How Bad Is Venezuela’s Gun Free Socialism? This Bad!

The Socialist country B ernie Sanders and Hillary Rodham C. love to praise is in trouble. The Miami Herald reports armed Venezuelan soldiers have been seen begging for food.

The Herald seems to b e the lone American daily to report on conditions in that unfortunate country, where Hugo Chavez first act was to confiscate all guns except .22 rifles used for pest control, and one of his final acts was to confiscate the .22’s. And yes, Venezuela is a gun owner registration country.

Click on over, and scroll down for horror story after horror story out of Venezuela, where things are so bad soldiers are begging for food, and desperate police burn their motorcycles.

And as you read, remember that all this was enabled by gun registration\. The same thing former Attorney General Loretta Lynch admitted was the goal of the Obama regime.


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16 August Hurricane Report

There are no immediate worries in the Atlantic Basin, but the Atlantic has become more active.

Gert is well offshore and headed for Europe, and appears likely to become a system of the past. However, there are three system on the Africa to America express route.

The nearest is a large low pressure area in mid Atlantic, well east of the Antilles. system appears likely to wet down Belize or some part of Central America. Although a northward turn could be trouble for the Gulf coast.

The second is 600 miles or so west of the Cape Verde Islands and appears likely to pass north of Puerto Rico and on its present coat come ashore in Florida.

The third system is fresh of fAfrica, and seems to be heading toward our mid-Atlantic States.

All three are so far away that the only real advice is that this late in the year you should be prepared, so take some time to make sure you are. The critical stuff has a habit of getting lost until after things are back to normal, so make sure you have water and food, as well as adequate looter repellent. An AR works just fine for that last.

In the Pacific there is one lone tropical storm, about three quarters of tghe way to Asia, and evidently headed to Juneau. I doubt it makes the trip.

And that seems it for the morning.


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Who Is Liberal And Who Is Conservative?

Anon left a contact comment saying in effect he does not understand what Americans mean bvy “liberal” and Conservative.

Ok,in Europe, there are Socialists, generally divided into the left wing Communists and the “right wing” Fascists. There is no essential difference between the two, which tentds to make the political debates all that much hitter.

Over here,we used to have Socialists, who called themselves “Progressives.” A Communist naed Norman Thomas appropriated the term “Liberal,” using that desription of a person who does great thngs with his own wealth, instead of appropriating others wealth at gun point.

So now we have Democrats, Progressive Socialists, Communists, Fascists, with a smattering of Peronistas,Chavistas, and other forms of Socialist, who all themselves “Liberal.”

And then there are the rest of us, the real Liberals, who only want what they earn, not to take their neighbors wealth.

So while there are many names, there are only two sorts of Americans. More or les radical Socialists, and t the “Free Enterprisers” who comprise by far the largewt portion of the population.

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With One Ear on The Radio, As I post, Trump Got It Right

Posting has been a bit light this afternoon, because both because there was not much gun control news, and because this bit box decided to have an autocorret spell checker. Talk aout annoying. An autoplay pitch for some Dainty Doughnuts is ad enough, but a spell check that puts what it wants where it wants regardless is really annoying.

Particularly when you have to go back and hand correct a rather long post. Twice.


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Australia: A “Chain Reaction Eroding John Howard’s Gun Laws”

Australian gun ban advocates are warning that a ‘chain reaction are eroding John Howard’s gun laws, the Australian Broadcasting System reports.

Briefly quoting the ABC news report linked above:

John Howard’s gun laws are collapsing, gun control advocates say, as they compile a stocktake on states and territories’ compliance with the National Firearms Agreement.

Australian Prim Minster John Howard’s gun laws should collapse. Poorly ocnceived and hastily drawn up after the Port Arthur Massacre, they are a collection of the gun laws that resulted in the greatest increase in crime in other places.

While gun control proponents claim there have been no mass murders in Australia since Howard’s gun confiscation of semi-0automatic and slied action firearms was put in place, that is not true. The number of mass murders depends on your definition of mass mruder, but by any reasonable definition, there have have have been several mass murders in Australia.

Further,there is serous concern that that Martin Bryant’s Port Arthur rampage was engineered, not a random event. Martin Bryant woiuld do for one of the gilded youth in “The Man From Iron Bark.” Not too bright, and a collector of military weapons.

For reasons not completely clear, the Tasmanian police arrested Martin Bryant, confiscated his guns, kept hif for a few days, and then returned his guns and bid him adieu. When the dust settled on Martin Bryant’s wrath 58 people had been shot, 35 fatally.

While we seem not to have a good understanding of wny Martin Bryant was arrested and released, the circumstances are very similar to the Dunblane School Massacre of a few weeks before, and John Howard was aa gun ban extremist.

His laws moved Australia from the crime moderate crime rates to te self admitted highest violent crime rates of any industrialized country, behind only England.

