Two Days And No Budget Deal

I see the Democrats have deccided to shut down the government rather than give the DRAMERS a break and pass a law granting the law abiding who were brought here as children amnesty.

President Donald J. Trump gave Congress six full months to do something, and the Democrats have thrown brickbats aaat every proposal to keep Americans in everything but their name on a piece of paper a chance to stay here and become Americans in fact.

The Democrats are having none of it. And they thinktheir control of narrow strips of the eastern and western seabard makes them the only ones who will realize what they are doing.

Well, they have a point. After aall, we keep buying the products of Hollywood’s sick minds, we keep shipping our produce to the Socialist Strips for dollars that aare inflating into worthlessness, keep sending our best and britest off to fight wars brough on by the Progressive left’s unwillingness to act against evil in less than fifty years, and the other stupid things they impose on us.

Well, whatever happens, we will muddle through. But hopefully the next Congress will not contain any Democrats in the House and less than 20 in the Senate.


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The “Fake News Awards” Shaming The Media

Fox News President Doonald J. Trump’s “Fake News Awards” are the top news item of the morning, edging out the government shutdown the Democrats are imposing.

I was surprised to see the Washington Post, FNHQDC, was not in the top five witheir fake news story on the “Russian Dossier.” After all, HFNQDC picked up a dead story and triggered a Democratic witch hunt reminiscent of the Kefauveeer Committee of the 1950’s.

Well, good. The Fascisto-Socialist media hates President Trump an his supporters so much they are not going to tell the truth about the man or his policies they are not going to stop the deliberate lies, giving the Republicans every cause to keep on handing out Liars Awards and reminding the voters of what liars their media is.

Something that is a very good thing. Especially since advertising money is moving to social media.


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Hmm: Comcast replacing Megyn Kelly w. Katie Couric

In a battle of ladies who have tanked their careeers, I seee Megyn Kelly, who was slaed to cover teh soel winter Olympics has been replaced with Katie Couric.

here is Couric, who seems to share the belief that any lie that advances gun control is no lie at all, being schooled by Carley Fiorina:

You can bet that Couric was doing her head shaking eyrolling “this is so stupid act all through Mrs. Fiorina’s lesson.

NBC, meaning Comcast, taded this for that:

At least Kelley was able to retain a civilized demeanor when the gun ban flacck from Gotham, Robert Zimmerman, parroted a long series of Everytown Against Guns fictions.

And, even though she agrees with Zimmerman, who actually seems to believe that only Sate employees should possess a defensive weapon, and retained her cool in face of extraordiary gun ban jabber, Kelly stays home, and a person who edited a gun ban interview to make the subjects of interrogation appar lackwits, Couric goes to south Korea, whle the clarly more responsible talking head stays home.

Demonstrating that Comcast’s execs are as nutty as the gun banners they give air time.


NB: For those with short memories, “weakening background checks refers to efforts to avooid the creation of a universal gun owners registry, similar to the ones that resulted in more than in government sponsored mass murders during the 20th Century. If gun ban advocates obeyed the law there would have been little opposition to Universal Background Checks.

And the problem with adding people on the no fly list is that a simple accusation will put you on that list, but it it takes an act of Congress to get an innocent person off that list. The result with the actual no fly list has been a great injustice, with innocent people stuck in places like Hawaii, unable to fllly or book ship passage home.

In my opinion, Zimmerman is a fine example of the sort of mindless evil the permeates the gun ban industry.


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Does Gravity Have A Speed?

A young person dropped a comment to as a question that had stumped his professor, “Does gravity have a speed.”

As far as we can tell, it does, and the short answer is the same as the “speed of light, 186,282 miles per second.

Which can be a very awkward number to deal with, amooounting to to almost 4 billion miles per hour. Fortuitously, the propagation velocity of light, radio waves and other electromagnetic radiation is close to 300,000 kilometers per second. But 300,000 times a fraction of the incorrect distance between Paris, the center of the universse, and the North Pole is not accurate for close work.

But in miles, the “propagation velocity” of light, heat, microwaves, raddio signals, and anything else from extremely low signals wee wavelength is measured in seconds to gamma rays is close t 185282 miles per second.

