Here Is What Gun Control Has Cost Vermont

Vermont is a Constitutional Carry State with the crime rates that were more typical of the period before gun control reared its evil head. If Vermont were a nation its 626,000 population,1,524 property crime rate, 118.0 combined violent crime rates, 1.6 homicide rate, and very high gun ownership rate combine to make the the Green Mountain State as safe as you can get in the developed world.

Of course, if the gun banners were correct, Vermont would be awash in violence, with 70,000 or more violent crimes a year, 1,800,000 or more property crimes, and a bad reputation. But the gun banners live an a particularly dark fantasy land.

Here in the real world, 1960 saw 46thg for population, and between 46th for property cirme and 49th for pooperty crime. In 2015, Vermont ranks 49th for population, 50th overall for overall crime, 50th for violent crime, and 50th for property crime. You can confirm that, and the numbers given below at this convenient spreadsheet maintained by the FBI.

In 1960 Vermont’s population was 390,000, and Vermont’s Law Enforcement Agencies reported 37 violent crimes, 1 murder, 9 robberies, and 18 “aggravated aggravated assaults, about half brought on by teen age heartburn, a.k.a. “puppy love.”

In 1963 the entertainment industry began a gun ban campaign to protect their investment in “properties already in the4 can” featuring explicit interpersonal violence. Juvenile violence was pm the rise, probably because of “small screen violence” probably brought on by “West Side Story” and Congress as preparing to ban or restrict such violence. Hollywood responded with a campaign to ban the “real cause of violence in our society, mail order guns.” In that year, Vermont LEA’s reported 92 violent crimes, including 50 assaults, 2 murders and 27 robberies.

1964 was the first full year of Hollywood’s gun ban campaign, and Vermont LEA’s reported 89 violent crimes, with 2 murders, 18 robberies, and 30 aggravated assaults.

1968 marked the fifth full year of Hollywood’s gun ban drive, and the year gun control came to lthe Green Mountain State in the form of the Federal Gun Control Act of 1968, which Lyndon Johnson says would end the threat of gun violence forever. That year Vermont’s LEA’s reported 86 violent crimes, including 13 murders, 8 robberies, and 47 aggravated assaults.

The next year, 1969, was the first year ever for gun control in Vermont. That year, authorities reported 157 violent crimes, including 26 robberies, and 142 aggravated assaults.

1973 was the fifth full year year of Federal gun control, and Vermont authorities reported 327 violent crimes, including 10 murders, 41 rob robberies and 224 aggravated assaults.

Violent crime continued to rise, reaching 914 in 1981 and failing to rise, generally ranging between 750 and 950 until until 2015.

Clearly, Vermont has paid a high price for Federal gun control. The chart, below, may help you visualize just how grat that price has been between Hollywood’s gun control coampaign’s and the Socialist, and now controlling, wing of the Democratic Party’s demands for precursor laws to help achieve a gun ban. If Vermont’s crime rates are low, it is not because of gun control, but because Vermonters are a well armed and industrious people with few or no restrictions on the right to keep and bear arms. And with that here is the chart:

Vermont has paid the price of gun control in lives lost, friends buried, husbands who will never see their wives or children, in the permanently disable, in medical costs and Public Assistance, in property destroyed damaged or stolen, and in the vastly increased cost of law enforcement, criminal justice system, and of incarceration.

It is time for Congress to do for the nation what the Vermont Legislature has done for Vermont. Preempt all State and local gun laws, setting the maximum restriction on guns to those of Federal law as of today, an levying a penalty sufficient to deter those who would enforce preempted gun laws or create laws to evade the Federal law.


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And for the Quiet Republican Win

Mr. Ralph Norman, A South Carolina Republican, has won a special election for the United States House of Representatives.

Since the ANTIO’s were concentrating all their efforts into putting Jon Ostoff, a rarity in being a Democratic politician under 70, into the House little attention was paid to Mr. Norman.

That makes two for two for the Republicans, and for President Trump. whose approval ratings started in the 20’s and are no above 50%.

Congratulations t Congressman Ralph Norman (R-SC)


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New Estimate: Ossof Spent $46 a Voter

The Daily Beast poegs the cost of the Jon Ossof campaign at a staggering $23,000,000, or approximately $46.00 a voter.

The final total will not be known for some time, but even considering the lack of purchasing power of the dollar, forty six per voter is a lot.

I remember my folks talking about a couple of congressioanl candidates who agreed to hold campaign costs to ten cents a voter out of concern for the general economic situation of our country.

