Oregon: ANTI’;s keep moving bans to end of session

I suppose it will socially incorrect, but when I read the gun banners in the Oregon Legislature are moving their ban precursors to the end of the legislative session I wondered how much that cost.

Given the tragic results of the laws the banners already have put in place, the onl proper response is an anti-incumbent vote the next time the Oregon legislators come around begging for four more years.

As usual, the numbers we have will not be updated to include 2016 until they are almost two years out of date. But the chart below sow the results of the banners gun control campaign, which began in 2013, to be the same as every other gun control campaign in history. Take a look for yourself:

As you can see, the increase in Oregon’s violent crime rate is almost exactly the same as it was after the inception of HOllywood’s 1963 gun control campaign. And look at what that led to.

Of course, 2016 is not on the chart. but the very sketchy 2016 preliminary crime numbers confirm what sharply increased violent crime reports tell us, that violent crime, and in particular knife crime, is up sharply in Oregon.

But the Legislature seems determined to pass laws tht have invariably resulted in far more crime, particularly violent crime.

Replacing at least those pushing gun bans is necessary to abate the menace. But replacement of the “me-tooers” who enable the banners would help make every oregonian safer.

But right now, it will take the full time effort of every Oregonian to avert the current menace. If you have not called your State Senator or Representative, make that call. And if you have called once, and another call. Or a hird, fourth, or whatever ti takes to increment the count by one.


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