We assume that speed is a constant, the same anywhere in the Universe – and assumptions get you in trouble.

We assume that the velocity of propagation of electromagnetic radiation is the same throughout th Universe but the profs are unconvincing, so that question remains.

And probably will remain remain until we can either confirm that with some entity that has been to a suitable vantage point, or take the trip ourselves.


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Virginia: “Bump Stock Ban Clears Committee

The Times Dispatch reports a bill banning ‘bump stocks’ has cleared the Senate Courts of Justice Committee.

The fact that Las Vegas mass killer Stephen Paddock possessed a number of bump stocks is enough for the Democrats to ban them. The fact that Paddock, did not use a “bump stock equipped firarm notwithstanding. That puts the “ban theem, they are associated with a mass killer” into the “Guilt by association” falacy, and apparently Democrats love their fallacies.

The Democrat’s attempt to create a gun owner registry through “Universal Background Checks,” which Bloomburg regards as critically important, was defeated. ButI am reasonably certain Bloomberg’s bucks will find someone willing to sponsore another bill. And another and another and another and another, ad infinitum.

Congratulations are due to the ladies and gentlemen of the shooting community for averting the most dangerous piece of legislation ever to pass a State legislature. The lists of gun owners background checks enable aaare responsible for at least 262 murders during the 20th Century alone, and Northam’s dream would only drive up the total – and pave the way to similar laws in other States.


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The First UFO Was In 1947? Earlier than that

“RogerL” takes me to task for claiming there were UFO’s before 1900.

Tp Unidentified does not mean a viewer might not instantly recognize the unidentified object if it were close enough or viewed from a normal angle. A refracted top of a water tank bears a remarkable resemblance to a “flying saucer” and its erratic movements a surprisingly accurate description of atmospheric refraction that causes mirages, fata morgana’s, and wind sprites.

Of course, such items would not appear steady on RADAR, nor traversse the sky at 4,000 miles an hour, so one size does not fit all. But UFO’s have been around for a long time.

In reality, in the mid 1890’s a unidentified flying object said to resemble a rigid frame hydrogen balloon commonly referred to as a Zeppelin, My dad saw and described it as a zepplin with aan internal cabin, and an observation walkway running almost the full length of the cigar shaped craft.

My dad was not alone, since several hundred thousand Americans paused to observe the first clearly artificial flying object anyone living had seen. Different viewers had different descriptions of the spectacle.

My dad and another nonagenarian agreed in minute description of the “200 foot long craft,” and of the people walking around the observation platform, an and so on, but the stranger had seen the craft haul up a cow, and then remain stationary until the bovine was returned to Earth, no worse for the detour.

But that was not the oldest American mention of UFO’s. A soldier’s Mexican War diary contains a mention of UFO’s over what is now Mexico City.

Before that there were many reports of UFO’s circling or holding station above some city from Europe.

There is at least one report during the reign of Julius Caesar, and many reports of wheels, discs and other UFO’s back to prehisotry.

Ezekial’s wheel is probably the most widly recognized such event, and accounts of inteplanetary, if not interstellar war, from ancient Indian oral history pushes the earliest recorded UFO at around 5 to 7,000 years ago.

Obviously UFO’s have been around for a long time. Given that, there is little reason to argue about it. They are unidentified, so let it go at that.


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On Splitting California Into Two States

Fox News has an interesting article up on the possibility of splitting California into two parts, Kommunist Kaali, the coastal counties and Sacremento, plus the LA Basin, and New California, the bulk of the State.

If the effort succeeds it would deprive the Democrats of two Senators, cancelled by New California’s two Senators; and twenty or so House members whose districts would be in New California.

And, since Kali can is more a scenic area and celebrity hangout, it cannot feed itself, clothe itself, and is unlikely to become sself supporting, its malign influence should fade like century old memories.

The only quibble I have is calling the Progressives, who seem to be in a Fascist phase at the moment, “liberal.”

Liberals are people who do great things with their own money and that of people who join the effort voluntarily. Progressives want to do great things with money extroted from taxpayers at gun point and divided among the rulers and the project.

With that, click on over and see how much anger more than a century of Progressive misrule can engender. The Alley will be here when you click back.


