OT: Clinton, DNC, Media Colluded With Russia

Washington Whispers reports HRod herself, Willie, the DNC, the Campaign, and the complicit media all colluded with Russia to defeat President Donald J. Trump and insure the election of an anti-gun Progressive.

Briefly quoting the Washington Whispers report linked above:

Multiple media outlets now reporting that the Hillary Clinton campaign coordinated with Fusion GPS, a D.C. based political opo research firm, to create and then distribute the infamous “Trump dossier” that attempted to spread salacious fabrications against Donald Trump and his campaign. This false dossier was then used to wage the equally false Trump-Russia investigation that is still ongoing in Congress.

I cannot vouch for the veracity of the item, but it is in character for the players, and does explain certain reports that have been puzzling.

I will also note that while tryig to verify some details I came across multiple references to “a prominent Republican” was a part of the conspiracy.

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