Given the enormous amount of free publicity a candidate gives, three bucks a voter for campaign expenses is more than reasonable.


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Handel Win Hits Hollywood Hard

Media reports have it rich Hollywood progressives took a up to ten million dollars and failing to get a wind.

Considering the role the entertainment industry has played in promoting gun control, and considering the toll the campaigns and laws have taken It would be just for the to take some major hits.


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Why Should We Raise Our Crime Rates To Theirs?

Evidently salon cannot look out the door and see what gun control has done for San Francisco. If they were rational, though, they could climb the stairs and look around. Obviously, they have not, since they are peddling a look at other gun laws as templates for ours.

But if we impose similar gun laws we will have similar crime rates. And no sane and informed person would care to live in a coutry with England’s, France’ or Germany’s crime rates.

All those of those nation’s crime rates are higher than Canada’s, whose police reported crime total of 1,863,675 and estimated 2015 population of 35,850,000 gives our neighbor an overall crime rate of 5,190 per 100,000 population.

By comparison, the United States, with our more rational gun laws, has an overall crime rate of just 2,2870.2, or about 56 percent of Canada’s. Who in their right mind would want that?


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Georgia 6, Anti Down In Flames

Karen Handel is a friend Karen Handle is the next Congresswoman from Sixth Congressional District after sending ANTI jon Ostoff’s campaign down in flames.

A congressional District should contain approximately 760,000 people. Assuming Georgia’s Sixth District is close t6o that population, reports hav e it that the Ossoff campaign and the Super PAC’s spent $16.00 a resident to put another Democrat in the House, and lost.

Very good. Congratulations are in order to MS., soon to be Congresswoman, Karen Handel and to her campaign.


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Not Gun Control, Democrat Control

You may have noticed one of the “What gun control has cost” your STate, documenting the results of Federal, State State and local gun control laws on our books as of 2015, the last year offiical data is available.

Virtually every one of the laws at the heart of the problem were introduced and voted in by Democrats, and a relative handful of turncoat Republicans.

Gun control. Look at the recorfd and explain whya any person in possession of their senses would want gun control.

Gun control has had plenty of opportunity opportunity to find at least one more in any given week.

The count is well above 57,604, and rising.

Yet gun control fanatics, Democrats almost all, continue to tout the wonders of gun control.

We do not need gun control. We needDemocrat control. Especially sever limits in the number of Democrats who can hold public office holders. One is enough any State Legislature our Congress.


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What Gun Control Has Cost New Hampshire

Maine’s southern neighbor whose violent crime rates are quite low, but were far lower befor gun control cam on the scene. In 1960 607,000 New Hampshire residents reported just 81 violent crimes, for a violent crime rate of 13.3 per 100,000 population. In 2015, the latest year available, 1,330,000 New Hampshire residents reported 2,652 violent crimes, for a violent crime rate of 199.3. Therefore, a New Hampshire resident was virtually 20 times as like to be a victim as his New Hampshire grandparents were in 1960.

How this came about is a sad tale, beginning in late 1963, when Hollywood decided to save th very violent properties they already had “in the can” as well as future violent programming, by starting a campaign aimed at “tthe real cause of violence in our society, mail order guns.

In 1963. with the movie version of “West Side Story
on some channel every night, and addle headed teens trying to do it like they do in the Big Apple, New Hampshire reported a total of 164 violent crimes.

1964 was the first full year of Hollywood’s gun ban campaign, and reported violent crime dropped slightly to `49, but resumed its rise the next year.

1968 was the fifth full year of Hollywood’s gun ban campaign, as well as the first two weeks of the Federal Gun Control Act o f1968. In 1968 New Hampshire Law Enforcement Agencies ()LEA’s) reported a total of 279 violent crimes to the FBI.

1969, the first full year of Federal gun laws, New Hampshire reported a total of 325 violent crimes to the FBI.

1973 marked the fifth year of Federal gun controls, and reported violent crime in New Hampshire was up to 649. a 57% increase in five full years of relatively mild Federal gun controls in a State than essentially had very little in the way of gun control.

AS expected following the imposition of a gun control law, violent crime kept increasing in New Hampshire, just as violence rates grew in the other jurisdiction where gun control has been imposed.

Under the influence of the Assault Weapons Ban campaign Handgun Control Inc. (DBA The Brady Camacho) is so proud of, New Hampshire’s reported violent crime total rose to 1550 in 1993, falling to 1,328 and trending down until 2000.

