative package is pretty much standard ANTI-Party fare, a precursor to to even more restrictive gun laws, and record high violent crime rates.

Clearly, while Flordia’s Democrat’s are no worse than those of Connecticut or California, those who introduce measures that have historically resulted in a near vertical climb in violent rates have no business in any position of authority.

Floridians have almost four years to pick competent Americans to replace the ANTI-Party members currently pollution the Legislature. Hopefully, they will choose wisely, and from members of the shooting community.


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Massachusetts: Proposed Tax On Guns, Ammo Draws Fire

The Salem News gun ban activists plot to tax gun and ammunition sales out of existence is drawing heavy fire in Taxachusetts.

Briefly quoting the Salem News report linked above:

Gun control advocates are pushing a new way to pay for violence prevention efforts — taxing sales of guns and ammunition.

A proposal on Beacon Hill would impose a 4.75 percent surcharge on sales of guns and ammo to fund local efforts such as youth violence prevention programs and training for police to handle incidents involving mentally ill suspects.

Of course, the overwhelming majority of crime guns are stolen, and thieves have no concern about paying taxes. In Massachusetts case, the mean time between theft and recovery is 3.76 years, and only 402 of the 2014 guns the ATF traces were stolen in Massachusetts. Some of those stolen guns came from as far away as California, Florida, Georgia, and in fact almost every State on the Eastern Seaboard. Click on the link immediately above for the official ATF numbers.

On the other side of that coin is the damage gun control has done to the law abiding citizen gun owners of Massachusetts. The chart immediately below shows how the Bay State went from only 2512 reported 2,512 re[prted vop;emt cro,es om 1960, before gun control, through a gun control campaign driven increase to 8916 in 1968, and then, thanks to Lyndon Johnson’s Gun Control Act of 1968, soared to 26,673 violent crimes in 1978, in the tenth year of Federal gun controls.

The Chart also shows what happened to violent crime when gun control extremists, whose aim is a “gun free society,” imposed draconian gun laws on the Bay State in 1996/ The sharp decline in violent crime rates stopped – until Boston started cutting the crime rates by under reporting criminal complaints.

Here is a chart that shows in more detail just what Massachusetts gun laws ahve already done to the State, this time looking at homicides:

Again, murder rates not only flattened out, they increased. Until Boston decided to install “Compstat.”

Given the crime numbers after the imposition of restrictive gun laws – and the universal decline in crime rates as restrictive laws are softened, it is long past time for Congress to preempt these laws designed only to make life safe for criminals. Congress has been remiss in its duties, so it is time to call your Congressperson or Senator, and demand the restoration of our full Constitutional right to keep and bear arms, without taxes on a right.

And, by the same token it is time to give officials pushing restrictive laws and confiscatory taxes a push broom and a street, and put them to work.


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“Black Guns Matter”

Heat Street reports on on a gun rights activist who believes putting more guns in the hands of Black Americans would cut the horribly high crime rate in the Black Community.

To take a slight detour, If you could render skin completely transparent, could you tell the difference between a paleface and a Black person at first glance? Second glance? Third? Why no. You could not. And, as a psychologist friend points out, everything else being equal, you cannot tell the difference by behavior either.

Back on topic, relaxed to permissive gun laws have invariably resulted in lower crime rates in both white and black communities; and a grater decrease in crime in mixed communities. So gun rights activist Maj Toure is very much on the right track when he says an end to laws disarming law abiding Black Americans will cut crime and violence – in any community or demographic group.

So click on over to the Heat Street report on pro-gun activism in the Back community. The Alley will be here when you click back.


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