Oregon Gun Law Sent Crime Headlines Soaring, Now Is A Trap For The Unwary

Oregon is one of two states where a billionaire opened his wallet, and a universal background check law fell out. Both Washington and Oregon’s experiment in denying the law abiding gun ownership rights but sent the number of violent crime headlines soaring. Now, Oregon’s abomination has turned into a trap for the unwary.

Essentially, a preacher won an AR-15 in a raffle, and did not want it. So he gave it to a gun owning friend, without registering the transfer with Loretta Lynch and her Lynch Mob. So now the preacher is in heap big trouble with the State of Oregon.

Now, I can understand a man not wanting a gun, some people believe the propaganda and make suckers of themselves. But a Preacher? Someone who shouild try to live up to the instructions Jesus gave the Disciples. Especially instructions given at the last supper. To wit beginning in Luke 22:36; The Aramaic Bible:

He said to them, “From this hour, whoever has a money bag should take it and thus also a wallet, and whoever lacks a sword, let him sell his tunic and buy a sword for himself.

For I say unto you, this also that is written must be fulfilled in me, ‘He was numbered with the evil doers’, for all that concerns me shall be fulfilled.”

The plain intent of this Last Supper injunction to the Disciples, and by extension to all who come after them, is that those who follow Him should be armed, and by extension armed with the most effective personal defense weapon available.

A Preacher who would buy a raffle ticket, and then raise an unholy racket when he wins does not come close to fitting my concept of a follower of Him.


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