One For Our Side, “Think Before You Regulate”

Utaah’s Daily Chronicle has a nice Letter To The Eidtor, titled “think before you regulate, over the signature of Nicholas Coleman.

the title is a good idea for anyone with a bug to pass any law. At the very least the results of past r laws and the often horrendous costs of such laws/

Jere is what a Utah resident has to consider on the question of gun control, starting with what gun control campaigns and laws have done to Utah’s crime rate since 1963, including the results of the latest gun ban lobby campaigns are in red:

And the second most important thing to consider is the cost of gun control, which is greater than $46,000,000,000 spread over 52 years. That cost has been steadily increasing with the crime number, amounting to 3,750,000,000, an economic load of $1,225 per Utah resident, or $3,300 per Utah family.

Look again at the chart paying close attention to the red columns. In 2012 Utah residents reported just under 6,454 violent crimes and 52 murders to law enforcement. And then the gun ban lobby came to the Beehive State. And in 2016 Utah residents suffered 7.407 violent crimes and murders.

And from first half media reports, 2017 will be worse, and the individual cost of crime resulting from gun control may top $1,500.

That is bad enough, but there is worse. In the 522 year ,,history of restrictive gun laws, more than 57,763 such laws have been imposed. Not even one can be shown to have made anyone safer, reduce crime, or reduced the numper of the elite class murdered for political reasons.

so the history and cost of proposed laws should be the frist things considered. And if Utah residents knew what gun control has cost them they would escort the gun lobbyists out of the beautiful Beehive State.


Utah’s crime totals and rates can be verified at this convenient spreadsheet, or by consulting the source of this data, the FBI Uniform Crime Report.

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