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What Is A Damascus Gun Barrel?

Overnight, someone came by searching for “Damascus gun barrels.”

Well, Damascus steel is a very high grade steel consisting of hundreds of very think layers instead of a solid mass.

The process is to take short bits of steel and irno, and painstakingly heat them almost whte hot and then hammer them into a solid sheet round, or some other shape. Favorite mateerials for Damascus was used horseshoe nails, where repeated pounding on the “hard highway” produced a very dense and tough steel, and an iron rich substance Damascus ‘smiths called “woot.” The description of woot generally fits rust scraped off a rusty iron object if someone wants to try it.

For gun barrels Damascus can be welded up on a mandrel, producing a tube that can be drilled and polished to bore size, or welded solid, drilled, and finished like a “fluid steel barrel.

Before the Bessimer process, fluid steel barrels were confined to cheap guns, and got a reputation for being weak” and likely to “explode.”

Turning now to why one would want a Damascus barrel, looks, for the most part.

In reality, the beautiful Damascus barrels were preferred of shooting with heavy loads, while “cheap fluid steel barrels” were relegated to light hunting and target calibers and loads.

In reality, the many welds in a Damascus barrel render it suitable for low pressure loads,only. While Damascus was strong enough for most black powder loads, it is far too weak to be depended on with smokeless powders and loads that may hit proof house levels of 70,000 pounds per square inch in some Magnum calibers.

The prudent gunnie will relegate granddad’s high grade Parker to the gun case, and take far less valuable but with much stronger bareels as field guns.

Alternatively, boring the old tubes out to take a strong fluid steel liner, which is then sweat soldered in the old damascus’ shell is a practical solution to hunting with standard shells or cartridges safely.


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Why Were There No Gun Laws Before 1495?

RichardK asks why there were no gun laws before 1495.

In a world where guns were rare and expensive objects, with a price tag for a cheap firelock was equal to half a farm owrkers lifetime pay, guns were confined to royal armies, wealthy bands of mercenaries, and the wealthy, no restrictions or restrictive laws were thought to be needed.

When firelocks made way for the “snaping hen,” the snaphaunce, guns became much more desireable, and smiths who could build a gun from a lump of iron and a part of an old plank became relatively common guns became much more affordable, and the upper middle classes often owned a gun.

Which was the situation when a young man of Wurttemberg was showing off his prized pistol. That “gonne” was pointed at a popular courtesian when it discharged, and the ball went through one cheek and out the other, taking several teent and some jawbone with it.

In a day when far more people died of infected wounds than of wounds, the girl-for-hire’s survival was astonishing. While I doubt Eberhard was interested in her teeth, the Duke promulgated a total ban on guns in the Duchy in honor of her survival.


Post Script: Before anyone asks, what happened to the Cartesian? Her looks “much marred” the girl was forced to return to her family, and that is all I know for certain about the lady.


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Delaware: Gun Ban Precursor Bill Introduced

WDEL reports one of Everytown Against Guns gun ban precursors has been introduced in Delaware’s General Assembly.

The bill itself appears identical to the Oregon law and nearly identical to a California law under which the victim’s guns would be confiscated upon any complaaint, by anyone, that the victim is a danger to themselves or others. Touted as an anti-violence bill, bills advertised the same way have been a universal failure.

The chart immediatelly shows the resutls of the first tow years of this public safety measure, and you can confirm that 2016 was more of the same. and sometime around Halloween, you will be able to show 2017 was the same old same old. Gun control produces more crime:

While Kate Brown’s Oregon law is too new to hae official results, reports of miscarraiges of just linked to attempts to enforce that abomination are coming out of Oregon. Particularly from victims denied due process by local law enforcement because of the side effects of prescription drugs.

Delaware residents can expect no better results from the Beau Biden Gun Violence Prevention Act.”

Even if the purpose were not a step toward gun bans, the bill in the boiler plate form Bloomberg’s Every town against guns” lobby is pushing would be a bad thing. Any law that drives up crime rates without a single benefit is a bad thing.

Subjecting innocents t the potential of deadly violence cannot be a good thing, but that is precisely what the gun ban lobbies and their lawmaking stooges are doing with such legislation.


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