Their Case Was Dismissed, But Gun Banners Want To Argue It Again

CBS Connecticut reports Newtown survivors whose lawsuit essentially claiming the gun industry’s products are made to be stolen by matricides and then used to commit mass murder was dismissed want the opportunity to reargue their case.

While I have great sympathy for the individual survivors, who have suffered loss beyond the capability of human language to express, their position is absurd. Guns are made to be used for lawful purposes by law abiding people, not used for horrific crimes. The sooner this case goes away, the better off we will all be.


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DNC Chair Swears He Will Oppose Trump On Every Issue

I see new Democratic National Committee Chair Thomas Perez says he will oppose President Donald J. Trump on every issue except Socialized medicine.

That means Perez will oppose an relaxation of the nation’s gun laws, even though relaxation has already cut violent crime rates in half. And would have kept them going down had not the Open Borders policy Perez endorses not been in place, letting every criminal in the Spanish speaking world cross our borders.

Listening to Perez own words, I hear a rabidly anti-gun extremist, who is terrified that the people might have the means to overthrow the rigidly controlling government he favors.

Perez’ back trail is littered with adverse comments about guns and gun owners, as is the history of virtually every Democratic office holder.

If we are to get our homicide and violent crime rates down to where they were before gun control, we will have to repeal or preempt the laws that caused those rates to increase in the first place. And we cannot do it when Tom Perez pro-crime activists have the power to b lock legislative bodies, from township council to Congress.


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“Is The United States of American A Violent Country? “

Someone stopped by searching for “the us a violent country.”

Parts of tghe United States are certainly violent enough for anyone. Chicago, DC, Baltimore, New York City, Los Angeles, and a few other cities have places that are as dangerous as Caracas. B ut those areas are the exception.

Of the 195 governments the UN considers “independent” the US is in 122nd for homicide, 133rd for murder, and between 150 and 165 for other violent crimes. So we are way down the countries list when it comes to violence.

To give you some numbers, Venezuela’s current 215 per 100,000 population murder rate is the highest in the world, while Switzerland’s 0.8 per 100,000 is the lowest in the world. The world mean is 15.0 per 100,000, and the Uited States 4.5 per 100,000 MURDER rate is 133rd in the world.

Our homicide rate, which includes justifiable homicides and police shootings, is 4.9 per 100,000, good for 122nd in the world.

Our place in the incidence of forcible sexual assault is uncertain, since many cultures keep rape a deep dark never to be admitted secret – but our current rate of 28.1 per 10,000 with one of the highest reporting percentages is close to 150th in the world.

As the old saying goes, “No one is good at everything, and our robbery rate of 109.1 is only 106th in the world, but we could improve by imposing a real sentence instead of the predominance of “time served” sentences in some jurisdictions.

But our aggravated assault rate, essentially the rate Americans attack each other with deadly weapons is only one fifth of the world rate.

So while we have our hot spots, almost all of which could be cured by letting the law abiding have the law abiding effectively defend themselves, overall the United States is one of the least violent countries in the industrialized world.


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Venezuela Scrapes Bottom, Begs UN For Help

Thanks to a link by WuChang, I see Venezuela’s rulers, having taken everything worth taking, are begging the U.N. to provide more loot.

Venezuela is a Communist country, and has reached the labor camp stage in the “confiscate the guns,” confiscate property, build labor caps, build extermination camps” cycle of Socialist governance. The dictator, Gordo Maduro, cannot repair the petroleum industry, which wore out and was not repaired years ago. Gordo cannot recover the wealth given to regime supporters, cannot recover the value of the oil and other products shipped to Cuba without payment, and is now in a king size mess.

the more so given that his supporters continue to demand more wealth in return for continued support. So the starving people of Venezuela have no options. They cannot effectively resist the Maduro regime, and they cannot survive where they are.

An old saying has it that “The Lord will provide.” Venezuela’s neighbors cannot support thirty million destitute and defenseless people, so it is time to paray to a higher power.

And let me tip the hat to WuChang for the link. Thanks, WuChang, I appreciate all the help I can get.


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“What Percentage Of Gun Crimes Committed By Those Who Cannot Legally Buy A Gun?”

Someone came by searching for “# crimes by those cannot buy gun.”

As a former trail driver on the Chisum and Goodnight trails put it, “Tha’t ssort of a large subject.” So large it will have to have a few “terms and conditions” added to allow an intelligible answer, one not bogged down in details.

First,Obama’s census guessed there are 422,500,000 people residing within the borders of the 50 States. Of those, approximately 16 million cannot buy a gun, 9 million of those having a felony conviction or some other disability, and almost eight million are illegal or criminal aliens.

For all intents and purposes, that makes approximately 306 million of us who can lawfully buy a gun where local law permits gun sales, and 17 million cannot legally buy a gun.

Now, for one year, just under 290,000 gun related crimes were reported to police.

Analysis of available data suggests that no more than 20,000 of those were by persons wh are not on the FBI’s forbidden to purchase list, and most of those were reports of domestic violence.

The approximately 6,000 cases of criminal violence by someone not on the FBI list are included, so we 20,000 of 290,000, or approximately 1 in 150 gun related crimes committed by someone who can legally buy a gun.

However, the number of career criminals who commit gun crimes is much smaller than most assume. It is generally assumed that a career criminal will commit a serious crime every 48 hours while they are out of jail or prison, and at 180 crimes a year it only takes 1500 hard working career criminals to make the quota of 270,000 gun related crimes.

More realistically, a career crimnal probably commits less than 25 gun related crimes a year while he is out of the corrections system, and there are probably 20,000 active career criminals who9 have chosen gun crimes on the street at any given time.

