Stephen Hawking’s Legacy?

The Daily Mail that two weeks before his death, Stephen Hawking turned in a study on how other universes might5 be detected.

Thus neatly settling the debater over multiple universes and mmany other things.

Professor Hawkings study is in its infancy and we have no way to guess what wonders shall spring from it.


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A “Third Arm” for Riflemen”

This seems to be another press release on what the Army dubs a “third arm for riflemen.” It reportedly transfers its own weight and anything it supports bacck to the body, lowereing fatigue for combatants.

Interesting tech, but extra weight?


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Well, Tje Media is Still Pushing Gasoline to Put Out Fre

ABC and CBS have full spreads on he “March For Our Lives” gun ban campaign Bloomberg’s bunnch of banners is pushing. One of the print media says “we have gun control and it wirks. Whay can’t we have gun control?”

That question answers itself, since if gun control worked there would be no call for gun control. QED gun control does not work.

But here are the media,, all marching in place to get a serious of laws tghatg have failed o provide any benefits immediate passage and rigid enforcement. That is the height of something, but it is not rational behavior.

Rational behavior would consist of gathering the results of existing restrictions on firearms and to copy the ones that do reduce crime, make life safer, and suppress crime. But the media is not following any rational path.

What they are essentially doing is leaving LAX and flying due West to cross over the North Pole.

Any navigator who would d do that would be fired. And that is what we should do with media outlets that insist on wrong headed coverage of restrictions on guns.

Because gun control has a history. restrictive gun laws drive crime rates up by making the public less able to resist criminal victimization. Up to and including the gun control drivers of 1904 t6o 1907; 1911, 1963, 1987, and of 2013 whose results are highlighted in red:

But the chart also tells about the successful gun laws. The ones that really did cut cirme and make people safer. Most of the decline in crime after 1909 was caused by short term restrictions expiring without being renewed. After 1933 many States stopped enforcing or repealed overly hash gun laws and the murder rate dripped by almost half in 30 years..

In the early `1990’s States took note of Florida’s “just issue” License to Carry system and began to copy it. The result as an unprecedented five year decline in homicide. A decline that continued through 2012, and was then reversed by new restrictions resulting from increased control lobbying, shown in red.


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Milwaukee: A Barber stgopped robber by plugin a robber

Milwaukee’s reports a barber glanced up from a haircut, saw his neighbor’s grocery was being robbed, abd ket a little daylight into the robber..

Very good, Sir Defense of self and family is not the end of a citizeen’s civic duties, and you cannot protect anyone withut a weappon.


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Dems Have New Leadership In The Wings

FOX News some Democrats are looking for new leadership in the House of Representatives.

Nancy Pelosi is an extreme leftist whose political opinions seem to have been rmed by the media support for celebs called to testify fore the Kefauver Committee.. Sjiff;omg {e;pso tp tje cjea[ seats would free up space for current talent more in accord with an increasingly well informed electorate.

However, I serous doubt that the Partei will make more than temporary progress as long as it remains an exxentially Socialist Party with the intent to seize and spend every dime of disposable income beyond eh bare necessities.


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First Confiscations In Florida; With A Warrant

Breitbart reports tht yesterday a judge signed the paperwork allowing the guns and ammunition of a Lighthouse Point man to be taken into custody peding the mans determination of fitness hearing.

It will take a minimum of three years of comparing crime rates with the number of evaluations performed can be determined. On he basis of experience, I am not wildly hopeful, by any mans.

Hopefully, Florida will make the effort to insure the laws are followed in these cases, something that has been a problem elsewhere.

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Radical Gun Ban Bill Gets Reading In Delaware Joiuse

The NRA reports a ‘radical gun cntrol bill’ is to be read in the Deleware House.

The hearing ins March 20, guving Deleware voters just one day to register their opposition to House Bill 330

The details are at the link, so if ou need more click on over. The Alley will be here when you click back.


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Student Meets Board Of Education

MSN an Arkansas studen reports eing paddled for skipping classes to take part in a gun ban demonstration.

Briefly quoting the MSN report linked aove:

Wylie Greer told CNN that only he and two other students walked out, and while they were sitting outside the school building, the principal approached and asked if they knew “there would be

I am a bit surprised that a student wouild be punished for neglecting his studies, but it does tend to tet the grasshoppers in this world of ants to spend profitable time in class.


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The War Between Progressives And Americans

If “Progressive” is unfamiliar, the te text books will tell you there are more than 8,000 different sorts of “Socialism.” Progressivism holds that Marx is the ultimate authority, and all Karl Marx whose precepts must be followed to the letter.

As you perhaps know, the “student demonstrations are a product of the “Women’s March,” a notably strict Progressive organization. But the Women’s march is not the one. Almost two Almost two dozen Socialist political motivated committees are pushing the current gun ban precursor currentlly before Congress.

Still, if Congress can be stampeded into passing legislation with no close look at the history of the laws they pass, everything we posses is in danger.


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ANTI Defends Broward Deputies

The Seriff’s rant near the end of his CNN video shows a Sheriff who tacitly ad mits, using the words “there should be” some place to have people like Nikolas Cruz for evaluation. Yes, there should be mental healt centers with available beds.

But the Sheriff has no place to send Nikolas Cruz. And the Sheriff apparentliy refuses to join an organization trying hard to rebuild America’s vaporized mental health system

While the Sheriff has a wholly laundry list of gripes, I will onlly touch on one more.

The sheriff does not want to make the small effort needed to obtain a warrant. That used to be a time consuming experience. I have cooled my heels more than once for an afternoon waiting on the Judge’s secretary to type out a warrant. Thes days it is a matter of a few words with the judge, a few minutes while perp’s name and violation is entered, press PRINT, and it is ready to be served.

But an arrest warrant, entering the case into the the Sheriff’s records and a list of seized property, ddoes nto seem to suit the Sherrif. Instead gives the appearance that the Sheriff wants to arrest now, account for lost articles in the never never.

To what purpose? Unknown, bit of the possibilities, none are good. I have seen seized guns distributed among courthouse staff, given to friends, and even hauled out of county and sold.

The days when an American can be deprived of his civil rights because some electied official thinks rights are an inconvenience should be gone forever. It is more than disturbing to hear, Law enforcement is supposed to be on our side of the fence.

Which brings up a final and related point. There is a maxim in English common Law summarized by the “who is responsible for the accident” maxim/

“Who is responsible for the accident?”

“The last person who had a clear opportunity to avert the accident.”

Take that with the “Best Practices in an Active Killer Attack” very first “practice’ is for the first few responding officers to rush in with guns ready and confront the “suspect.”

The last person with a colar opportunity to avert as mmuch killing as possible was a BVroward County Deputy Sheriff. In In the ned, the BCSO owns the Parkfield High School massacre, in part if not entirely.

Yes, Nikolas Cruz is guilty of 17 murders. But others were accessories during the fact. And should get due credit.


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