The repeal of John Howard’s gun laws would do the law abiding citizens of Australia a huge favor.The ore so in that there are strong indications that many crimes reported to the police are deemed “not credible” or “overaged” and removed from the official record, sharply lowering the violent crime rates.


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Remember Dick’s Sporting Goods? Christmas 2012?

I had almost forgotten the place exists, lthough I drive by it a dozen times a week. Yes, we have a lock Dick’s Sporting Goods. Yes, it was open in 212. Yes, during the late summer and fall of 2013 Dick’s Sporting goods took orders adn money for AR clones and a very good price. And yes, before the Newtown body count was even in, Dick’s sporting goods cancelled the orders – for Christmas presents!

So a large number of Americans who were counting on giving an AR clone for Chritmas found themselves desperately trying to find an AR at any price. And yes, it brought on a lot of bitterness among those who feel they were shafted in the deal.

I went by the local Dick’s and the parking lot was full. I went by three days later,and the paring lot was near empty. And it has been essentially empty since.

What brought all this on? A CNN item reporting Dick’s sporting goods stocks were plummeting on slow gun and sporting good sales.

Well, with that record, would you put a deposit on a tel and silver pocket pistol for the wife? Or even bother to sop by with Academy right down the road?


Yes, I pay attention to CNN so you don’t have to.


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15 August Climate Report

Arctic Sea Ice Extent came in at 5,520,000 square kilometers, and the rate of melt has slowed again. We are almost one month ahead of the typical date for the shift between summer melt and winter freeze, so I expect more ice loss.

There is so much Asian soot and pollution that it is difficult to estimate the extent at turnaround, other than to say it looks like 2004 all over again.

The Danish Center for Ocean and Ice reports average Arctic air temps are a little below average and perhaps a week early for the current mean temperature. So there is nothing world shaking there.

European high temperature charts show temperatures to be fairly normal for the date, with heat wave “Lucifer” getting pushed East and somewhat South.

Asia and North America both look somewhat cooler than normal for the date, and the Southern Hemisphere appears to be normal to a little cooler than normal.


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Al Qauda Has A Plan

The Washington Free Beacon reports Al Qaeda has developed a plan to knock out key U.S. transportaiotn systems.

Briefly quoting the Washington Free Beacon report linked above:

The al Qaeda’s terror group’s chief bomb maker has published a blueprint for new attacks on U.S. transportation systems, including planes, trains, and boats, which the terror group views as “prime targets,” according to a copy of a lengthy manifesto that provides a guide for would-be terrorists to launch attacks.

Well, I think Al Qaeda’s chief bomb maker has underestimated us. But be as that may, keep your eyes open, your head on a swivel, and your attention on what is going on around. In addition, make sure your cell phone is charged, and Betsy or Roscoe are ready to render a final opinion.

And do carry – because the weight of a gun is trivial compared to crushing weight of regret.


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Report: President Considering A Pardon For Sheriff Joe

Fox News reports President Donald J. Trump is seriously considering former Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio a full pardon.

The case against the Sheriff seems to have come as a result of an investigation that concluded Obama’s purported birth certificate is a forgery. The point was moot long before the investigtaion, and the conviction amounts to punishment for lese majeste, insulting a Prince by publicly doubting his legitimacy.

A pardon for the popular Sheriff would certainly be in order. Go for it, Mr. President.


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Suspicion Becomes More Likely

Wasjomgtpm Wjos[ers reports the organizer of the
Conservative, preservative, white nationalist, Antifa” supposed protest march was an Occupy Wall Street activist.

Who goes from being a far left activist to a far right activist? A mercenary violence organizer, for one.

Who hires mercenary violence organizers? According tothe Baltimore Sun, George Soros.

And who paid for the ‘Occupy Wall Street’ protests? Reuters says George Soros.

All of which is indicates that it is likely that Geroge Soros paid for both sides of the Chancellorsville “Demonstrations.”

Of course, this is still speculation, supported by a couple of soda straws. But it is in character, fits an already noted pattern of behavior. Further, it seems clear to me that Soros has motive an opportunity.

The next step is up to Jeff Sessions, so it is time to emulate the Quaker minister and “wait and watch.*”


For those unfamiliar: As the story goes, two circuit riding Methodist preachers met a Quaker minister outside an Inn, just at dark. Entering the establishment, the trio was greeted by the innkeeper who imparted the sad news that the kitchen was empty save for on potato and two fish.

One of the Methodists said “That’s all right goodsir if you can provide us with beds for the night servie what you have.”

So it was done, with the Methodists grabbing a fish each and the Quaker was left wit the spud.

Immediately they sat down, and one of the Methodists clasped their hands, bowed their heads, and one began a prayer that lasted until it was fully dark. No sooner than the first had said his amen that the second started an even longer and ore elaborate prayer.

When Windy was through the two preachers unclasped their hands, and reached for their forks. Only to find the Quaker, having eaten both the fish was about to finish the potato.

“My religion also te teaches the value of prayer,” quietly said the Quaker, “But it also teaches us the value of watching and waiting.”


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