OT: TrumCare Bill Said To Be On Life Support

Fox News the replacement for ObamaCare is now dead.

The problem with Obama’s “Affordable Care Act” is that it is not affordable, even if it is offered where you live. Americans used to complain about a $750 a month premium with a $250 annual deduction. Now the cheap ObamaCare policy is around $1500 a month, $18,000 a year with a $4000 annual deduction.

For Americans, who have only a $38,000 mean annual family income, “Affordable Cre is more than double what they consider affordable.

However, solution is not rocket science or black magic, but arithmatec. Under Obamacare, out of every healthcare dollar spent:

68 cents goes for mandated procedures and record keeping; two items that seldom result in improved health for the patient.

7 cents goes for EMTALA, emergency medical treatment for the indigent.

20 cents should go to providing health care and for the doctors bank account.

5 cents is supposed to be the insurance company’s profit.

But the cost of mandaes and EMTALA often eat up the doctors pay and the insurance company’s profit.

As a result, doctors are folding their practices and either joining the salaried staff of major medical centers, retiring, or emigrating. And despite a severe shortage of doctors, to the point “Nurse Practitioners” now diagnose and treat patients, doctors waiting rooms remain almost empty.

And there is another problem. Since waiting rooms are empty, a missed appointment is a serous problem for doctors with their own practice. Regular Alley readers will recall we were hit by a tornado last January. While I was hitching a ride to my business, I missed a doctors appointment. So I am no longer that doctors patient.

So when I managed to wake up with an extremely painful cse of fluid on the knee,instead of “we will work you in,” I was told to call back in six weeks. So I became an ER patient.

The result of all that is easy enough to understand. No one, not even the ultra rich, can afford the “Affordable Care Act,” Everyone hates it. And the place to start cutting expenses is with mandated procedures that eat up almost half of every health care dollar.

And yes, I know this rant was off topic. But that darn knee kept me awake last night. And likely will until I find a doctor who can afford to take me on as a patient.


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