Unless New Hampshire has passed a gun control law I am unaware of, I have no clue to why a nomal, and remarkably low crime, New England State’s crime rate would almost double overnight. But double it did, and it has remained at the 2,000 plus levels since.

At this point it is time to mention that numbers cited above, and that are the foundation for the chart below, can be verified in the original bound volumes if your local police headquarters keeps them filed, as many do, or by or by consulting this convenient spreadsheet, maintained by the Disaster Center.

With that, it is time to look at the chart, which may give you some conception of just how much gun control has cost new Hampshire:

It should be obvious that gun control has imposed a tremendous burden on New Hampshire and its people. While the dollar amount is difficult to say, since inflation must also be accounted for, that price has been paid in lives, in permanent injuries, in healthcare costs, lost wages, lost companionship, lost productivity, property destroyed, damaged, or stolen, and by the massive increase in law enforcement and incarceration costs.

It is time for Congress to begin to problem it created with the Gun Control Act of 1968. It is time to preempt ALL State and local gun laws, holding the maximum permissible restrictions to those built into current Federal law, and imposing a reasonable, $100,000 a day or more, levy against those who attempt to enforce preempted gun laws, or crate nmew ones to evade the preemption.

And let the States gradually reduce the restrictions imposed on American gun owners until crie rates b egin to rise thereby determining the optimal level of gun regulation.


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I wonder Who Slapped Bozo Awake

The HIll reports recently demonstrate3d some knowledge of the Constitution b y telling Senate colleagues that if they impach Trump Mike Pence will be worse.

YEa! One Democrat knows the Veep succeeds when the Pres leaves office before the end of his term.

Which remins me of Manuela Morales, a pretty girl about 14. She was a big girl, willowy, about fifteen, and and one night Steve Rivas took to the movie. When they came out, Steve had a bruised cheekbone and a black eye.

“Que pasa con Stefan” – what happened to Steven- someone asked.

“Nothing,” said Manuela, “His hand got to wandering in his sleep so I slapped him awake.”

I wonder who slapped Bozo awake.


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It Is Not Our Gun Laws We Need To Compare

Looking over the biased media’s headlines, it obvious the various editors flunked arithmetic. In various forms, there are repeated demans that the United States emulate study other countries gun laws, and emulate them.

But for murder, the United States stands 122nd in the world, out of 195.

For robbery, we are 108thy in the world, out of 195.

On “Assault with intent to kill,” as most of the world calls what we call “aggravated assault,” we are 132nd our of 195.

And,as I have pointed out in the past, the rape rate is entirely dependent on the reporing rate, and the U.S. generally has a very high percentage of victim reported rape. But even there, we are in 115th place out 195.

And the trend among those whit more restrictive laws than ours. Generally higher. The chart below is taken from a University of Padua study “Reversal of Misfortune, a study of rising European and falling American crime rates.” The last time I looked the study was still available, in Italian for EU 50 and Google will track it down. The study was excerpted in the French magazine Contrepoint, which is the source of the chart:

Of ocurse, the soaring violence rates of the u.K following the almost total gun ban is conspicuous. Do not be concerned about the decline at the end, just a little “fiddling” with the numbers by the police. The number is still rising, and is likely to continue to rise for some time.

There are 50 countries that comprise what is generally accepted as “European. Those countries have been adding restrictions to their gun laws and the rise in crime is about the same as the rise in U.S. rates when the trend was to tighter laws here.

When the U.S. began loosening gun laws, crime started falling. For the first four years, 5 years the decline was masked by the effects of the campaign to ban Assault weapons, but the evidence3 is there. When the law “banning assault weapons” took the pressure off, crime rates fell like a rock off a cliff.

So now, the positions are reversed. Europe has been trying to treat problems cause by gun control with more gun ocntrol, and it is not working. A few weeks ago the European Union Parliament passed an edict demanding even stricter gun cotnrols, and there are already signs that violent crime rates are climbing again.

Which demonstrates the truth of Tacitus’ (Pliny) comont that “You cannot cure poison with more poison.”

Gun control and its predecessors have been imposed for thousands of years. At present, the count of known gun control laws is 57,604 and not even one has resulted in less crime, made anyone safer, or resulted in fewer political assassinations.

In fact, over the millennia the primary use for weapons controls has been as a despots population control tool As Professor Rudolph J. Rummel in his seminal work on Twentieth Century Democide.

Those who ignore, or never bothered to learn, these facts do so imperiling their own lives, and the lives of everyone around them.

The only thing they deserve is to be studiously ignored. Or a job within their capability.


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