One Year Of President Donald J. Trump

This is January 20, 2018, and the one year anniversary of the inauguration of President Donald J. Trump.

And speaking for myself, but evidently in agreement with a majority of Americans, thiis has been a god year.

The current impasses with Chucky Schumer and SanFranNan Pelosi’s blackmail scheme – which amounts to give us everything we want or we will shit the government down – is in progress.

What passses for news in these degenerate days has it that Senaotrs are working frantically to come to an agreement with the Dimmos.

Why? in the name of all the imps in Avernus would wwe do that?

Eeryone should be well aware that it was the Democrats intransigence that broungt us to this pass. So why should the Democrats get anything out of their the American mess they have caused?

Let our President tell the Senators trying to “compromise” with the Democratic jackasses, who demand the lions share of credit be given so much as a drop of sweat?

There is no reason to give the Democrats anything but 24 hour a day Billingsgate, enumerating the Democrats and their complicit media’s shortcomings. And for that to continue until the day after election day, 2020.


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