Oregon: Kate Brown Prioritizes Gun Control

I see Oegon’s gun ban activist Governor, kate Brown, has put gun control, which has already cost Oregon far more than it can afford, on her list of priorities.

Here is what gun control, starting with the entertainment industry’s massive 1963 gun ban campaign and including Bloomberg’s 2014 “Everytown aginst guns” propagandizing, has done to Oregon:

the red bars mark the increase came as a result of gun controls campaigns tolerated and gun control laws imposed during Kate Brown’s assumed office after predecessor was disgraced and left office.

Kate Brown’s prioritizing gun control despite its bloody record shows a monumental disregard for the consequences of her own actions, and an equally monstrous disregard of the health and safety of Oregonians.

It is time for a change of leadership in Oregon, where the rule is the same as it is everywhere else. Gun control kills, more gun control kills more.


FBI Uniform Crime Report data is available aat the Disaster Center’s co convenient spreadsheet, here.

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