“Open Carry Holsters?”

Someone stopped by searching for “open carry holsters.”

That is a fairly big subject, and the first place to start is with what you want to do. Strap on a .500 and head for the swamp? A good camo holster that fits Big Iron and a matching belt are quite suitable. Get as close as you can, strap on, and hunt in good health.

On the other hand, do you intend to open carry in town? If you are not to frighten the townsfolk out of a year’s growth and give the local police the galloping collywobbles, that calls for something dressy.

A nice shiny leather holster that screams quality soothes the saved breast of those unused to the sight of a citizen lawfully carrying.

Either way, any holster you wear should be clean, look well kept, and have at least a security strap, if not a fancy locking device. Not so much because One Eyed Sam the Robbin’ Man is likely to purloin your pistol, but because you don’t want an NID in the winds and beer department. Or anywhere else.

As the old Gillete razor blade commercial had it, “Look Sharp, Feel Sharp, Be Sharp,” and you will have a lot less trouble open carrying in settled areas.

But you will have less trouble yet if you slip something over Roscoe or Betsy, and avoid all those stares.


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