Oregon: “Gun Control Bill Gets Second Life”

Oregon’s KGW measure debated the day before yesterday has a brand new bill to keep it alive in the Oregon legislature.

Briefly quoting the Jonathan Bach and Sebastian Journal bylined KGW report linked above:

Provisions of Senate Bill 868 are set to have a work session Tuesday morning as Senate Bill 719.

The move is a bit of a “gut and stuff,” as the original words of SB 719 — a fairly innocuous measure to study how to make courts more effective — are yanked in an amendment to make room for SB 868’s moves.

So Oregon’s gun control activists have increased their demand in accordance with Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals” maxim
of always demanding more until you get everything your faction wants.

Obviously, no State needs laws that do that. Equally obviously, peace and freedom will get no help froi Goivernor Kate Brown, whose signatgure on past gun control bulls has resulted in hundreds more “Top 50 Crime Headlines.” wE WILL HAVE TO DO THE HEAVY LIFTING TO TURN Oregon’s gun banners into former legislators, and send Brown herself to political perdition.

It is time to make the most effective weapons we have to work. The telephone, to call your legislators, an announcement that some well known member of our community intends to either primary or challenge a banner.

Because of all the bills before a Legislature, the most dangerous are those intended to be amended when they reach the Legi9slative floor.


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