Given the limits I have just outlined, the conventional estimate of 30,000 perpetrators a year, about half of whom are usually one crime and out, and the other half are the career criminals who make a living breaking the law is reasonable. But not necessarily highly accurate.


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Indiana: Gun Control Alert

WSBT reports South Bend’s Common Council has passed a gun control resolution which will be sent to the State Legislature.

Since every gun control law, fiat, decree, or order in history, as well as laws restricting slings, swords, bows, and crossbow has resulted in sharply higher crime rates, the South Bend Common Council has effective passed a demand for even higher crime rates.

As usual, South Bend has been in the clutches of the ANT-Gun-Prosperity, and everything else Party for years with Pete Buttigieg, an ANTI Party “rising star” currently serving as mayor. The once lovely and peaceful city had a 2015 homicide rate of 17, almost four times the national average, an “assault with a deadly weapon” (aggravated assault) rate of 265 and the other key crime rates high in proportion.

I would say it is time for South Bend to change for the better. Starting with a clean sweep at City Hall.


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“Canadian Researchers” Claim More Gun Control Needed

It is a documented fact that restrictive Canadian gun laws have had the same effect that restrictive British gun laws have had, sending crime and violent crime rates soaring to levels not seen in the United States. Despite the utter failure of Canadian gun laws to accomplish anything a sane human would consider desirable, Breitbart reports “Canadian Researchers” say the solution to Canada’s crime problem is gun control.

And on the basis of the facts, Canada does not need more gun control, any more than England needed a gun ban after the Dunblane Massacre. here’s what happened to England, post ban…

Since both the demographics and economics are much the same, that is what will happen to Canada if similar laws are imposed on Canadians. And that really would be a tragedy.


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No, London’s Gun Ban Is Not Stopping Terrorism, Violent Crime

The NRA-ILA website points out up the fact that England’s almost total ban on guns is not stopping terrorism

It will not. If terrorists were actually denied guns – and all it takes to buy a gun in London is money and knowing someone “shady,” the terrorists will only turn to other and more deadly weapons. A 19 tonne truck, driven at speed down a promenade filled with revelers, for example.

England’s gun control laws are not helping the violent crime situation. In a country notorious for “fiddling,” editing down, the crime numbers, the British police admit violent crime has been rising at a greater than one percent every two weeks rate. Here’s the latest I can find from the British Office of National Statistics:

But then, British gun controls were not intended to cut crime or stop terrorism. The foundation for those laws was laid in 1919, at a meeting with Parliament whose minutes are still locked away after 98 years, in which more than 100 “The English have a right to own guns” MP’s changed their vote to “control guns.”

Why? Primarily because Prime Minister David Lloyd George wanted guns banned.

Perhaps that was a result of his experience on the Board of Trade, at a time labor unrest very nearly ended the Monarchy. Perhaps it was his leadership position in the “Liberal,” Socialist, Party. Without the minutes of the meeting in which gun controls were imposed, it is hard to judge.

But the effect, perhaps the desired effect, was a virtual end to gun ownership across Europe, and the rise of Socialism. For which the peoples of Europ are certain to pay dearly in both blood and treasure and freedom.


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Noted: Trump To Undo Obama’s Warming Scam

As taxpayers (with an effective rate of 65% +) we should all be interested in President Donald J. Trump’s reported plan to dismantle B. Hussein Obama’s “climate change” structure.

The actual intent is to repay major political contributors at a rate several times their contribution. So those making big bucks off “Global Warming” can give Socialist pols $73 million USD in an off year election, and recoup that business expense in a year or two. With a lot of lagniappe, to boot.

Speaking of climate, Arctic sea ice is loaded with Asian soot and fly ash, but is at 14,200,000 square kilometers, exactly 14,200,000 Km2 grater than warmists predictions for the date. And a lot of that ice is thicker than it has been for almost 30 years.

The current Arctic mean atmosphe3ric temperature is at 251K, or -22C or -10F, take your pick, about 1.5 C above the satellite age average. As you would expect from the huge deposits of heat absorbing soot on the Mediterranean size ice cube way up North of Alaska has.

Looking at the current temperatures across the Northern Hemisphere, most are as cold as I recall from the notably cold WWII era, when bitter cold killed orchards as far south as Kansas, and made frostbite an ever present threat to troops in Europe.

I could express the current situation in several ways, but the bottom line is simple enough. Global warming is intended to milk the taxpayers for money to pay campaign expenses. No more, and no less.

Even if it is only a couple of degrees below the all time record temperature for the date at this location, a record set in the 1950’s.


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Socialists With Guns? S’OK!

Link hunter and regular contributor to a ‘lefty,’ meaning Socialist in this post-Stalin world, demonstrating while armed.

S’OK. We are actually fighting for their right to keep and bear, so subject to ordinary safe hndling rules a Socialist, who believes all civil and political power should be held by and applied by the all powerful State, is OK.

Carrying is an educational experience in itself, since those who carry have so much more control of thgir own safety that gunnies take a much calmer view of thier current situation. Presumably, the Socialists share that very human reaction, shared by the Victorian English, and and modern indigenous Amazonian peoples, to keep their finger off the trigger all the time.

The only thing that really concerns me is whether or not those who put unjustified confidence in blowhards like Hugo Chavez, Fidel Castro, Idi Amin, Pol Pot, and the more familiar tyrants such as Mussolini, Hitler, Stalin, and others first actions will be to confiscate their guns, the second the confiscation of all property, and the third act will be to build forced labor camps.

I learned that trying to put those able to stay ahead of the Russians until they fell into the arms of the Americans or British. The DP’s are gone, and there is no one to teach these Young Socialists except moonstruck professors teaching the ultimate destruction of society.

Finally, let me tip the Bailey to WuChang, whose links help keep keep the Alley from sinking into repetitiveness. I appreciate all the help I can get.


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