Oregon: Gun Control Bills Active In Oregon

The Register-Guard reports debate has begun on major gun control bills in Oregon.

This bill would deny gun rights to thos involved in domestic violence situations, Briefly quoting the Register Guard report linked above:

pecifically, the prohibition in House Bill 4145 would apply to anyone subject to a restraining order by a family member or sexual partner, as well as to people convicted of stalking — a misdemeanor crime.

There is more in the bill, including a provision that law enforcement enforcement enforce the unenforceable “Universal Background Check” legislation. Uninforceable unless Officers move in with those though to be a gun collector.

If you are an Oregonian or are interested in what the “Everytown against guns” ban network is up to, click on over and be informed. The alley will be here when you click back.

And as faar as what gun control has cost Oregon< here is how restrictive gun laws have raised the crime rates in Oregon, with Everytown's campaign highlighted in red:

The crime numbers reported to the FBI can be confirmed at this maintained by the Disaster Center, or by consulting the annual editions of the FBI Uniform Crime Report.

For thse who would like the monetary cost of restrictive gun laws since 1960, From 1960 to 2015 restrictive gun laws and the crime they engender cost Oregon $123,700,000,000. The current annual cost of gun control is $3,170 per resident, or almost $9,000 for a family of three.

That is a staggering cost from a state that is far from the most affluent in the nation. And Governor Kate Brown, rogue legislators, and the Everytown gun ban lobby wish to make those costs still higher. The more theey succeed, the higher the cost.


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